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  1. Rootshallbloke

    Friendly Results to date

    So far we have played four friendlies, 3 on the UK mainland and one in sunny Spain. In those four games we have scored 18 goals and conceded 4. Although the opposition we have faced has not of the highest order they still were there to be beaten, and beaten them we have. Next up Newcastle and...
  2. DoDTS

    So how have YOU performed in the First Division of the Prediction League

    We are in the midst of the fifth session of the First Division (four completed), so for all that have taken part how have you done? 5 sessions in Division one dannypav ....highest position 1st escudo ....highest position 1st DoDtS ....highest position 2nd Shrimper2thecore ....highest position...
  3. new centre backs and centre mids

    so we've been given 150-180k for Ryan Cresswell, while im sad to see him go and thank him for his efforts, we have to look to the future without him, and who should replace him, i think bennett isnt who we want, to injury prone for me, who do people think we should sign?? also i think we...
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Strange times

    They say that the one thing financial markets don't like is uncertainty.....................we can only pray that this truism doesn't apply to football clubs. It looked so different at the start of the Summer, even allowing for the disappointment of missing out in the play-offs. The backbone...
  5. the positive side of winding up

    18 months ago in the midst of our worries about the Blues and their future I posted about my local town club, the then Ilkeston Town (Conference North) who were wound up in the autumn of 2010. Happier news now! After reconstituting as Ilkeston FC and winning an academy league last year, they...
  6. Come on lets support PS to the hilt

    I admit I was not in favour of Paul Sturrock becoming our Manager but after careful consideration over the summer I'm now of a different opinion. And no this hasn't come in the midst of the euphoria of the result at Rotherham. For many of us we were so frustrated at how things were being...
  7. Mad Cyril

    Have you ever been arrested?

    Simple question just wanted to see how many ex-crims there are in our midst. Anonymous poll - feel free to post any good stories.
  8. SS5

    BBC sport blog on our troubles

    Not sure if its already been posted somewhere, but anyone who is a little unclear of the deadlines and HMRC dealings, this BBC sport blogger has done a little article on us as well as cardiff city; Southend, said the HMRC's man, were a "habitual defaulter", "plainly insolvent" and "must be...
  9. Thorpe Groyney

    Georgie Thompson - Official Statement

    PRESS RELEASE Good morning, As I'm sure you are aware, there's been fevered speculation (so the voices in my head keep telling me) about Ms. Thompson's future involvement in this competition. As OBL's PR agent, I have also been made aware of the closure of the Live Chat thread. And also the...
  10. Mini Totty Battle of the Mid 90's Indie Diva's!

    So a come down to the Totty Cup, here's another but with those oh so cool Indie chicks that played guitar and wowed us Indie boys in the 90's. Justine I dated Damon Albarn and Brett Anderson and my dad designed the Nat West Tower dontchew know Frischmann. Sonya She's king of the Kerb Madden...
  11. Xàbia Shrimper

    United for Southend

    Does anyone else remember the United for Southend campaign that was quite prominent in the early 90s? For reference, Jobson had started talks with Basildon Council in January 1992 over a new 25,000 all-seater stadium in the New Town; I seem to recall that he had even submitted an outline...
  12. Interpol Shrimper

    The other Peter Taylor...

    Doc on BBC1 (East Mids) tonight Having watched A Damned United for the first time the other day, I might give this a look tonight - one for those with Sky I'm afraid, guessing BBC1 East Mids will be around the 970/980 mark in terms of channels.
  13. When Genius Met Lunacy

    Socrates. Paolo di Canio. Eric Cantona. Emannuel Adebayor. All undeniably great players that have suffered from the madness that often comes with the territory of genius. A game that celebrated some fantastic, flowing football will undoubtedly be remembered for two incidents surrounding the...
  14. adsmithers

    Pre-Match Thread Team for Hull

    This is what team i think should play: Mildenhall (c) Francis Mvoto Heath White Betsy Sawyer Christophe Moussa Revell Barnard I think hopefully Tilson will see how much we need saywer and him and christophe should be first choice centre mids. And really the same with mvoto. Also...
  15. Slipperduke

    Lippi Should Have Stayed On The Beach

    Brazil 3-0 Italy Fabiano 37,43 Dossena 45 (og) There are certain times in life when it's actually ok to quit. Howard Wilkinson discovered this in 1992 after winning the title with Leeds United. In an uncharacteristically honest interview, the man who turned a struggling second flight side into...
  16. Slipperduke

    Dear Andorra

    Now, on the off chance that someone from Andorra is holidaying in Singapore and is reading this article, let me make it clear that I have nothing against your country. I've never met an Andorran, which is hardly surprising as I believe there are only about 30 of you in existence, but I'm sure...
  17. seany t

    Wembley: A Nation(al Stadium) divided?

    As a stadium, I still feel entirely undecided about Wembley. It's most impressive outside, lit up at night - a glowing beacon calling sports fans to its central hub. And it's a very slick operation, delivering colossal volumes of food and drink at breakneck speed, being very sensibly laid out...
  18. Slipperduke

    He Doesn't Want To Go!

    Have you ever been stood at a bar patiently waiting to be served a drink, only to see everyone else around you get theirs first? Or in a meeting, continually making points that no-one acknowledges? If so, you know what it is to be Kaka this week. The poor boy must be convinced that he's become...
  19. ozzy-shrimper

    Charlton Vs Reading Live Now

    On Sky Sports 1 and Nicky Bailey has started. He's running the show for Charlton picking out some lovely passes an no one seems to be getting past him. The commentators are praising him non stop. Just rubs salt in the wounds really.. and after last nights showing from our 2 central mids, just...
  20. Slipperduke

    Bristol City v Hull City

    There can’t be many people who, when the Championship season began, thought that today’s SG$120m Play-Off Final would be contested between newly promoted Bristol City and almost relegated Hull City. In fact, if you’d have asked an expert, or even if you’d just have asked me, you’d have been told...