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  1. The Man in the Paper Mask

    St. Pauli's manager misses unveiling of new player, but instead of waiting, the club comes up with this sneaky ruse... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jun/15/st-pauli-manager-misses-unveiling-signing-man-in-mask-ewald-lienen :stunned:
  2. John McDonnell

    On Tuesday evening John McDonnell came to my work and did a speech on Labour's economic policy. The oddest thing was that it was basically a social democrat speech. It could have been given by Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair. There wasn't a lot that he said that I or any other centre...
  3. steveo

    Million Mask March

    50 arrested - stop their benefits.
  4. southend man101

    Prosser's injury and the mask

    Phil Brown says Luke Prosser may take a bit of adjusting to the mask he will have to wear for the next few weeks. Prosser picked up a knock to his face in the game against Dagenham & Redbridge and will now need to wear a protective mask.
  5. Silencer

    Luke Prosser, did he deserve to be dropped?

    Just a question to see what others think, I know the midfield is not protecting the side at the moment, but I wonder whether Prosser being out of the side has also made us look weaker at the back. Don't get me wrong, if we was starting a season fresh and I was picking my best team on paper...
  6. Ryan Hall - Staying or going?

    My first thread. Official line is Ryan Hall missed todays match with a foot injury. Do you go along with that or is it a disguise to mask his leaving sometime in the week?
  7. C C Csiders

    Denver Shootings

    Yet another murderous gun attack in the US. Denver this time. Intersting the gunman was wearing a gas mask as one of the somewhat odd murals at Denver Airport may be depicting this attack: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18921492 Denver Airport mural
  8. Jedi Shrimper

    This Is A Sith Up!

    Darth Vader Robs Bank. Yes, the dark lord of the sith has fallen on hard times it seems. But most importantly should darth vader be banned from wearing his mask in public? ;)
  9. Slipperduke

    Plodding Snore-fest Is No Reason For Complacency

    Algeria 0-1 Slovenia ENGLAND SHOULDN’T TAKE THESE TWO TEAMS FOR GRANTED An awful game, bereft of class and style, but if England fans think that they can relax, they should think again. There was just enough in this strangely compelling display of mutual ineptitude to concern Fabio...
  10. manor15


    Greece Manager: Otto Rehhagel Captain: Giorgos Karagounis FIFA Ranking: 12 Group B Background: This is only Greece's second World Cup, although a European Championships win and two other appearances often mask that. Before the appointment of Otto Rehhagel in 2001, Greece had only qualified for...
  11. pickledseal

    Election Party Pack!

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8662468.stm I'm off to make my Clegg mask ;)
  12. Benfleet A1

    Kids Just Don't Know Their Born

    While having a wonder around the shop today it suddenly struck me just how little kids know of the real world and what they are missing out on. It started when my missus mentioned our niece and how it must cost her mum a fortune so she can wear all the clobber and make-up yet she hasn't two...
  13. Is Tilly blameless???

    Everyone knows that Tilson's job is extreamly difficult at present with no investment in players, poor morale etc. But is he realy blameless for the poor run of results. For example Portsmouth are in probably a worse situation than us and even Avram is getting results. I would suggest that if...
  14. Arsene Wenger: The Gift and The Curse.

    Such is this success of the Arsenal Ethos under Arsene Wenger that those who question him are instantly vilified by the Gunner’s faithful and, believe me, they have a point. No other Premier League manager can boast an unbeaten season, or even claim to have attributed so much to the progression...
  15. Lady Luck limps back into Liverpool

    Liverpool haven’t exactly had the best of luck this season. Karma paid it back with a vengeance tonight as troubled Merseyside club recorded a precious win against a Spurs side battling with them for that coveted 4th place finish. The game started at a tentative pace, with Spurs looking to make...
  16. BoyWonder2

    Question Fancy Dress Ideas

    Guys and girls, Some help is required. 13th March is Comic Relief, and he have to come into work in fancy dress. Now the last time we did this I came in as a pink pimp, basically a pink suit with dalmation trim, pimp hat, cane and white shoes. Now this went down a strom and I won best dressed...
  17. DTS

    My tribute to N'Zamba legend.

    I would just like to start a post to salute the comedy genius that is N'Zamba legend. Every single one of his 691 posts to date has had me in stiches and I have just wet myself reading his conspiracy theory about Ron Martin and the Chelsea game. This is a thread of thanks from me to the man...
  18. canveyshrimper

    Don't read if you are of a nervous dispostion

    A true story and its source was the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service in Adelaide. A bloke and his family were on holidays in the United States and went to Mexico for a week. An avid cactus fan, the man bought one-metre high, rare and expensive cactus there. On arrival back home...
  19. Napster

    Battle of the Horror Films Round 10

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Clinton Baptiste) versus Halloween (phsend) Two titans here. But plumping for Halloween because it was the first proper slasher film, and Carpenter not only directed but wrote the now-famous score. Also, his mask is a James T Kirk mask.
  20. Modern Art

    Me and Mrs MK took a trip into the big smoke today and decided we'd pop into the Tate Modern for a browse. Now I have never seen such a collection of utter worthless toss in my entire life - pictures (if you can call it that) that a 5 year old could have done with a sugar rush and let loose at...