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  1. Rootshallbloke

    Pre-Match Thread Bristol Rovers vs Southend United

    And so, after a disappointing result on Wednesday, we move on to Saturday and Bristol rovers away at the Memorial Stadium. With Timlin having finished his one match suspension, apart from Michael Kightly, it looks like the rest of the squad is available for Saturday's game. Guessing the team...
  2. danburyshrimper

    Waifs and strays fc

    How about we take a chance on Steven Caulker ? Like most of our squad he will need managing carefully , but having Caulker and Kiernan as our central defenders would be quality and would allow Anton Ferdinand to sit deep midfield and play in Phil Brown's cherished "Ivan Campo role " ...
  3. Rootshallbloke

    It's now Sunday morning, how do you feel?

    When the final whistle went yesterday my mood was oh so disappointed and angry. Oxford had done us a huge favour and yet again we still didn't take the opportunity to capitalise on Millwall's **** up. My mood didn't really lighten all Saturday evening and reading on SZ about 'bottled it' and...
  4. Fly tippers

    Crazy crazy from councils ! I know a guy who did rubbish clearance by the book,he was forced to obtain a waste license costing £150 plus,then councils ordered every council tip to stop the legal abiding clearers from using the tip.He then began to use waste stations whose fees are mentally...
  5. * ORM *

    Husband needed

    I apologise for the length of the post but I'm curious to see if anyone fits the bill. ​** This marriage advert is clear, legit & real. ** When the true fate brings someone special related to your soul, distance is not an issue with cars & airplanes. I am looking for a true nice...
  6. Pitch to Rich

    Virgin are running a competition for small businesses to get a chance to pitch their business to some serious investors. Here in Aultbea there is a fantastic small business with huge potential - scallop farming. This is quite different from fish farming in that it involves absolutely no...
  7. Slight concern.......

    Given the form we have been on , I was quietly confident we would be the team to go up via the play offs. I know anything can happen in these games , but felt our form and team spirit would see us through. Not many of us expected to be third going into the final game , certainly not after Burton...
  8. Mrs Baylock's Poetry Corner - Generally Speaking

    Hello Shrimpers new & old - after the lamentable defeat yesterday it seemed to me that we were lacking that most sturdy & combatable elements of a successful team - Ie a midfield general (& a left back/winger & all action CB). Here is my poetry plea to the all-mighty Ron to sort this out. We...
  9. Barling Magna

    Out of the Play Off Positions

    Hopefully only temporarily, but Northampton's defeat of Burton moves us down one place to eighth. A draw would have suited us better, especially as Burton have played one game more than us. However, on balance a day off should give our players a chance to recover and re-energise both physically...
  10. Harry Bullocks

    Question Soccer Special Trains

    Showing my age now... Should the run of form continue, I wonder if the club would consider putting on a Soccer Special for the away trip to York on 20th April? I went on one to follow the Blues to Derby in the late 70's...it was rumoured to have been the longest ever train specifically for...
  11. fbm

    Crocks XI

    Can we make up a side of unfit/not 100% fit/mentally elsewhere players from our squad? Smith Leonard Phillips Coughlan (not match fit - hasn't played for over a year) Prosser Hall Mohsni Harris Corr Eastwood Just one player short. To have that many unavailable at this stage of the season is...
  12. Denmark vs Sweden

    Saga Noren - Swedish detective from The Bridge Sarah Lund - Danish detective from The Killing Saga: - Probably autistic - Get to see her front-garden - Reasonably fit - Nice car Sarah: - Only owns two jumpers - Old face - Annoying mum - Mentally stable
  13. Mohsni on "last chance"

    Just listened to PS interview from last night... * Mohsni's 'whole demeanour' is not right. * Has been internally disciplined financially and told to 'get help' after the Orient game. * Ramadan having a big affect on him (so leave him out completely). * Decision to play him 'backfired', though...
  14. pickledseal

    Question Anyone else on strike next Thursday in Southend?

    I'll prob join the rally in Southend High Street at 12.30pm: http://www.j30strike.org/location/southend/ ------------ Defending our pensions to protect education For every teacher, lecturer and leader, educating our students is the most important aspect of our working life. And it’s for this...
  15. yogi bear up the cagire

    Nothing Like a Good HEALTHY salad?

    German health authorities have claimed that "tests on the suspect cucumbers had shown a trace of a different strain of E.coli" and thus, they were not responsible for the present outbreak. Well, that's OK then, we can all return to eating healthy salad, with no fear for the consequences. :smile...
  16. Rusty Shackleford

    Palestinian Family Sends Son To be Martyred; Israel Doesn't Cooperate

    I bet this really ****es the family off. All they wanted was a martyr, not a mentally ill son! Here they are, planning a big martyrdom celebration, counting the blood money they'll receive, looking forward to the anti-Israel propaganda, and the damn Joos wouldn't kill the boy! Those *******s...
  17. Sam Allardyce: Mentally Unstable

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/sep/17/blackburn-sam-allardyce-inter-real ""I'm not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid," Allardyce said. "It wouldn't be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league...
  18. Would you have her courage?

    On Mr B's "Pictures of Birds" thread, Boris posted up a picture of a lady called Sarah Jane Howe. It was a bit different from the others on the thread because, as Boris pointed out, she seemed to have no nipples. Below is her story - and as asked in the thread title, would you have her courage?
  19. Razam

    Adam Barrett: Off-field events taking their toll on Southend United

  20. Slipperduke

    Cheryl Cole. Grrrr.

    There are a million and one reasons to dislike Cheryl Cole. There’s her colour, for starters, a curious orangey glow that smacks of either too much Sunny Delight or too many quid-a-minute South Shields tanning salons. There’s her husband, the odious little skraeling who earns more money in the...