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  1. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Mark Gower

    Next up for SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame ballot is mercurial midfielder Mark Gower. Mark Gower will need at least 90% of the votes and at least 30 votes must be cast. You, the SZ voters must decide if Marky Gower made a substantial impact, displayed greatness and left a legacy that he...
  2. Napster

    3 years ago

    Ldnfatso passed away. Still a shock but he would have loved our success this season.
  3. A definitive list of red-rep offences

    So rep is pretty quiet now that we have the Like system. What should (still) be a red-rep offence? - Moaning about rep - ORM-style "Eastwood Signs" thread - Any post by ldnfatso (RIP:'() How about also... - Posting a link without any comment at all - Breaking the quote function -...
  4. DoDTS

    Roll of honour

    Here's a complete list of the winners and history of the Prediction League PREDICTION LEAGUE Season 1 (2006-07 ) Winner Scrouger 700 2nd David Essex 3rd Cricko 4th Spiff Season 2 (2007-08) Winner Blueblood 2nd Mr Benedict 3rd= Ramblers Shrimp 3rd= Flinty Season 3 (2008-09) Winner...
  5. DoDTS

    The Last 12 months of the Prediction League

    In the brief pause between the World Cup and the start of the new season I thought it me worth a quick review of the last eventful twelve months and gave praise again to the winners. It was a year ago that the Prediction League was split into four sessions each one of about 13 matches. First...
  6. DoDTS

    Prediction cup past winners

    PREDICTION CUP PAST WINNERS 2008-09 Winner DTS losing finalist Brettie Angell 2009-10 Spring Cup Winner Davidvolic losing finalist Ldnfatso 2009-10 Xmas Cup Winner Manor 15 losing finalist Shrimpersarmy 2010-11 Spring CupWinner South...
  7. DoDTS

    No. 12 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy Easter Monday

    No Gowers awarded today (for getting six out of six wrong), 72 fixtures so far this is how many we have all got wrong. 56 Thundersly Blue........... 3 "gowers" 53 The Eternal optimist..... 2 "gowers" 52 enfieldblue.................. 3 "gowers" 51 lucky luca..................... 50...
  8. DoDTS

    N0. 10 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy

    No one should feel ashamed of todays results, they were against current form. Fourteen are proudly awarded a "Gower" today (for getting six out of six wrong). This is clearly a case of musical chairs who will be left in top spot after 14 games. Out of 50 predictions this is how many we have all...
  9. DoDTS

    No. 9 Ldnfatso BIGGEST LOSER

    This is a bit like musical chairs who is going to be left in the top place at the end of the season. No Gowers again (for getting six out of six wrong), so with 54 fixtures predicted this is how many we've all got wrong: 41 Thundersly Blue........... 2 "gowers" 40 The Eternal optimist..... 1...
  10. DoDTS

    No.8 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser for Saturday 29th March 2014

    No Gowers (getting six out of six wrong) on offer today, but with 48 fixtures to predict so far this is the table for how many have been incorrectly predicted: 39 Thundersly Blue........... 2 "gowers" 36 lucky luca..................... 35 enfieldblue.................. 2 "gowers" 35...
  11. DoDTS

    No.7 The Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy 24/25 March 2014

    With no gowers on offer (for getting six out six wrong), the table, with the amount of wrong predictions made from a maximum of 42 matches predicted is as follows: 34 Thundersly Blue........... 2 gowers 33 enfieldblue.................. 2 gowers 33 The Eternal optimist..... 1 gower 32...
  12. DoDTS

    No. 6 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy for 21/22 March 2014

    A second "Gower"(six out of six wrong) for Enfieldblue see him join Thundersley Blue at the top of the Biggest Loser Trophy having both got 30 out of 36 results wrong> 30 enfieldblue.................. 2 "gowers" 30 Thundersly Blue........... 2 "gowers" 30 The Eternal optimist..... 1 "gower" 29...
  13. DoDTS

    No. 5 LdnFatso Biggest Loser Trophy for 15th March 2014

    Not so many points gained today and only one "Gower" awarded (for getting 6 out of 6 wrong) well done fatgrandad stand up and take a bow. With 30 fixtures predicted so far In the lead is OldBlueLafdy and Thundersley Blue but it is really close. One crap week and yes you could be at the top in...
  14. DoDTS

    No. 4 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy

    All joking apart the fixtures at the moment are just not going to form and frankly very difficult to predict. Congratulations to Beefy, Thundersley Blue, enfieldblue, The Big Shrimp and Goughy on all gaining well deserved "gowers" for getting 0 out of 6, so with 24 fixtures predicted so far the...
  15. DoDTS

    No.3 Ldnfatso's Bigget Loser Trophy

    What a wonderful week for all in the Biggest Loser Trophy, showing just how GOOD we are at getting it WRONG. Gowers (for getting six out of six wrong) go this week to, OldBlueLady, escudo, south247, Gt Yarmouth Shrimper, Yogi bear up the cagier, Kitch, b1ueb0y, SupaBlues, CMRandall92, mgh...
  16. Napster

    LDNFatso Memorial Fund

    Hi all Thanks again to everyone who has either attended the funeral or shown their support to us for Steven's death. Our family really appreciates the flowers, the kind words, and the amazing kindness shown at this sad time. Anyway, we have set up a memorial fund in Stevens name with Epilepsy...
  17. DoDTS

    No.2 Ldnfatso Biggest loser Trophy

    LDNFATSO BIGGEST LOSER TROPHY Turning losing into an art-form! 1 point awarded for every prediction incorrectly predicted, if all six are incorrect a "Gower" is awarded (like an Oscar for being bad). POINTS TODAY TABLES TO FOLLOW: What no "gowers" awarded today are we getting better? 5...
  18. DoDTS

    No.1 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy

    This is the first in this new competition, where you get one point for every result you get totally wrong and frankly we were all outstanding in this last night! Indeed from memory it must have been the worst night of predicting ever (Steve would have been very proud). If you get all six wrong...
  19. DoDTS

    Zone Update Ldnfatso Funeral Arrangements.

    I would like to attend if that's OK. Pete
  20. DoDTS

    Ticket News New session starts tuesday

    New session starts Tuesday Next Tuesday (Northampton Away) see the start of a new session of the Prediction League why not have a go? All you have to do is predict the score for six selected matches, mark one as a wildcard (which scores double points) and select who you think who will score...