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  1. South Bank Hank

    Tiny Ted

    Interestingly, had the pleasure of sharing a workout this afternoon with Ted Smith at my local gym. I say interestingly for a number of reasons, not least that it took me more than a while to work out that it was actually him. From my vantage point in the South Upper, I've always had the...
  2. TrueBlue

    Zone Update Barrett Banner and Supporting the Zone.

    Just to let you all know that artwork has all been sent over etc... And will be delivered shortly! Would be nice to present it on the pitch to Adam or something before a game! I believe we have gone for a lightweight but strong material so it can be taken away (Ayrshire will have to confirm...
  3. More 'outsiders' rating our 'luxury, lightweight' no.10 ;

    The Southend United youth system has worked wonders over recent years, producing a host of Football League players, including the likes of Charlton’s Franck Moussa, Burnley’s Michael Kightly, Cardiff’s Stuart O’Keefe, Wolves’ Dom Iorfa and a whole host of other young talents. Many, including...
  4. BOXING: Khan vs Mayweather

    From what I've heard (as I said on another thread) this fight is apparently signed, and they're due to announce it soon, so I thought i'd create this for the build-up to the fight next May. So how do people see this going? Anyone give Khan a chance at all? I'm saying Mayweather wins by...
  5. Yorkshire Blue


    We're third in the league and I've never felt so disenfranchised with Southend United. I just can't connect with the air of entitlement and expectation that surrounds the place. Maybe I'm stuck in the past - whilst I still attend every home game I've been exiled for a decade and a half - but...
  6. leeblue

    Line up----as it stands

    so how do people see the team lining up next season, this would be my team, with the squad we currently have. morris clohessey barker moshni glbert sawyer grant ferdinand hall corr harris personally I would like to see a right winger signed thus...
  7. Johnny Herd on the move?

    I have to say I am not surprised he does not seem to fit in PS's plans, but in tonights Echo he says he doubts he wil be at Southend next season. A shame really but he is a good player but it too short and lightweight against league players.
  8. Another Mitchell Murdered in the East End

    The spate of murdered Mitchells in the East End of London was added to once more, as Kevin Mitchell was blown away by a rampant Michael Katsidis at an Upton Park which is growing accustomed to home losses. Much was made of Mitchell’s recent form and his credentials as another English...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Tonight's TV debate.

    Who do you think will come out on top? I think the public will tonight see what a lightweight Dave is and the Conservatives will start to slip in the opinion polls. Lib Dems to come out on top closely followed by Labour.
  10. Ipshrimp


    The verdict on last night seems to be that Scannell was far and away our best player. Personally, I thought Moussa had a great game too. I've seen plenty of comment on here that the lad's lightweight and not really up to it. From what I saw last night, I'd say his lack of brawn is irrelevant...
  11. Men and Boys ....

    "we have a lot of boys out there trying to do a man's job" said Sir Steve - which got me thinking, cos I always prefer seeing new young players, who he was referring to. As Millwall are a particularly unpleasant side in an unpleasant stadium with unpleasant supporters it perhaps highlighted it...
  12. Stuart O'Keefe

    I dont know if this has been put anywhere else but he was fantastic against Millwall and deserves to get more minutes for a young lad who has hardly played and who looks very lightweight he was brave and stuck his feet into some meaty challenges when many first teamers would of backed out, he...
  13. Magnum PI

    Comments from a Millwall fan, and Scannell

    I recieved this email this morning from a guy in my football team who supports Millwall. Did you go last night? Think you lot are going to have serious problems unless you get a half decent striker in. Paterson didn’t look up to much and a bit lightweight if anything. That right winger...
  14. Slipperduke

    Much To Do For United And Chelsea

    Meet the new season, same as the old season. If the starting line-ups looked a little familiar, so too was the mutual loathing shared by these two teams, a festering cauldron of hatred that bubbled up frequently in this surprisingly rumbustious encounter. Wayne Rooney's late strike forced a...
  15. IloveShrimp

    Our squad

    One thing the Ipswich game pointed out to me was the lack of physical strength in our side. Apart from Laurant (who i thought was easily mom) jfc and perhaps Revell (tall but not strong imo) and Francis all our players seemed to be midgets or very lightweight in comparrison to Ipswich who's...
  16. Slipperduke

    Chelsea Dominant As Villa Crumble

    Crisis? What crisis? Beset by injuries, Chelsea saved their best performance of the season so far for the day when the smart money was on Aston Villa to end that long unbeaten home run of theirs. Luiz Felipe Scolari's walking wounded preserved their record in a magnificent first half before...
  17. fbm

    The fbm view - Canvey

    I'm not going to do a report as such, but will offer just a few comments about tonights performance... if you can call it that having drawn 0-0 against a poor Canvey outfit. This time last year a side containing such stalwart strikers as Billy Paynter and Matt Harrold thrashed Canvey 6-1. We...
  18. Charlie Mulgrew

    Q uite a few people have quite rightly posted comments on here regarding Franck Moussa's performance over the last two games. I am one of those who felt that Franck was rather lightweight and could not see much future with him. I stand corrected, as in the centre of midfield he was simply...
  19. You want cars.....?

    KTM X-Bow We love the fact that this wild-looking KTM car came about after a bunch of enthusiastic engineers from KTM decided to build a fun sports car. Usefully, they had some friends at nearby Audi who came up with the powerplant - the 236bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that's found under...
  20. Bielzibubz

    One classic car of your choice what would it be?

    Yes it's still slow at work :p Anyway, title say's it all. Back when i was 17 and just prior to passing my test my next door neighbour offered to sell me his mk1 Spitfire for £1200. it was absolutely stunning, British racing green, glass t top roof, half leather seats. really wish I'd had...