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  1. The World Cups to come

    FIFA wants 40 teams....96 matches - just so some of the rubbish nations can get tanked 9-0 by Latvia. Enough already! However, I bet Scotland still won't make it.
  2. Russia

    So Russia sends two military aircraft (Bombers) near to Cornwell. Mr Putin had also flown two other bombers down the English Channel two weeks ago. It's letting us know that their bombers can easily reach the whole of Great Britain. There has also been Russian warships in our waters. Now I'm...
  3. undercovershrimper

    Holland v Latvia

    Anyone else going to this? According to T&C's for tickets your not allowed to stab people with fireworks in the Amsterdam Arena!
  4. TrueBlue

    Currency Exchange

    I need to change me money up for Latvia problem is even though I hold a Natwest Gold account (best currency rate commission free etc....) its pointless because they 'do not have a market' for it. So I need to find somewhere best to change this with out getting raped. Ideas?
  5. TrueBlue

    Going away finance question...

    As some of you will know I am going to Riga in Latvia at the end of this month for 3 nights flights already paid for but I need to know how much money to take out there now I am always a worrier so I think I should take a grand but I am being told this is stupid Can anybody advise me how much...
  6. TrueBlue

    Riga, Latvia

    Going to Riga for a mates stag end of May then on another potentialy later in the year for Smiffys Whats it like? prices etc.....
  7. Blackpool Must Remain Frugal While Aboard the Gravy Train

    The moment that the seasoned Brett Ormerod poked home Blackpool’s winner against Cardiff City in the 43rd minute will no doubt go down in the history of the club and town, but it stands to reason that the club now has an important decision to make in its history. Ian Holloway, the charismatic...
  8. Benfleet A1

    Working For a ***** Company

    As some of you will know, I work for a Rescue & Recovery Company which is not your average 9-5 sort of job. Most though not all who do this job expect long hours, all weather conditions and sometimes, the very real risk of serious injury or even death. It's the nature of the job (considered in...
  9. Napster

    Palace opinions on Barrowdale

    Nothing special... Gary Borrowdale? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section... If so, please could one of the mods move this to the appropriate section? We (QPR) have recently signed him on loan...
  10. Slipperduke

    Bristol City v Hull City

    There can’t be many people who, when the Championship season began, thought that today’s SG$120m Play-Off Final would be contested between newly promoted Bristol City and almost relegated Hull City. In fact, if you’d have asked an expert, or even if you’d just have asked me, you’d have been told...
  11. DTS


    Off to Riga on Friday for three nights on a stag do. Anyone been and got any tips for nights out. Were going Bobsleighing at the Latvian national circuit so I will be hoping not to crash cool runnings style.
  12. TrueBlue

    True Blues - Valentines random song pick of 2008!

    East 17 featuring Gabrielle - If You Ever East 17 & Gabrielle Version "If I Ever Fall In Love" was covered in 1996 as a duet by East 17 and Gabrielle (with a backing track), and renamed "If You Ever". It reached #2 in the UK and #4 in Latvia. It was also one of only three songs by Gabrielle to...
  13. Davros

    One to start the weekend (week 21)

    A very very much so change of pace, and even genre this week takes us into a rappy direction. This 1992 tune, undoubtebly a classic, hails from a group whos three members come from Latvia, New York and Ireland, and was produced by New Yorker, DJ Muggs, and is one i like to play at party's etc...
  14. DTS


    Capital of Latvia - Me and the lads are thinking of going out there in March (I know it is -2oC before anyone says anything) Anyone been there. I have heard its a good night out but maybe a bit larey in the wrong places. Any comments welcomed. DtS