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  1. Barry.C

    The Captain Critical

    Some of you may well have seen this, but I thought it worthy of discussion and apologies in advance for length !! Apparently one of the favourite current reads amongst leading International coaches ( across all sports ) is " The Captains Class". It was even acknowledged by Southgate in...
  2. Pak Power

    TV Highlights Southend V Plymouth

    For a change some good length highlights; http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/10996633/southend-1-1-plymouth
  3. Has Fortune been binned ?

    Before I start I admit I'm still stunned by the length of deal Marc recieved. Marc had his handy purple patch scoring 4 times in 7 games recently....since then he has become a bit part player and now considered inferior to Nouble....bizarre stuff from those in power at the club. I don't give...
  4. RHB

    Two things I want to know.

    There are in fact loads of things I want to know, but for the moment two of them are driving me mad.... 1. What is that strange container thing for on the Cliffs along the seafront opposite the casino. It's painted in red white and blue? 2. The A130 slip road down to Howe Green was resurfaced...
  5. South Bank Hank

    Phil Brown: A question of respect...?

    "****", "****", "*****", "******", "wand!!!?", "bellend", "clueless", "moron", etc ... just a few of the words that have been used by a select group on here in recent times to refer to the manager of Southend United Football Club. Whether you love him, like him, are ambivalent, don't like him...
  6. Ted Smith/Daniel Bentley

    Think we might get some interesting views while trying to compare their starts in the team.I think Ted is looking at least as good as Daniel did back then,when he was put in too soon ahead of Paul Smith. Ted has done well in both these last 2 games.At Wigan he might just have parried the ball...
  7. Tommy2holes

    W block reminder....

    Due to the club being picky you now have to have an actual ticket for the W block on a match day. Serves no real purpose and almost caused a riot last weekend when people tried to walk in, especially as people that had never sat in there before didn't realise what was happening and had young...
  8. londonblue

    Echo RSS Feed

    Am I the only one that finds this a bit frustrating? For example, at the moment we have two threads with the same title, which is: "Echo News RSS: Southend United manager Phil Brown" Because of the restriction in the length of the thread title that's all we get, and therefore have no idea what...
  9. HudsonNo1

    Full length program

    Can anyone who maybe sky+ the whole thing do a DVDs or put it on YouTube in parts? Really want to watch it all on tv and live it again from a different view. I wouldn't mind paying for a DVD if it can be done by someone.
  10. its the game/result that matters !!!

    Looking at this site and the length of threads regarding ticket sales,ticket prices,how many going, daytrippers etc etc. Very few talking about the game.All that matters is winning the rest is b----cks Come on let's concentrate on the match
  11. Jail the ex Nazi?

    A 93 year old ex Auschwitz soilder by the name of Oskar Groening is up on trial for accessory to 3000,000 murders as his job was to detail all the gold and belongings of the imates that were at the camp and could face up to 15 years in prison. i am in the hell yer camp but what do other zoners...
  12. Shrimper

    What was the point in bringing Williams back from his loan?

    He was doing great at Chelmsford, in a rich vein of form and scoring. We needed a striker and Brown said he'd get time. In the four games he had about 5 minutes. Should have got him on after Coulthirst decided to be selfish and try and run the whole length.
  13. Penney and White talk.

    Deegan is done and dusted according to this, but not sure of length of contract. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N321n0-ZXSI
  14. All Change

    went to see the boys training at B & L today. PB was drilling them over a specific way of playing. He had them sat down on the grass and showed them, using a scaled down pitch with 11 blue cones and 11 yellow cones set out in 4 3 3 formations, how he wanted them to play. he talked and showed (by...
  15. Should they stay or should they go

    It's the end of the season & you are Phil Brown. You have in front of you the current squad. Next to each name you have a simple choice - stay or go . For the sake of this excercise ignore contract length on the premise that you can arrange transfers for anyone. Here is my list . Some guys are...
  16. MrB

    England in India

    This made me chuckle on Cricinfo:
  17. DTS

    Question Extensions / Planning Permission

    Morning all, OK so the Mrs and I are considering getting a two story extension done. We are at really early stages in so much as we have only started meeting architects yesterday. Basic plan appears to be to go out the side of or house (were detached) and then build an extra bedroom and study...
  18. Vodafone

    Found this on another forum, had me in stitches! Dear All I thought I would share my ongoing, and unresolved, problems with Vodafone in case anyone had never used their crummy tax-avoiding service before. In summary, I have spoken to a total of 14 (forteen) different customer services...
  19. Keeping fans up to date

    A wee birdie told me that it was vital the fans were kept up to speed.At the minute we are in negotiations with phillips,eastwood,dailly and gilbert.Kalalas injury is being monitered and
  20. When will we discover length of bans ?

    Anyone know when the bans concerning Clohessy and Benyon will officially be known by the authorities? I assume they are missing on monday.