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  1. andrew_sthnd

    Help running the Great South Run

    Hi all, I have signed up to do the Great South Run on 24th October and due to a number of factors; changing job, playing other sport and above all...sheer lazyness, I have not done much training for it. So, I have basically 8 weeks to get myself in the right shape for the 10 mile run and...
  2. Southend United Finances.

    Hi. Just to introduce myself, as the name probabaly suggests, I'm a Stockport Fan. (In peace). I've actually come on here just to spread a bit of information about financial issues, but before I start, I'll just say a bit of a piece. 14 months ago, other Stockport supporters, myself and...
  3. Supershrimper

    Articles in Todays Echo - Dated 2/07/2010

    This has been copied word for word from todays echo. The two page spread on pages 8-9. A Lot of it is what we knew already, we up a creak without a paddle, and most probably a raft as well. Taxman Targets Blues…Again (Taken from the Echo, pages 8-9) This time the club owes £200,000...
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    Trust Statement

    "Bye,Bye Miss American Pie.This is the day that the music died". Since the Trust no longer seems to serve any useful purpose maybe it's time for it to be wound up? :unsure: <The Shrimpers Trust are naturally disappointed to note the contents of the recent statement released by Southend United...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Which players would you want to back you up in a fight?

    Picture the scene: with our squad depleted to a size not seen since our title winning season, you bring your boots along to Saturday's game. Things go well, you come on as sub (in the 85th minute, naturally as Tilly doesn't use his subs until late) and you fire in a late hat-trick to grab a...
  6. adwebb16

    Southend in Ghana *UPDATE*

    Hey guys, For those that remember and even better for those that don't I have had an update from my visit to Ghana. The original thread is here; http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?p=994097#post994097 I managed to get the shirts over to Ghana (Long story but they are there now) and...
  7. southend4ever

    Awkward moments at work

    Being aroused at work... Has this happened to you? So there we are sitting at the desk drifting after lunch on a cold winter's day as I normally do and I start thinking of smashing 7 shades out of Jennifer Lopez. I naturally get barred up and excited with a little smirk rising and a bulge in...
  8. jamesmut2000

    Brighton tickets

    Just realised that its all ticket this weekend and I havent got mine yet!!! Anyone who is on the SOL coach able to do me a massive favour and pick me one up tomorrow from the ticket office and will sort out the cash on the coach?? Naturally there will be alcohol offered as an incentive when...
  9. Dream loan signings

    It looks like we will sign 2 players as we have loaned out 2 players and we should replace them, but it looks like loans are the only viable option at the time. I would love to see a CB join and when I say that, the first player that comes into our head is Dorian Dervite. We will need a LB as...
  10. Slipperduke

    Spain Pacify Iraqi Resistance

    Spain 1-0 Iraq Villa 55 The trouble with winning well is that it never goes unnoticed. For every barnstorming 5-0 victory, resplendent with glorious passing and breathtaking goals, there's always a coach out there somewhere who watches it and thinks, 'that's not going to happen to me.' More...
  11. Slipperduke

    Bafana Bafana Give Me The Horn

    South Africa 0-0 Iraq The nation of South Africa is ready for the World Cup but sadly it seems that their football team are still lagging behind. Ellis Park, a stadium better known for its connections to rugby, played host to a most disappointing game of football, but it didn't dampen the...
  12. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Spencer Prior

    Four places (I think) left to fill and next up is Spencer Prior, albeit a day late in Ron Martin style. -------------------------------------------------- Separated by over a decade, Spencer Prior had two very different careers with Southend. Either would be sufficient to get him in the Hall of...
  13. Napster

    Martinez to Celtic

    Celtic want Swans boss Martinez Swans boss Roberto Martinez has been linked with several managerial jobs Celtic have made an official approach for Swansea City boss Roberto Martinez. Swansea confirmed to BBC Sport Wales that the Scottish giants have asked to speak to Martinez about...
  14. Slipperduke

    Lampard Leads The Way To Glory

    Chelsea 2-1 Everton Drogba, 21 Saha, 1 Lampard, 71 An FA Cup Final that began with the quickest goal of its history was secured with one of its best and could have been long remembered for one that wasn't even given. In the kind of sweltering heat that would have made Saturday afternoon on...
  15. Sextuplets

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8063956.stm Interesting listening to the Doctor involved in the case on the radio tonight. He was very careful to say that the babies "Hadn't been concieved by IVF." This has now been reported in some places as a 'Natural conception', eg the...
  16. DTS

    How to keep the Leicester fans at bay.

    Following on the from events of last Saturday and the repeated inability of the Leicester fans to behave themselves I really feel its time the club started taking our safety first. I really feel the club should now draw up some inspiration from the Stallone Movie classic "Escape to Victory". I...
  17. chadded

    Exclusive Interview

    Jeff Stelling interviews the Artist, sometimes known as chadded, often referred to as Biffa, after a stunning win in the Totty Cup. Steve, congratulations on the victory, you must be very pleased. Yea, obviously I'm delighted, it's a great win, and I'm very proud. Going back to the opening...
  18. duncan bulgaria

    Super Night of Boxing

    Tomorrow night should be a cracker of a night of boxing and topping it all off should be the fight of the year between De la hoya and Pacquiao , the two lads are pure class and wouldn't like to call this one although Oscar looks the naturally bigger guy of the two. Also fighting is Khan , cook...
  19. Slipperduke

    Question Interactive Novel Writing

    Ok, bit of a weird one this. I have here the first 1,500 words of a story, battered out in an afternoon to no distinct end or conclusion. It's a first draft, it hasn't been polished or checked and, critically, it doesn't have a direction. I was thinking of a British version of Lost/Journey To...
  20. Slipperduke

    Why England Bother

    If you happen to be in possession of a British passport and you're in Berlin tonight, it might be worth taking your football boots with you. Given the speed at which England's stars are dropping out of contention, you'll probably get a game. Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley...