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  1. Kiernan

    Ok, last I saw in the paper something about the operation, something catching on both knees was a success? Does anyone know how the rehab is going? Has there been a setback? Meant to be a decent player, one of The Marquee signings.... on a 3 year deal, with 4 option!!!!!!
  2. The Eternal Optimist

    All quiet on the Southend front?

    Every Window we are kept on tenterhooks awaiting the marquee signing that never comes :sad: I am rather hoping Ray Parlour’s love child rocks up but I do fear he’ll laugh and taunt us. I guess we will be teased up until the closing bell tolls.
  3. Tommy2holes

    Where is our marquee signing...

    No cox again last night. This is the player that Phil Brown said was our marquee signing and player that was a coup for the club . Undoubtedly one of if not the highest earner at the club. Nowhere to be seen again. Is this another mismanagement of a talented player or his he simply injured...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Summary of last 2 weeks' news please

    So other than the obvious 6 points, Ron's annual marquee signing along with another sticky-plaster loan and further proof that BBBC is better than Falcao and on a par with Ballon D'Or winner Ronaldo, what have I missed whilst I was away? Is the Dome up? Has the new stadium been built? Have we...
  5. MrB

    BT20 - Season 25

    A relatively easy week even by BT20 standards with two sell ups and a team I should beat. Should finish the week 5-1 but promotion not possible as we have Los Galactico in our division. The main priority is to get fit for Friady to get the win needed to boost gate receipts for Tuesdays FC...
  6. Priory Pub on Saturday

    Afternoon, thanks to the moderators for approving the registration. Just a post to say that away fans will be welcome in the priory on Saturday.. We are located behind the stadium ( open end ) 30 real cider offer !! This is unique stuff, you don't find this is a normal pub! Real Ales -- old...
  7. Shrimp and two veg

    Essex Pike Anglers Club.

    Alright folks, i used to be shrimp and two veg on here until login decided to meltdown on me. Anyway, in case anyone has ever enjoyed pulling out the toothy critter called pike, we have some great nights talking about this very subject once a month. You don't need to be a P.A.C. member to attend...
  8. Mohave Shrimper

    2011 Season

    Opening day is almost upon us, which team do you follow and what do you think to their prospects for the coming season? It’s been quite an off-season at Wrigley Field, interim manager Mike Quade was made full-time manager after leading the Cubs to a 24-13 finish in 2010. The Cubs main...
  9. Shrimper

    Rangers hold the key to future Scottish European exploits

    Kaunas is a word that reminds Rangers of a bad time, a one time lacklustre performance in Europe against FBK Kaunas of Lithuania in the Second Qualifying round in the 2009/10 UEFA Cup season. Celtic also now have a word that instils disappointment and memories of what could've been. FC Utrecht...
  10. OldBlueLady

    New Years Eve 2009

    Ok, I remember there being a variety of opinions last year, so with it leading into a long weekend this year, who's doing what? Personally, I hate it but am being dragged kicking and screaming to my friend's, round the corner. She lives in a cul de sac and they always have a big marquee and...
  11. Slipperduke

    I'd Have Booed Beckham

    I've been a little bit sniffy about football in America in the past. With their 'marquee' players and unbridled enthusiasm for the spectacular, there's always been a doubt in my mind as to whether they really 'get' what football is all about. That is until now. I'm sure I can't be the only...
  12. Slipperduke

    Success? No Chance

    At opposite ends of the country, two ill-fated and short-lived eras are coming to an end. In East London, the unintentionally hilarious reign of Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson is already over. In Newcastle, Mike Ashley has desperately slapped a GBP100m price tag on the front of St James Park in the hope...
  13. steveo


    I have a decent Pentax DSLR which I can never be bothered to take out because of its size so I looked long and hard to find a decent camera which would be easy to carry and simple to use, snaps really , nothing too artistic. I settled for a Panasonic DMCFS5 which seemd to fit the bill...
  14. News from the training ground..

    Popped along to Boots and Laces today to see who was present and correct ... all players other than Hunt ( who was there on Tuesday on crutches ) and Che Wilson were around . Kanu was taking part in full training and Barney had some treatment before doing some light jogging but was able to...
  15. The Boxer Rebellion

    For anyone that is interested, we are playing our first UK shows in 7 months. Been locked away writing 2nd record material. Anyhow, a couple of gigs booked thus far (though no UK tour yet unfortunately Glasgow Shrimper!). Friday 24th March @ Hertford Marquee. Thursday 20th April @ London...
  16. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    Just heard about this book that was published late last year - some strange choices and (IMHO) some glaring ommisions. That said, I own 293 of these and have heard a further 108 giving me a respectable total of 401. To be honest, dying would be a favourable option to hearing most of the others...
  17. Firestorm

    Best Gig

    Ok, what is the best gig you have been to. Unfortunately I can't put just one..... The Jam Rainbow Finsbury 1979 a cracking gig topped off by a sea of mods singing all the way back on the tube (The venue was a bit bigger than I prefer) The Undertones, Marquee 1979, Small , Sweaty and packed...