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  1. Vange Shrimper

    Teacher Jobs - Not having much luck at the mo :(

    Been looking everywhere all day on the net for a position as an ICT teacher in either the Southend/Basildon/Castle Point area, and have found bugger all. If there are some teachers (or anyone who can help!) on here who know the best places to look (either on the net/newspapers etc, or in...
  2. Smiffy

    Work @ Home Jobs?..

    Anyone doing one of these, or anyone found one that is actually legit? I keep getting lots of e-mails saying earn this, earn that, per hour working at home doing data entry etc, I've ignored, but part of me is curious to find out if they are real!.. They can't all be scams surely? :rolleyes:
  3. Slipperduke

    Transfer Windows Are Rubbish

    I went shopping today. I bought 150 steaks, 200 eggs, enough cornflakes to swim in and enough milk to drown in. I bought half a vineyard of red wine, a circle of cheese as big as a tractor wheel and a box of ice-cream large enough to sink a ship. I also picked up 40 paperback books and a new...
  4. Air horn

    A SUFC steward today came to me and wanted to take away my 10 year old son`s air horn (apparently because it was too noisy). This steward's attitude reflected all that could be said in favour of being nothing but a jobs worth, he served no purpose than to frighten my son, really **** me off, and...
  5. Slipperduke

    If You Can't Beat Them...

    The appointment of Fabio Capello as the new England boss is good news for the long suffering fans, but a sad indictment of the present standard of English football managers. At least when Sven Goran Eriksson was appointed, Roy Hodgson was in contention. This time round there wasn't a single...
  6. Uncle Leo

    ShrimperZone Forum Guidelines

    The goal of the ShrimperZone Forum is to promote a community of fans of Southend United. It is an open forum for discussing all aspects of Southend United as well as various other topics such as football in other leagues, cricket, music and everything else in between. It is important to have...
  7. Slipperduke

    Reading - Arsenal

    I covered this game last night, and if you didn't see it then congratulations. It was truly awful and a shocking example of the way the game has gone in the top flight. Here's the report, have a read and be thankful that Southend aren't in the Premier League! "What do you do with a problem...
  8. DTS

    Would you support this policy?

    Times are slow in the world of mortgage broking at the moment. We did however have a call today from a potential customer who called up on the off chance. This customer basically told Anna in the office that she was claiming full unemployment benefit as she was unable to find work. As she had...
  9. mattytheshrimper

    Do you like your job?

    Mines been doing my head in recently. I used to really like going to work but now I'm beginning to dread it. The moneys not bad and I really like the people I work with and would class them as friends but the actual jobs not so good at the moment. I was thinking about it and I actually only...
  10. Jobs

    being serious, does anyone here work / own a horse / yard and are looking for people to work there / help them because im looking for a job working with horses
  11. fatshrimp

    Laptop question

    Help please. I gather there are some IT types on here and any help / assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of buying my wife a Laptop to replace her old PC. I know very very little about computers and, as I've recently changed jobs, I don't know the guys in our helpdesk...
  12. If you had to change career.....

    which of these "regular" jobs would you do?
  13. Mad Cyril

    Worst Job

    I think we have had this one before but never mind..... After being booted out of University I was lucky enough to get a job in a sponge factory. In fact they made just about every cleaning product you can name, sponges, scourers, j-cloths etc. etc. I did many jobs such as making j-cloth...
  14. In Limbo

    Is anyone else like me, a bit scared of the future!?:confused: I've just realised that I'm hedging all my bets on getting one of two jobs that have come up and I'm applying for. I finish my course on Sept 3rd and am hoping that I can walk into a job just pretty much straight away (I'm applying...
  15. Mad Cyril

    Kids jobs.

    When I was 17 I used to get paid £80 for 12 hours kitchen work (cooking for nuns and old people) at Nazareth House back in 1990. At the time this was more than enough to keep me in fags, booze, Rebel MC records and explosive fibres sweatsuits. It virtually doubled the income I received as a...
  16. callan

    pocket money for kids.

    After a weeks holiday listening to my kids demanding money for stuff, I have decided enough is enough and they will now receive a weekly allowance which will hopefully teach them the value of money and stand them in good stead for the future. However Mrs C and I cannot agree on what amount they...
  17. DTS

    How domesticated are you?

    This thead stems from the woman I work opposite's husband. Now this bloke is such a toby it amazes me. He cannot do any of the basic functions such as cook, clean, iron, wash his clobber...What a waster.... Last week we all went out and all he has to do was push start on the microwave which...
  18. seany t

    Dealing with getting old

    In recent months, I've come to realise that I have absolutely no idea what I want out of life. Around me, several of my very best friends are doing the unthinkable and crafting lives and careers out for themselves, some even going so far as moving to the other side of the world to avoid having...
  19. pickledseal

    Companies to ask for help RE: My trip to Ethiopia...

    Hi guys, As some of you will have read, I am in the privilaged position of being sent to Ethiopia this summer to work in a school working with street children, mainly boys, and helping young women develop their confidence in English so that they can find better jobs which make them less...
  20. fbm

    Echo tonight

    Gower still in pain but undergoing acupuncture and hopes to play. No news on Freddy. Tilly wants us to attack from the start. Luton players are playing for their jobs.