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  1. RHB

    QUIZ: Which classic western movie star are you?

    A bit of nonsense for boredom relief. If you're at work MK beware, there are 30 questions. I came out as Randolph Scott which was kind of cool. So get out your white hat, saddle up and off you go...
  2. RHB

    Microsoft Office v the free stuff

    My 2003 version of Office has finally reached the point where I can't install it on my Windows 10 laptop as it's been installed on far too many other laptops over the years. So.......what to do, buy a recent edition of Office or have a look at free packages. I've chosen the latter option and...
  3. RHB

    Microsoft Edge browser

    I have a few issues when accessing SZ using MS Edge. Inserting smilies into a post, first time round I get ~ rather than a smilie, delete it and then it works. Inserting images - I can't insert 'in-line' unless I use Internet Explorer instead of Edge. Adding Web links. Previously in IE if I...
  4. RHB

    Windows 10 - Good, bad or indifferent?

    So far I have only managed to upgrade one of the household's 3 laptops to Windows 10, that was from 8.1. The one with Windows 7 on does all the early stuff, downloading etc and then fails with permissions failure when trying to install. The third and final laptop has Windows 8 on it so can't go...
  5. BoyWonder2


    I'm after a little bit of help, and was hoping someone amongst us knows more about laptops than me. I'm looking to get one that will be suitable for web surfing, playing the odd game (FM 2015), storing music and photos, that can have Microsoft Office installed and isn't too expensive. Ideally...
  6. sufclee

    Southend council: Ron Woodley

    Did anyone pick up on his quotes in respect of the new Spurs shop opening in Southend high street? “It does surprise me they’re opening a store here as their supporters locally seem to be few and far between." “I think it’ll be a good addition to the High Street, but I...
  7. OS

    Folks, Need a bit of advice on Operating Systems - my Windows 8 totally died, even the partition on my HD where the backup reinstall copy was, so I installed Ubuntu. Now it seems pretty good, epecially with the built in software, but trouble is it runs so slowly as I don't think my laptop is...
  8. Laptop Windows Product Key - Useful Discovery

    Rebuilding a Samsung laptop I was given (m/b, HD, both shot and the keyboard slightly bowed in the middle, though working.... Hmmmm :smile:) but when I came to reinstall Windows 7, I discovered that a small tear in the Label meant I was missing the last two digits of the Key. Emailed Samsung and...
  9. Rob Noxious

    The Original Rude Boy

    "It's a bit like what Charlie Watts said about the Stones ... five years playing, twenty years waiting around." Sir Buttz Yoddles spoke wearily as he was in discomfort from a horrific abscess for which he had just started taking analgesic medication. His weariness was not helped by the...
  10. Razam

    Anyone good at writing Business Proposals *cough-begging letter-cough*??

    I know the likelyhood of anyof these taking over is very remote, but....
  11. Benfleet A1

    Help required asap!!!!!!!!

    People, serious crisis and I need assistance ASAP. I have just created a document that I need to send off now, not tomorrow, right now but for some stupid reason (well I'm the reason) I need to make it a .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf or .txt format which means nothing at all to me. I have created the...
  12. DTS

    Question How do I convert a Jpeg into a PDF

    Ladies and Gentleman. A cutomer has sent me some doucments as a JPEG which Ineed to convert into a PDF or a TIF? When I open the document its opens up in Microsoft Office 2010????? Can one of you computer geeks thats was playing with networks and stuff when i was out with girls help please...
  13. Mohave Shrimper

    Worst/Most Annoying TV Adverts.

    For me it's those ****ing Microsoft adverts, you know those ones where they set up a shop in some poor unsuspecting sod's home to shame them into buying a new computer. As if they're saying "******** here thinks her current pc is 'ok', WELL IT'S NOT, BUY A NEW ONE OR YOU WON'T BE UP TO DATE AND...
  14. Mad Cyril

    Scam phonecalls at work

    A few times a year I receive phonecalls at work from people that know my name and generally claim to be: 1. Checking I will be around to take delivery of a high value item from Microsoft or Sun microsystems. 2. Saying they are HR and asking my desk number and who sits next to me. Does anyone...
  15. Vacancy - All At Sea fanzine co-editor / scissors and pritt stick man

    Hoping the mods will allow this. Our co-editor Neddy Beavan has had enough of Ron Martin and has opted to take a well-deserved break from co-editing Southend United's longest-serving fanzine of all time. As a result, All At Sea requires a loyal and enthusiastic individual to help the running...
  16. Moody Blues

    Xbox Users

    Saw advert today in paper that if you buy any chart game from Tesco, that you receive 800 microsoft points FREE!!! http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/682939/free-800-xbox-360-live-microsoft-po
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Microsoft Office 2010

    Just had a look at some video presentations for Office 2010 on the link below, you can click on each individual office application to view a 2 to 3 min presentation. I currently run office 2007 which was quite a drastic change from 2003 although 2010 looks like a smartened up version of 2007...
  18. Bob Cratchitt

    Is Chrome still as shiny?

    Seems that my worry of a major company bringing out a browser being slow to fix security flaws is proven right. SSL Security Flaw in Chrome, IE and Safari
  19. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Text to Speech Software

    I am looking to download a free "Text to Speech" Software Program for my wife for when she starts her Masters. The only ones i can seem to find have good old "Sam" the microsoft voice....wich sounds like Stephen Hawkins who has developed a stammer after 6 bottle of Voka!!! All help...
  20. Microsoft Office - 90% off

    Just thought I would let other people know as I think it is quite a good deal! If you are a student, Microsoft are currently offering Microsoft Ultimate for £38.95. I believe that it normally goes for in excess of £350...