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  1. DoDTS

    Andy Thomson

    I came across an article in a Queen of the South programme about Andy Thomson the following is an extract: Dalglish was one of many scouts attracted to Thomson during his five year spell at Palmerston (Queen of the South), A lot ofclubs including Chelsea, Rangers, Spurs, Leicester, Aberdeen...
  2. Discontinued Chocolate bars that you miss

    Hi all, apologies for the random subject but me and my fiancée have been talking about chocolate bars that we miss. I remember having a chocolate bar that I really loved but some the life of me I can't remember what it was. It has been really bugging me! I was born in the 90's and don't...
  3. WightShrimper

    Question ifollow data usage

    I just use the app (on my android phone) to listen to the live match as I cannot get Essex Radio. However, I seem to be getting through my data allowance much quicker than when I was using the old Blues Player app. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I mistaken.
  4. AndyT

    Essex CCC 2017

    Hi all, My apologies. I think my last post has locked the thread by mistake, so I've asked the administrators/mods to delete the post, so the thread becomes open again.
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    England vs Lithuania

    First half was about as much fun as watching paint dry.Apart from Defoe's goal and Hart's comical mistake.
  6. B.B.The Legend Lives On.

    Memory Lane Billy Best

    I had a phone call earlier this week from Billy Best and for all those misty eyed fans of a certain age Billy will be back at Roots Hall this weekend for our match against Northampton Town, just under 50 years since he joined us from the Cobblers back in January 1968. Billy...
  7. Napster

    Weak link game

    Heard an interesting podcast from Malcolm Gladwell recently, and part of it talked of a theory how football is a weak-link game. Basically every football team is only as good as its worst player. Worse players give bad passes, make mistakes in defence etc. This is in contrast to basketball which...
  8. The Dome

    Just heard, not sure if its old news or not but I cant find it on the SZ, that parts of the Dome have been stolen & presumably sold off for scrap.......so now its rendered pretty much useless!! Anyone else confirm this?? I did hear it from one of the dads who son attends our academy If true...
  9. RobM

    Stenfield and Co

    Anyone know anything about this company? I had some work done on my house (which seems all well) but the company that did it went into liquidation. Stenfield wrote to me 3 times to tell me they could get me a refund. Other than the letters being a little amateurish (one letter sent twice...
  10. Rattus Norvegicus

    F.A. Cup 2016/2017

    If I'm not greatly mistaken it is the last of the qualifying rounds on Saturday. I presume (but do not know) that the draw will then be held on Sunday or Monday ........... and of course our name will be in the hat (well, it's a perspex sphere with a hole in the top but that doesn't quite sound...
  11. Russia Bombings

    I can't believe so many people in this country got their knickers in a twist about our bombing of ISIS, in case of innocents getting killed or displaced. And yet Russia are actually targeting anyone against Assad, which are normally based amongst the normal civilians. They are bombing and...
  12. southchurch

    Has Bentley's value dropped

    Has Daniel made a move away less likely with his displays of late? Will Ron regret not getting a good price when he had the chance? He knows that scouts are keeping a close eye on him, has this effected his game? The mistakes are racking up now and I believe he is not as good as last season. He...

    Spot the mistake in Southend Ficture list on Website. First Scorer and score V Wigan

    Spot the mistake on Southend Fixtures website. Plus Who gets Southend first Goal Scorer and Score of Games Against Wigan This Saturday 28/11/2015:footballer: Wins a signed Southend Utd Ball. Promotion year 2014/2015. Winner must pick Ball up or pay postage.:footballer:
  14. southend_aussies

    Highlights on Blues Player

    Has anyone watched the highlights for the Walsall game on Blues Player? I know most people won't - because of the result - but boy have they made some bad mistakes. At the start they said we drew against Oldham and then called us Gillingham at the start of the second half. Is this some kind...
  15. Uncle Leo

    What you're looking forward to and what you'll miss

    Now we're in League One, we've got plenty to look forward to yet at the same time there might be a few fixtures in League Two that people, for whatever reason, will be sad to have lost. So, one of each please... League One - Sheffield United. Grand old club, big stadium League Two - Barnet...
  16. IloveShrimp

    Dave Penney on the radio

    Did anyone else apart from us four in the car on the way home last night find Dave Penneys interview irritating? He certainly had verbal diarrhea,to quote one of his idiotic lines ' I can count Daniel Bentleys mistakes this season on one finger'! :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
  17. Any Army, ex army on here? Can you tell me why?

    Just watched a programme on the Afghan war. So they are out on patrol, and have a fire fight with 4 taliban. The kill 3 of the taliban and the other escapes and they can't see him. So they call in the Apache helicopter. They fire one smoke flair to show where the taliban fighter is, and the...
  18. Greebosan

    Carter USM

    Hi all, I have recently made a mistake. I have 1 ticket to see the last ever Carter USM gig at Brixton Academy , however, due to idiocy on my part I messed up the dates, and also booked to go to SUFC at Tranmere. Needless to say, I will be going to Tranmere this weekend, which means I have...

    This is your Champion Speaking

    Hi Folks, As you may have gathered, i've been made an honoury mod in order to help Mr.Benedict with this Feel free to PM me if you make a mistake while voting and if your name isn't Ricey i'll bear it in mind when adding the points up ;) Thanks for listening ... now get voting !!!!!!!!
  20. TrueBlue

    TrueBlue Rally Cry

    Gather round once more my children, As Saturday approaches I can see nothing but dark sky's and a mist that hangs in the air for the dark shadow of our pre-season has cast this terrible spell over the club but still there is hope and still there is light, so I call upon all of you that listen...