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  1. Thorpe Groyney

    Congratulations Natasha Giggs

    On her well deserved Celebrity Mother Of The Year nomination. Apart from not being a celebrity, and her sleeping with her brother-in-law and tearing her family apaprt, I think we can all agree it's a richly deserved honour. It also shows that even the vacuous, self-obsessed world of the slebs...
  2. Cricko

    The Apprentice Zone Sweepstake draw.

    The Apprentice candidates... The Draw. 1.........Hong Kong Fooieeeeee..............Alex Britez Cabral 2.........Pubey....................................Edward Hunter Fired. 3.........Fasto....................................Tom Pellereau 4.........MK...
  3. Thorpe Groyney

    Natasha Richardson Dies

    :stunned: Simple skiing accident. Had no apparent injury after a fall on a beginners slope but complained of feeling unwell a little while later, went to hospital as a precaution, deteriorated and wallop, there you go. To think of all the stupid-ar5ed things I've done like jumping live wires...
  4. Aberdeen Shrimper

    US plane crashes into New York Hudson River

    The Airbus 320 – Flight 1549 from New York's La Guardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina – had 151 people on board, made up of 146 passengers and five crew members. It is not known how many people are injured as a result of the crash, but New York Police boats and local ferries...
  5. Irish_Shrimper

    SZ Totty World Cup - Oceania Qualifiers

    As very very briefly discussed by GlasgowSUFC and myself (1 post was all it took to agree :D ) The Totty Cup is back - this time we will concentrate on the Oceania qualifying section, with the winner getting a place in the Totty World Cup at a later date. So first 16 suggestions for women only...
  6. Winkle

    If you could change to an object for 1 hour,what would you be?

    We are talking about this at work at the moment, if you could metamorph into an object/piece of clothing for one hour what would you be, This isn't as easy as you think as I thought maybe a lapdancing pole or a towel in the girls locker room,but I narrowed it down to two (1) Natasha Kaplinskys...
  7. Davros

    Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have your babies

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7H3wA46SkI I was discussing with the missus how any bloke hearing these words from a woman he'd very recently met would run a mile... so i thought i'd put it to the SZ vote...
  8. Another Shrimper born ....

    Natasha Rose Campling was born today at 3.42pm weighing in at 6lb 6oz. Born at home in Shoeburyness (login name needs updating :we moved last year!) - in a record time of 3 hours labour. Mother and daughter doing well and tucked up in bed upstairs. The army grows and I look forward to...
  9. C C Csiders

    Female Celebrities

    There are some female celebs out there that the media build up as being beautiful, but they are, in actual fact, complete mingers. My five against the field: 1. The woman who is the main character in Sex and the City - I don't know her name. She advertises Lux aswell. She is no beauty, take...
  10. C C Csiders

    Most annoying people on TV

    Simple. Men: 1. Johnny Vaughan 2. Tim Lovejoy 3. Ian Hislop Women: 1. Natasha Kaplinsky 2. Anne Robinson 3. Carol Vorderman
  11. Brits 2005

    Totally blowing my cover and proving that I don't really have any indie-kid cool, but I quite enjoyed the Brits last night. Some good performances. Scissor Sisters were amazing, what a totally camp and over the top perfomance - totally entertaining. I also enjoyed Joss Stone, The Streets, Franz...