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  1. Ref Watch ..... Peterborough (H)

    We hold a 20-19 lead in League matches against Peterborough and they haven't won at Roots Hall this millennium, their last victory coming in 1999, with a team that included Andy Edwards. The referee for tomorrow is in his fourth season as a League referee. He is Bristol-born Kevin Johnson from...
  2. Firestorm

    Breaking News Harry has a grade 2 muscle tear

    Brown will not speculate on how long (CP Tweet) From https://www.hss.edu/conditions_muscle-injuries-overview.asp Grade 2: More extensive damage with more muscle fibres involved. However, the muscle is not completely ruptured. These injuries present with significant loss of strength and motion...
  3. Ref Watch ..... Oldham H

    We have failed to beat Oldham in any of our last five home matches against them. Time for a change. The referee for Saturday is relatively inexperienced in only his third season as a League referee. Mind you, our last three officials were all less experienced and did okay and, in one case...
  4. Ricky Otto

    Billericay Town

    Well they are certainly flexing their financial muscle! Konchesky and O'Hara signed and strong rumours Carlton Cole is next. Will certainly be having a bet on them next season
  5. Napster

    Under 21s today

    Drew 3-3 with Bournemouth, Nouble and Mooney scored 65: Nouble shows his muscle and skill as he turns his man and rifles home.
  6. Ref Watch ..... Swindon A

    Happy New Year, one and all !! For the first refwatch of 2017 we go to a ground where we haven't always got the best of a number of poor refereeing decisions. The referee for tomorrow is relatively inexperienced in only his third season as a League referee. He is Bristol-born Kevin Johnson...
  7. danburyshrimper

    Player stats

    We've all seen our players wear those chipped bibs on matchdays + also during training sessions .... but the club never seem to publish the results. I reckon most fans would love to know who is the fastest player ( Lenny ? ) / fastest over the first 10 yards ( Timlin ? )/ biggest muscle to fat...
  8. Ref Watch .... Chesterfield H

    The referee for tomorrow is relatively inexperienced in only his third season as a League referee. He is Bristol-born Kevin Johnson from Weston-Super-Mare, a shaven-headed 40 year old who works in property maintenance. The former Bristol Evening Post newspaper printer was promoted to the...
  9. Question Is it time to do away with multiple fixtures at Xmas / New Year?

    I think it's time we scrapped the 'tradition' of having multiple fixtures over the Christmas New Year period because 1 The cold conditions make players more susceptible to incurring muscle and tissue injuries 2 It leaves players insufficient recovery time between matches 3 Christmas is...
  10. Adebayo Akinfenwa

    I was amazed when I walked into Roots Hall today to see the state of Adebayo Akinfenwa. I simply could not believe the size of the guy! He was huge and when I say huge, I don't mean muscle, I mean fat. How can this guy play football? I'm not joking when I say that the first thought that went...
  11. Jack The Flag

    What happened to us signing Adebayo Akinfenwa?

    What happened to us signing him? Thought he do well built like a brick **** and could certainly out muscle league 2 football.
  12. manor15


    England Manager: Fabio Capello Captain: Rio Ferdinand FIFA Ranking: 8 Group C Background: Refused to compete in the World Cup before WW2 but since then have been a key player in the tournament, hosting and winning the tournament with a famous 4-2 win in the 1996 World Cup Final against West...
  13. ldnfatso

    Only a man would attempt this!

    Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife... A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this to a forum: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest... The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was...
  14. chrisblore

    Breaking News Herd's injury not as bad as first thought

    Good news at last! Johnny Herd does not have a muscle tear as first feared and could be back in the squad for Saturday :clap:
  15. Slipperduke

    Men In Pants

    It is no longer safe for me to leave the house. I just can't take the risk. Don't cry for me, it's not so bad. I've got cable television, the internet, a well stocked fridge and I'm sure someone will post me a copy of Football Manager 2010. Sure, I'll miss my friends and the fresh air, but it's...
  16. sufccolchester

    Question Anyone heard how McCormack is?

    Can't see any mention on the official site. Looked like a pulled muscle/hamstring? Anyone know anything? Apologies if this is included in another thread - couldn't find anything obvious.
  17. Slipperduke

    Stalemate at Stamford Bridge

    Apologies, it was such a rush to get this out in time that I forgot to SZ it! See if you can spot the ****-ups.... So near and yet so far. Manchester United came within ten minutes of ending Chelsea's extraordinary 85 game unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge, pegged back by that most unlikely of...
  18. Winkle

    Question Have you regretted doing something?

    Not to many believe it or not but my most memorable was when me and the beloved was on our honeymoon. I was clowning around acting the fool, just messing about when I climbed up to the highest board to jump in the pool and just splash my missus, but what I did not see was that she was holding on...
  19. Fourth Image

    Southend trying to muscle in on another fan group...
  20. Jevons Blow For Terriers

    Huddersfield striker Phil Jevons has been ruled out for up to a month after tearing a calf muscle. Jevons, a free signing from Bristol City, was forced out of the action after 11 minutes in the midweek defeat at Hartlepool. The 28-year-old former Everton trainee has been an ever-present in Andy...