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  1. * ORM *

    Time for a few of us to stick our hands up?

    Quoted from Rob 1920 in the match ratings thread. Sorry I'm not good at the quote copy into new thread thing "Its not just financial backing, he backs his managers & gives them time to sort things out when it appears to all be going wrong. I know the Tilly thing will divide people but he also...
  2. SUBBlue

    Majorca Hotel Recommendations Please

    I have just received a letter telling me that Mr Taxman has dropped a b0ll0ck with his sums of late & now owes me a sizeable amount of tax back. Without wishing to rub my good fortune into the faces of fellow Shrimpers can anyone please recommend a decent 4 star hotel/ hotel chain in Majorca...
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    French presidential election 2017

    The job of writing a long article to explain the race to l'elysée up to now had prevented me from starting a thread. Happily, this article from the Independent does most of it for me. I would agree with the majority of what is written (apart from liking Le Pen to Clinton!)......thank God we...
  4. The season so far

    We are currently going ok with the whiff of a PO on offer...but jeez it's been fun and games so far. Captain Barratt was the man but binned in mysterious circumstances Nile Ranger was also the man but in court was revealed as a crook then further revelations saw him suspended. Ken the...
  5. AndyT

    The PB Diaries

    Wey aye, pets. PB, here. I've decided to dispense with me programme notes for 2017 as, let's face it, who buys a programme these days. Waste of money. Whoops I shouldn't be saying that, should I? But we all know only programme collectors and loons buy programmes and they don't even open them...
  6. Time to stop charity fat cats.

    It's utterly ridiculous, Some charities demand donations whilst paying out crazy salaries to the bigwigs and others,it must stop! Save the children pay 6 million per year on just one of their leased premises...6 bloody million,how many people have chucked a couple of quid into buckets thinking...
  7. Not Going to Oldham Saturday ?

    Any Shrimpers not travelling to the coldest football ground in the League why not get your fix from local non-league football. Rather than being dragged out Christmas shopping, give your better halves loads of money and visit the local clubs and enjoy burgers with onions and Bovril at clubs...
  8. Southgate gets 4 year's hmmm.

    The FA will not learn ! Surely the sensible thing was to give GS 2 year deal with the option of a further period. Imagine if England in Russia are yet another major embarrassment,what then pay him off and start again. Giving big Sam a cool million quid was mad,just think how many children's...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Christmas Quiz

    I know this has already been posted on the Trust forum, but I hope you will allow it to be more visible here. The Trust are once again selling their "Big Christmas Quiz" at just £1 a time. This can be purchased from the online Trust shop (with additional 50p postage)...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    Charity Fundraiser

    Hi, anyone interested in raising some money for a pensioner who has fallen on hard times? I heard a really moving story today about a 90-something year old who's married to an immigrant and was struggling to raise the necessary cash to do up her 8th home. If each family gives about £300 that...
  11. Rootshallbloke

    Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley

    White Hart Lane has a capacity of 36,284 and at Wembley last night there were 85,512 so financially it's a big thing for Spurs to play there. Given they have now lost their last two games at Wembley, there is more than a chance that they will not qualify for the next round of the cup. I wonder...
  12. londonblue

    Bt tv

    I've been looking at getting rid of Sky in favour of BT. For the full package it looks like I'd save a large amount of money, but there seems to be an issue that shouldn't really be there. It seems that you can't have a 2nd box (their equivalent of multi-room) whilst paying for Sky Sports and...
  13. South Bank Hank

    Question Would you pay £1 per month to use ShrimperZone?

    Firstly this is not directed to those that have and do donate yearly...we thank you for that. So second thing to say is, there are NO plans to charge people to use ShrimperZone. However, I did wonder how much people actually value the community we have here. As you know from the money raising...
  14. David Milliband

    Dave the socialist trousers a whopping £425,000 yearly salary as head of refugee international charity ,from every £800 raised he pockets one pound,the charity has a staggering 12,000 employees ! Dave who loves to preach about the poor and needy also pulls in another £81,000 per year by renting...
  15. New T20 Format

    What are people's thoughts on the new t20 league? 8 teams based on cities. I would assume our nearest one will probably play at Stratford (if allowed) I think it's a good idea although worried about the negative effect it will have on the county t20 league however the money they are talking...
  16. Jam_Man

    Is it time for Brown to go ? - Part 2

    We had the monster thread after the season with a poll, lets see what the current opinion is (hard to guess this one) For me he he has had 7 games plus the league cup game and we now look worse than last season. Didn't deliver in the transfer window. Results have not been good enough, the...
  17. Orient Transfer Policy

    It goes without saying that the Simpson deal is completely dead, there's virtually no point in even trying to sign him in January as he'll be eligible to sign a free transfer pre-contract agreement with someone else and will therefore have a ton of attractive options for 2017/18. What I find...
  18. Who is to blame

    Ok who do we blame for the lack of transfers yesterday .Phil - Ron or our board All the hipe that Simpson was close That has to be down to Phil Not spending some money now that's got to be down to Ron .Now the question is has Ron lost faith in Phil brown so he wont invest in new players .Or is...
  19. Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Brighton U23 FLT

    Next game. Just a few days before the next big chance! And the cunning plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rblfKREj50o Seriously, what does PB do? he will want to get a win so play his strongest 11 BUT he will also want to test some fringe players. Time for him to earn his money.
  20. Spaceman Spiff

    Brown Out / Replacement / Moan about Manager Super-Thread

    Who should replace him?