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  1. Question Is there a bigger scumbag in the world than Mick Philpott?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-21771467 (Probably) has killed 6 of his own kids by burning his house down and then had several threesomes with his wife and another man in the aftermath of the fire. If and when he's found guilty can I be part of the firing squad please? An...
  2. londonblue

    Is This Correct Or Lefty PC Gone Mad?

    I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a teacher, and happened to mention Israel in one of her classes. A muslim child took exception and told the her that there is no such place, and that it should be called Palestine. She then explained that Israel is recognised as a country by the UN, and...
  3. TrueBlue

    Rule Britannia

    LET THERE BE REJOICE THROUGHOUT THE KINGDOM TODAY Rule Britannia today we come together in celebration Go run and hide today you anti monarchy lefty nonces TODAY IS OUR DAY!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvOtbSqeejg God Save The Queen!
  4. Rusty Shackleford

    A choice for lefty mugs

    Women's rights or continuing apologies for Islamic excess? Your choice.
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    60th birthday prezzie ideas

    Got a last minute invite to a mate's(suprise) 60th birthday party on Saturday.Any genuine ideas for a prezzie? He's a fellow Lefty,Espanyol and Cambridge United supporter plus a Guardian reader.Also a bit of a techie.
  6. TrueBlue

    Dalai Lama pledges support to BNP

    **** you lefty's :clap:
  7. Lizzie and Sarah

    Discuss / Rant.... Just watched the pilot of a dark comedy from the stable of Jessica Hynes & Julia Davis - similar in a way to Nighty Night....which I believe was shown at a reasonable hour during the week. It was very funny, and very dark and occasionally very uncomfortable - the sort of...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    2010 season

    Ah, spring training. The sound of rubber or cork wrapped in yarn and covered with leather thumping into leather mitts or the rifle crack of corked ash. Ahhh. There is something magical about the phrase "pitchers and catchers report". It sounds so innocent but at the same time so alluring. I'm...
  9. Hotman

    Muslims / left-wing's using violence as their only retort in Birmingham

    http://casualsunited.webs.com/ Disgraceful scenes that hopefully the lefty's won't dispute. And don't try digging up pictures of the non-muslims being violent - I've looked and can't find any. It's a shame that the media don't portray these scum as being "racist" - haven't seen any pictures of...
  10. Hotman

    does university make you into a lefty

    Just a thought after seeing Napsters post on the student thread - does attending university make you: a) explore left wing thoughts and develop this mentality, and b) make you think you are better than others because you are lefty? thank **** I left school at 16 !!
  11. TrueBlue


    http://entertainment.uk.msn.com/tv/news/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=8402439 ****ing lefty's AGAIN! CLARKSON FOR PM!
  12. MK's Indie Disco on a cold Friday Morning

    Today's tune is in celebration of the winner of the Shrimperzone Totty Cup 2007, Melissa Theuriau.... A lefty from Essex and a hottie from Paris and you've got Stereolab .... ignore the annnoying Manc before the song and bizarre early 90's fashions .....here's French Disko...
  13. DTS

    Would you support this policy?

    Times are slow in the world of mortgage broking at the moment. We did however have a call today from a potential customer who called up on the off chance. This customer basically told Anna in the office that she was claiming full unemployment benefit as she was unable to find work. As she had...
  14. Cocklecabanna

    Hello everybody everybody everybody, he he hello everybody de de der der deeer der........... Well the last thread started all so well, and then as usaul it was kidnapped by the lefty, right wing gangs. Well I am a new achanged cockels and I hang directly down the middle! Still in the...