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  1. Benfleet A1

    The Guardian Exposed

    The next time a link to The Guardian is rammed down your neck by those that would eat the rich, demand socialism and deny choice, then consider this. A list of Guardian contributors who demand equality for the downtrodden but have, of course, never experienced hardship and never will. I give...
  2. BoyWonder2

    Sponsors required for a football team.

    I'm looking for a sponsor for my side Southminster & Norton. We are a Sunday league side who play in the first division of the Pope & Smith league. The sponsor will have their logo on the front of both the home and away shirts. This is a great opportunity, so please get in touch if you are...
  3. Charity Football Match Southminster & Norton V Southend Legends

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1405407833047482/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming On Sunday 11th May, there will e a charity football match and family fun day at Burnham Ramblers FC. This is in aid of the lullaby trust This year would have been Terry's 30th birthday on February 10th, but...
  4. The General

    Computer help needed

    A week or so back, my windows os did one of its updates as you close the laptop down. Not a problem as normally happens once a week. However, the next time i turned the pc on, my internet connection was basically blocked by this update! I turned my firewalls off, did a system recovery and then...
  5. Usual_Suspect

    Norton Expired - Annoying Message

    My Norton has expired which I have renewed. However, I keep getting a fecking annoying message about it expiring - I've still got the Norton search box on my tool bar etc (which again doesn't go away, even when I change the settings). Anyone got any ideas of how to totally delete any trace of...
  6. Usual_Suspect

    Internet Protection

    My Norton protection has now expired and I've been told you can download free protection on line? Can anyone advise? Cheers
  7. BoyWonder2

    How has your side done this season?

    Following on from the exiles football team thread, I thought I'd see how the Zoners are getting on in their own football sides, be it Saturday or Sunday. I know most on here play for SZ but it will still be interesting to hear. My side won the League on Sunday following promotion the week...
  8. The end of BBC6 Music?

    Seems as though the Beeb are cutting one of the most eclectic and diverse radio stations to ever grace the airwaves. When it first started it was superb, with no playlist, DJ's like Gideon Coe and Phil Jupitus allowed to play whatever the hell they liked, such as brilliant idea and huge relief...
  9. BoyWonder2

    80s Fancy Dress

    Guys and girls, This Saturday my local pub, The Norton, is having an 80s night and I thought I'd do my bit for the community by getting dress up and getting smashed. Now, I now a lot of the posters on here are children of the 80s so I thought I'd see if anyone has any good ideas, websites etc...
  10. chadded

    What's your price.

    Be honest with yourself. If you are a hetro, or metro sexual guy, you aren't interested in Graham Norton smashing your back doors in. That said, if you are in an empty room, and someone offers you a briefcase full of hard cash, and in return, you had to engage in homosexual activity, how much...
  11. stu blue

    im stupid and desperate!!

    hello to the pc experts on SZ. my norton anti virus ran out about 2 weeks ago and i have now deleted it from my laptop. however, when i try to type in A V G on google, type in the A V G address directly in my address bar or even search for A V G on SZ to look for previous threads about this, my...
  12. Stats

    Battle Of The Tools - Prelim 4

    Second match up features Top Gears lead presenter Jeremy Clarkson (Boy Wonder) against ''comedian Graham Norton (keithjonescasual). Is Clarkson to smarmy for your liking or does Norton's ''humour'' not tickle you?
  13. Stats

    Battle of the tools - prelim draw

    People of the Zone, We had a wonderful 42 entrants for SZone Tool Of The Year which means we need 10 Prelim Round Matches. Draw list and numbers as follows; Jamie Oliver - MrBeard - 1 Russell Brand - Hutton - 2 Jade Goody - Jonny Stokes - 3 Gordon Brown - Fat Shrimp - 4 Pete Doherty - Dave -...
  14. Stats

    Battle Of The Tools

    Yes thats right people we've had battle of the fit babes, battle of the sitcoms, battle of the horror movies but now its time for BATTLE OF THE TOOLS Your chance to have your say on who you think is the most annoying waste of space in modern society. As previous please put your nominations...
  15. * ORM *

    Worth every penny of the licence fee

    Tonight's One Life on BBC1 - evocative, moving and funny and by far the best hour spent in front of the box for many a moon. Did anyone else watch it. hard to believe it is the same channel that throws our money at complete waster no talents like Graham Norton.
  16. 16 Days left of Antivirus Protection

    We have got 16 days left on our Norton's Anti-virus software and keep getting the prompt for renewing it. Before i renew it, i wondered if i could get some feedback if possible on other PC Security software packages?? I have been recomended The Shield Deluxe but not sure about it?
  17. mosquito ultrasonic noise device

    Below is an article on the new "mosquito ultrasonic noise device" that is apparently only audible to 25 years and under (approx), It omits a high pitch noise that is painful to the ears but supposed to be harmless. It has be designed to disperse young people that are hanging around areas were...
  18. Bluetonic

    Norton Anti-Virus

    My 'subscription' seems to have run out, and I'm not really keen on spending 40 notes on it, so is there any way that it can be obtained in any other way? It's asking for a code or password or something, anyone got one? Many thanks and best wishes Me!
  19. Free Anti-Virus?

    It appears some bint i let use my laptop has managed to put a few Back door trojans on my laptop as well as stupid levels of spyware. Now, i was sent to a link to download some Anti Virus software that found everything malicious, then when i went to remove everything it told me that i could for...
  20. Firestorm

    'Puter help

    Just a quickie before I pack the thing into the car and put it into PC world for an eternity (under the extebded warranty) On bootup, I get the "did not close down properly" message with the Safe Mode; safe Mode + network; Safemode + command prompt; last Safe config and Normally options. What...