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  1. MrB

    BT - FC Match 8

    Massive toss to lose with sunny weather today and bad weather tomorrow, we may struggle, particularly as Mario hasn't moved off invigorated since Friday. End of Over 3 (6 runs). Inter Lancs: 12-0, runrate=4.00 Overs left today: 107 Sutherland 2-0-11-0 Cooke* 0 (4 balls) Hardy 12 (14 balls)
  2. MrB

    New Season - Hopes and Expectations

    This season for me is all about survival in OD, going to be up against it but hopefully we can hold our own and even if we come 5th or 6th, I’d fancy our chances in a play off with a III team as long as my morale isn’t shot to pieces. FC will be tough but if we can field a strong team in every...
  3. blues_r_best

    Mario Kart in Real Life

  4. Slipperduke

    Terry's Touch Of Class

    If there were any question marks still lingering over John Terry's suitability to captain England, they were blown away in Berlin with a moment of grace and humility that is all too rare in a game poisoned by money and egos. Terry could have explained away Germany's comical equaliser by blaming...
  5. MrB

    FC - Week 6

    ShrimperZone CC v Princeton Palace My only tough FC game this season, they have two 6 figure players and an U-19 player. I've rested Sandy, Lamo, Richie and Fetts and Mario and Plums are batsmen only so if they play full strength we may struggle. However the good thing about FC is that I can...
  6. Dave of the Match

    Super Mario World Theme Rewritten!

    http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1886801 haha! That's just class.
  7. seany t

    Keeping some perspective

    I can't wait for tomorrow, it should be good. Well, except for the Roots Hall tea, but that's a given pain I will continue to bear until my memory starts working on match days. But I do find it odd that from the depths of despair 3 days ago we now have about 150 posts regarding our new arrivals...
  8. MrB

    OD - Week 3

    We play Stick Cricket who have a former England U-19 bowler in their ranks. I thought Level IV was meant to be easy!! Mario rests as he's down to lively, Suthers forced to play at invigorated - I have no choice! Plan next week in FC is to switch to H&F, play no bowlers and try and bat th...
  9. Slipperduke

    There are no flags on cars and no posters in windows.

    There are no flags on cars and no posters in windows. No sweeping advertising campaigns and no collectable badges. Here in the UK, you wouldn't guess that we're just hours away from the start of a major football tournament. Ok, so the nearest that the England team can get to European involvement...
  10. Shrimper2thecore

    Mario Kart Wii

    So who has got it? What are your thought of it and the wheel? If you have a Wii and dont have it, what on Earth is wrong with you? My opinion is that its amazing, the wheel works really well, and Nintendo have incorporated it seemlessly. Mario Kart games of old (N64 and GC) had four cups to...
  11. Ron Manager

    Mario Kart on the Wii

    Anyone else becoming totally addicted to this game? With the online play maybe we could set up a SZ Grand Prix?
  12. samib

    Murray loses in Miami

    The young Scot got knocked out to a bloody Croatian!!! He lost to Mario Ancic and crashed out 6-2 2-6 7-6. Had 2 match points but obviously didn't take them... Another Tim Henman?
  13. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday's Pub Quiz Pt 7

    Usual rules, usual people banned. Hope this one dont cause too many arguments! :) 1. Robbie Williams covered the song My Way in 2006. Which singer or band enjoyed varying degrees of success with the song in each of the following years ? a. 1969 b. 1971 c. 1977 d. 1978...
  14. Ricey

    FAO: People With Wii's!!

    I was playing Sonic and Mario Olympics and I looked through the manual and noticed that there are other events which I can't play how do I unlock them?? Like the Archery etc etc...
  15. Napster

    Oscars Nominations

    Performance by an actor in a leading role George Clooney in “Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.) Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax) Johnny Depp in “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (DreamWorks and Warner Bros., Distributed by...
  16. Shrimper2thecore

    Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

    I remember quite a few on here mentioning the fact that they have wii's, or have recently got one. Was wondering if anyone else has this game (if you dont get it!!), and what kind or records everyone has? Emblems? Crowns? Missions etc? Will post all mine on here later, when I am home to...
  17. Ricey

    Nintendo Wii People!!

    I got one for christmas and was wondering why is it so hard to get Mario And Sonic Olympics. Mind you its so hard to get hold of most things. Anyone got Guitar Hero 3?? I find it really hard only had it a day and only managed to complete 2 songs on easy. :(
  18. Wii Games..

    Ok I brought the machine ..sang the feem song.....Now I have purchased some games for my Son's Xmas prezzie ..I have Resident evil fingy ...Mario Olympics and Mario party eight .Should I test the machine tonight before he gets it tomorrow,or resist the temptation and leave it boxed. Over to...
  19. Official Gaming Thread! (Friend Codes, Reviews Etc)

    Thought it would be good to get something for all us gamers on the pub boards! Leave friend codes, games owned, reviews etc and lets get gaming!! Righty-o, here goes... PS3: pbb76 Own F1, Motorstorm, Resistance, NBA, Snooker. Pretty cack at them all, but just want some decent clean games...
  20. Xàbia Shrimper

    Super Mario Bros

    Super Mario Bros is frustrating Part I - Sound NSFW Super Marios Bros is frustrating Part II - Sound NSFW Slightly over-the-top but I think it perfectly sums up my memories of playing this game! I think the player sounds like Eddie Murphy at times ...