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  1. Slipperduke

    Rafa's Poisonous Glow

    There is a frog in Central America, the strawberry poison dart frog, that is born bright red as a warning to predators of the poison that lurks in its blood stream. It is not the only creature whose colour signifies danger. Certain snakes, insects and the oft-spotted Rafa Benitez all share the...
  2. Slipperduke

    Liverpool's Slippery Title Chase

    There's a distinct Joey Barton vibe about Liverpool this week. We look at them with a grudging respect, we acknowledge the good start, but we all share a growing sense of uneasiness, as if it's only a matter of time before they fall flat on their face, or in Barton's case, re-arrange someone's...
  3. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 1 - Aberdeen Shrimper

    The life of an SUFC exile can be a lonely one at times - and one which is a difficult existence to understand for some. I thought by setting up this weekly thread, we would get the opportunity to get to know some of the exiled posters on SZ a bit better. This week, Aberdeen Shrimper goes under...
  4. CC51DAS

    New Bond girl hails from Colchester

    Bond girl Gemma Arterton was born with six fingers on each hand Gemma Arterton, the new Bond girl, has disclosed that she was born with six fingers on each hand. By Matthew Moore Last Updated: 6:18PM BST 07 Oct 2008 Gemma Arterton, the new Bond girl, was born with six fingers on...
  5. SUFC_Al

    Metal Monday - A Cricko Special

    Yep, you read it right, a Cricko special. Cricko got to sample first-hand some of Brettie Angell's music collection at the weekend and I'm surprised, at his age, he managed to survive the audio assault. Anyway, he did speak favourably of one track he heard so naturally I had to put on Metal...
  6. Slipperduke

    Scolari Still Not Happy

    Under ordinary circumstances with an ordinary manager, a 4-0 victory in the Champions League might be considered worthy of celebration. However, it is rapidly becoming apparent that Luiz Felipe Scolari is very far from ordinary. "We did not play very well," he complained afterwards. "We made...
  7. Harold Bishop Killer

    And God Created

    In the beginning God covered the earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, with green, yellow and red vegetables of all kinds so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God's bountiful gifts, Satan created Dairy Ice Cream and Magnums. And Satan said, 'You want hot fudge...
  8. Mr. Benedict

    And the Winner Is.....

    Hi chaps (and chapesses, naturally), Now that SUFC are out of the playoffs, the PL has come to an end. Thanks to all of you who took part, even if you only predicted on one fixture - it was a pleasure to run and I will, of course, be back next season where it will start all over again.... I'll...
  9. Stats

    Can Anyone Top This On A Night Out?

    Met up with a mate this weekend who I hadnt seen for a while. Naturally we chatted about the good old days and then managed to remember a stonking event that happened during our misspent youth in Dukes. One night was at the bar and my mate Little John started chatting to this bird and her mate...
  10. Slipperduke

    Glasgow Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg

    Tired legs against fresh ones, defensive containment against attacking intent; tonight's UEFA Cup Final between Glasgow Rangers and Zenit St Petersburg will be a real clash of strengths and styles, but Dick Advocaat is convinced that he can secure a historic result against his old side. The...
  11. Hawkwell Blue

    Fans Around the World

    Not sure if this has been covered but over the weekend (Telegraph I think) I read a piece about Leeds and their game against Gillingham, who weren't mentioned much, and the attempt Leeds are making to find a fan in every country in the world. Naturally it got me thinking about Blues' fans over...
  12. Carlisle Roll Call

    Right then, who's going? Lets see who the loyal supporters are. Ringtone will be there, naturally
  13. What are our supporters really like?

    This is not designed to be yet another Matt Harrold thread, but I am using Matt Harrold for the poll as he seems to stir emotions as to what we feel as a Southend fan. I've been concerned with some of the things I've read on here. We may all differ with our opinions, but I hope the vast...
  14. Slipperduke

    Ribery Set To Shine

    With Euro 2008 now less than 100 days away and UEFA showing no signs of inexplicably kicking anyone out of the tournament to make room for England, it’s time for acceptance. Naturally, this acceptance will come easier to you than it will to me, which is why I decided to get the heads-up on a few...
  15. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Glamorous Assignment

    Liverpool’s senior side may not be performing as well as we all suspect they could, but Reds supporters can rest easy in the knowledge that the next generation are doing just fine. Liverpool’s reserve side dished out an emphatic 2-0 beating to Manchester United’s second string on Wednesday...
  16. shrimp and two veg

    Shall i,shan't i,YOU be judge and jury....

    Ok,here's my conondrum. The wife is flitting off to Spain next weekend for a beano with the girls and having obviously checked the fixtures i am now aware we are at home to Rochdale in the cup. Now,as it stands,i have to look after my 3yr old twins,boy and girl BTW. The question i'd like to...
  17. Davros

    Fun and games on C2C last night

    i have just fired this off to C2C customer relations... i think you'll enjoy.. Dear C2C a bemusing journey home last night... Having been kicked off the train at Basildon circa 10.30pm we were told there would be buses soon to take us further onwards. After an hour (and another couple...
  18. * ORM *

    Promotion thread

    The question is where will it be achieved ? Naturally it will be away from home (and I've been fortunate enough to be at all of them since I started supporting in the early 70s). We have a choice of: Crewe away 5th April Carlisle away 19th April Tranmere away 26th April Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez -...
  19. Album Sleeves

    As it seems to have turned into A pub Music day Favourite Album Sleeves.. I will start with an oldie ..Naturally, so bog off before you all start:finger: :p
  20. pickledseal

    Old/Unwanted Southend United Shirts

    As many of you have already seen, I am off to Ethiopia for 6 weeks this summer. I am working in a school in Mekelle which provides education and care for street children and vulnerable women. For more information on the project please visit: www.ethiopia07.org.uk or search for some of my other...