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  1. B.B.The Legend Lives On.

    Memory Lane John "Joe" Kurila

    I had a phone call earlier today from Billy Best who informed me that our former defender Big John Kurila had passed away aged 76. Fans of a certain age will remember John who was a tough no nonsense Scottish defender, who joined us in the summer of 1968 and played in every match of that...
  2. Tommy2holes

    Council tax

    Need some advice. Moved into a 3 bed mid terrace new build last November and was allocated as band E. Obviously I queried this as it seemed high. Took 3 months and got told it was right. Did some research online at banding in the area and not only are my neighbours in the same build paying...
  3. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question 2016 - How Was It For You?

    Not spotted a similar thread so thought I'd start it for a bit of quick reflection before we properly get going with 2017. Have seen something similar I think in previous years and always find it interesting - we all have a common bond in SUFC but outside of that all have different lives with...
  4. CC51DAS

    Latest Rumours April fools day

    Traditionally today is a day when we poke fun at our ailing neighbours up the A12. However, I have heard some news that shows what a caring club they really are. Their Chairman, Robbie Cowling, has apparently offered to donate a large section of their little used car park for use as a...
  5. Sex with the neighbour.

    As most of the more clued up zoners know i live in French France and as such have a french e-mail address and get a fair few spam mails about a lot of different things but as i live in France they are all in French but over the last week ive been getting up to 30 mails a day telling me my...
  6. How To Fill An Empty Football Ground

    Our dear neighbours up the road are making their fans pay extra for the Spurs F.A. Cup game(Fair enough) but also making them buy tickets for their Chesterfield game on a Tuesday night, which most won't really want judging on attendances. So for example, £30 Spurs ticket plus £25 for the...
  7. Rattus Norvegicus

    Support for Colchester's new manager

    With Colchester about to appoint a new manager (said to be Kevin Keen) I thought it might be nice to share some comraderie with our Northern Essex neighbours and send some messages of support and/or suggestions for improvement. Here's mine .......... "Good luck Kevin .................... you...
  8. Orient sugar daddy selling up?

  9. pickledseal

    Car Thieving Scum

    And so where do we always return...? Having had a period of lurking (partly due to the busy-ness of getting hitched on 15th Feb), I haven't been as active of late. I'm still here. And my reasons for posting? I woke up this morning to find my car stolen, from the drive. No signs of entry (broken...
  10. European music artists of any worth.

    Lets face it, most music from our European neighbours is dismal, so let's start a list of those bands/artists who's musical output is worthy of a spot for ShrimperZone's musical fascists :winking: Sweden - Abba, Wannadies, The Knife. France - Les Negresses Verte, Daft Punk. Iceland -...
  11. Ron Pountney

    painter and decorator,did a lovely job in my neighbours house.He definately would make the smallest southend starting eleven.
  12. Cricko

    Good Blog from Old_Holborn

    Taxing Festive Cheer - a new lowI do hope you all enjoyed the festivities over Christmas. Perhaps, like I, you drank a fine wine with friends, or smoked a cigar with your Cognac to celebrate one of the few remaining holidays the taxman allows us revenue producing drones. No sooner have we put...
  13. Latest scam, beware, very expensive.

    This is a warning from my daughters school. Can see lots of people falling for this one, unfortunately. “I have been reminded by Dorset Police of this postal scam, a particularly appropriate reminder with Christmas just around the corner. The Trading Standards Office are making people aware of...
  14. Homer

    are neighbours up the A12 not happy bunnies

    anybody travelling home last night listen to BBC Essex aftermatch summary on the U's via Cherries god there are a lot of frustrated supporters moaning about the manager / the team performance / taking 20 minutes + to even try and get out of the car park of the shinning under filled stadium...
  15. Breaking News Outward Loans

    DIVISION One North side Great Wakering Rovers have brought in three players from neighbours Southend United on loan, including midfielder James Stevens who made one Football League appearance for the Shrimpers last season. The others are George Artemi and George Smith, though the latter will...
  16. Confusing leak

    Hi all, I live in a 3rd floor flat, and in the last couple of days a large wet patch has appeared outside our front door (in the communal hall). Our front door has our neighbours front door next to it in an "r" shape, with our door the top of the "r". The wet patch seems to have spread right...
  17. Harold Bishop Killer

    Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge - Shameless Sponsorship Plug

    Hello one and all, This is a shameless plug to help myself and some follow work colleagues in our challenge to tackle 24 miles across the highest peaks on the Yorkshire Dales on the 16th July 2011. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Well, to us very unprepared and unfit trekkers we might as...
  18. Homer

    Friday Night Football 2011 at the Hall

    Friday night Football returns to the Hall tomorrow night although i personally prefer sat games im planning to work through lunch time tomorrow to leave the office at 1600 hrs to beat the traffic on the A13 get home and get the train and get down for a few beers Are near neighbours up the road...
  19. palexander

    Typical night at the Community Stadium

    Saw this on Football 365. Always nice to have a chuckle at the neighbours...
  20. What A Joke of a Decision by the FA

    after seeing the attendance of last nights England under 21's i dont think our near by neighbours will be getting any future England matches. If Southend had been given the opportunity to hold an under 21's i could guarantee we'd fill the whole ground. ONE TEAM IN ESSEX