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  1. Just realized I never introduced myself

    Hi all, I'm 30 odd posts in already but I didn't introduce myself when I joined which was rude so here goes. From the age of 2 until nearly 7 my family lived in The Hague so, when we came back to live in Saarfend, I knew nothing of english football. A school friend showed me book that had...
  2. Cricko

    If nobody did as they said

    Saw this today, a bit of fun song wise. What if the Temptations had no Imagination! What if billie Jean was michaels lover ? ok over to your lot.
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    Neo-Nazis-3 soldiers charged

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41234539 Suprised nobody picked up on this story when the 2 serving soldiers were first arrested.The other was a fitness instructor,IIRC.Well they've been charged now with being members of the banned National Action group,among other things.
  4. RHB

    Finsbury Park Mosque: Man dies as van hits pedestrians

    This is the BBC headline this morning. A man has died and eight people have been injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians near a north London mosque. Far too early to confirm a reason but hate crime looks a possibility. We are living in a very sad world at the moment. RIP to the deceased...
  5. RHB

    On line ticket booking

    I'm trying to book tickets for the MK dons home game but the area I want only has three left in the row, all together and I only want two seats. I can buy one or all three but not two. I'm assuming that the system isn't keen to have one seat left. Anyone know whether I can buy the two I want at...
  6. Cricko

    Zone Update It's that time again folks..sorry and all that

    It's always best to ask people for help when the club is playing syhte...said nobody ever, until now. I was late last year so apologies for that... I am getting in early now before the thoughts of *****mas and kids get locked into you all. As I am sure you are all aware by now this site is...
  7. TrueBlue


    Military take over!! Christ! All flights grounded and canceled Hope nobody we know is out there
  8. When are these players

    Gonna come through this revolving door .Or is it stuck in the exit position .I believe I read that Phil Brown wanted to bring players in nice and early .All I see is players going out through the door .But non coming in as yet .Now I understand building a squad takes time but year after year we...
  9. Kevin Hogg

    Should we close this forum?

    Why is there still a FF forum?? Surely NOBODY can possibly believe it anymore?
  10. mgh

    League 1 is impossible. ..

    ...To predict. Never been so bad as I have been the last few weeks. Nobody goes on a run everyone beats everyone else! Anybody else feel like not bothering? !!
  11. DoDTS

    A Review of the Current session

    Just one set of fixtures left in the current session and thought that perhaps time for a quick review of where we are: The first thing that strikes me is that predicting is down to luck with just a bit of common sense, for instance Oxford v Carlisle top v bottom, although in the JPT had to be a...
  12. steveo


    Blimey is this bloke for real: In his previous autobiography, published in 2007, Gerrard described Diouf as a lazy and self-interested character. "His attitude was all wrong," Gerrard wrote at the time. "I felt he wasn't really a***d about putting his body on the line to get Liverpool back at...
  13. RHB

    Network Rail upgrade delayed by government

    It looks like Network rail are in serious manure as a result of rising costs and missed targets of their modernisation program, making the £38.5bn plan untenable. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33270586 Obviously, nobody wants to see this sort of outcome to change, but as a Government body...
  14. Cricko

    Voyager Mission

    I watched a programme last night on the televisual and actually was astounded. So it has taken Voyager 35 years to travel to the end of our solar system, some 11 billion miles ( that bit I find hard to fathom) It started in the 70's , people have grown up through it... Seeing us as a Blue dot...
  15. Phil Brown says we need a 20 goal striker, Lol.

    Just listened to Phil Brown and he said it's unforgivable to miss so many chances this season. He said we need a 20 goal a season striker. Some of us have been telling him that 2 months ago. He said until he finds one, the players in the final third have got to start putting the ball in the net...
  16. Crawliano

    I had a weird SUFC dream last night

    Phil Brown was in trouble with some Eastern European gangsters at a hotel and was stuffed into a suitcase and put in the boot of a car and driven away. I then ended up at Roots Hall (which was more of an amphitheatre) shouting that he had been murdered and nobody cared. I told one of my mates...
  17. davewebbsbrain

    Songs you like that you think nobody else does

    Following on from the lesser known 90's songs thread, it got me thinking that m,any of us like songs that nobody else has really heard of or you don't think will like. I don't just mean current, but over the period of your life. I'll start with Tracie Spencer from 1988. Don't ask me why I liked...
  18. Early thoughts on Player-of-the-Year(season!)

    It's a bit early,I know but I've seen every home game and quite a few away(inc. Newport and Torquay) and trust that most will agree with my realistic assessment. 1st place:Only four players have consistently played at a high standard and because three of them(Kiernan,Egan,Sokolic)as loanees...
  19. Mark Phillips

    With Egan and Sokolik looking really solid , Prosser chomping at the bit to get back in and I guess Thompson not too far away , do we think that Mark Phillips may have played his last game for us ? Now of course nobody knows what injuries etc may be around the corner , but with 7 ( and 3 more...
  20. Tangled up in Blue

    Apollo theatre

    While I'm glad as hell that nobody died last night, I'd like to hear a statement from the management asap, as to when the theatre might be re-opening. Mrs Tangled and I have tickets for the show the night before our cup game with Millwall in January.I don't reckon our chances too much.Anyone...