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  1. Mohave Shrimper

    Inheritance Tax

    I've been looking at Inheritance Tax on the HMRC website but can't find what I need to know, so now I'm consulting the all-knowing oracle that is SZ. Anybody know what happens if you're inheriting from abroad (my dad lived in germany) - I'm sure the amount will be under the inheritance tax...
  2. Don't sometimes you wish you lived in Dutchland?

    http://popupcity.net/2011/07/slide-to-the-train/ Over here, there'd be huge ructions about Health & Safety. I want to use a slide to get on the train you fascists!
  3. Mohave Shrimper

    German Translation Service

    Does anyone know of a reputable translation service that doesn't cost too much? (or indeed can any zoners translate German?) and is also pretty quick. My Dad lived in Germany and passed away last year, been waiting on the probate system to work through, but yesterday I received an important...
  4. Memory Lane Introduction

    Hi everyone ! I was born in Southend ( Beresford Rd close to the Kursaal. Was 14 when WW2 started. I Joined the Navy in 42 and demobbed 1946. Was at Sicily, Italy and Normandy. My family owned the Jolly Spot across from the Kursaal which is now a car park. I was in the East Suffolk Police...
  5. DoDTS

    The 1953 Floods

    I hope the following is of some interest, on a Saturday afternoon in 1953 Southend United played a poor game of football, the crowd had a good old moan and then went home totally unaware of the disaster that would hit locally in a few hours time. Saturday 31st January 1953 Southend United 1-0...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Worst ever individual displays

    With far too much positivity on the board following the signing of Lee Sawyer, I thought it about time I lowered the mood with a depressing thread, so inspired by mention of Che Wilson's LDV final appearance I want the definitive XI of worst ever performances. They don't have to be bad players...
  7. DoDTS

    BARNET in the Cup a Day to remember!

    Barnet tomorrow night but my Dad, Grandad and Uncle drove to Barnet in 1946 and here's the full story of that match, same again tomorrow? Southend United were drawn away in the second round of the F.A.Cup and are due to visit Barnet the holders of the F.A. Amateur Cup. Their ground capacity is...
  8. Memory Lane Pubey's trip down memory lane

    I don’t know why, I guess I’m just getting old, but yesterday I had a real sense of nostalgia. I spent the evening thumbing through our wedding album with Mrs Pubey, a regular pastime, and my eye was drawn to a family who have been ‘family friends’ all my life. They were...
  9. Smart businessman, or outright scoundrel?

    Over the course of the weekend I was tasked with finding a friend of mine a ticket for V Festival as she'd been ripped off on eBay and was in a bit of a panic about missing out. As it happens, I know someone from Uni who's a bit of a dab hand with these occasions. As something of a prologue...
  10. manor15

    manor15's Football League Round-Up: Week 1 (7/8/10)

    Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the football season, and in particular the brand-spanking new npower Football League for the 2010-11 season. After a summer of World Cup action in South Africa, the country, well at least a small part of its', eyes switched to Carrow Road on...
  11. stu blue

    how did you kill it off?!

    u will see from here i have been a member for ages but dont post much...but i am looking for advice now!! a bit of background is that i have been with steady girlfriends since 14 and lived with three girls (obviously not at the same time or i wouldnt have time to be on here), never been...
  12. Southampton Shrimper

    Guy Butters

    From the Southern Daily Echo's weekly sports paper The Pink, 3 July 2010: CITY CAN RELY ON GUY TO DO THE JOB But veteran defender is not sure he's got one Guy Butters will continue to fight the good fight for Winchester City on the field next term, but he is not entirely sure if his job...
  13. Cricko

    An Obituary

    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing when...
  14. Sturrock and the Conference knowledge - Best thing with done!!!!

    Getting sturrock in is the best bit of business we have done all year. Tilson run out of ideas he bought too much rubbish and had little to no contacts. Sturrock has the contacts to rebuild this team. NOW GET BEHIND RON AND STURROCK AND WE CAN WIN THIS LEAGUE. Also believe sturrock got rid of AB...
  15. Supershrimper

    Articles in Todays Echo - Dated 2/07/2010

    This has been copied word for word from todays echo. The two page spread on pages 8-9. A Lot of it is what we knew already, we up a creak without a paddle, and most probably a raft as well. Taxman Targets Blues…Again (Taken from the Echo, pages 8-9) This time the club owes £200,000...
  16. yogi bear up the cagire

    Is this the beginning of the destruction......

    Is this the beginning of the destruction of the mould of British politics or is it the beginning of the destruction of the Liberal Democrats? Quite a day yesterday, which ended with probably the only really practical solution on the table. Briefly, hopes were raised on the idea of some...
  17. yogi bear up the cagire

    Disenfranchised in england and in france

    It's at times like this, just before a General Election that I regret my inaction during my years in France in keeping my right to vote in UK elections. In my defense I could say that there were other things occupying my mind and with the widening gap of house prices between Britain and France...
  18. Uncle Leo

    Conservative Your Tory name

    Just seen this on Twitter. "What's your Tory name? Your grandmother's father's first name and the street you grew up in, double barreled with your headmaster's surname." I've lived in many streets and have also had a few headmasters so, I've been a bit selective here, but I think it's a...
  19. Would you have her courage?

    On Mr B's "Pictures of Birds" thread, Boris posted up a picture of a lady called Sarah Jane Howe. It was a bit different from the others on the thread because, as Boris pointed out, she seemed to have no nipples. Below is her story - and as asked in the thread title, would you have her courage?
  20. Bielzibubz

    If you were born in the 50's, 60's or 70's

    Doesn't this just some up what it was like growing up and exactly what the kids of today are missing out on? First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads...