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  1. Oxford Circus

    An ongoing incident in progress. Keep safe out there folks. :sad:
  2. Sell-on clauses/EPPP movers

    I was hoping to establish an ongoing list of players on whom we have sell-on clauses or have moved under EPPP rules. The bottom selection contains players who have moved away from us with some sort of sell-on which has since been resolved one way or the other. Anyone that can help, please do...
  3. DoDTS

    sCores and tables won't be up till SUnday

    Sorry results and tables won't be up til Sunday as I am off to Wigan and also have ongoing laptop problems
  4. Magnum PI

    Fixture Difficulty - Analysis

    I have always had it in my head that over a course of the season some teams might end up getting more difficult or easy fixtures depending on when they play certain teams. I decided this season I would keep my eye on this with some ongoing analysis of League 1. Nothing amazingly scientific but...
  5. Thanks to TZ

    John and I would like to thank Wino and his executive committee for yet another season of successful travel all round the country transporting SUFC fans to the away matches. We have a great partnership between TZ and the Zone and appreciate all the hard work involved. We would also like to say...
  6. Ball Street

    Hello all, I am part of an ongoing project for transfer deadline day for a reasonably new organisation called Ball Street. My role is to focus on League 2 and to make sure that the information I pass on to the production team, for a live youtube show (presented by Ian Wright), is agreeable to...
  7. southend4ever

    Cyber Attack - Top 50 Companies

    There is a severe threat going around today that a cyber attack is going to take place on the top 50 worldwide companies (not sure how this is judged - what or who is involved). There are ongoing calls here monitoring the situation. Has anyone else heard about this?
  8. Be an Angel - Back a New Horror Film

    My Niece's husband is a very decent indeed writer and producer of Horror films. They are looking to raise £14,000 on Kickstarter to fund their next project, so from as little as £10, which you only pay if the Film raises the funds, you can be involved, get your name in the credits, get a digital...
  9. Message to the Team for Sunday

    Hi We normally do a thread for messages to the Team on big occasions/games like this. Just wondered whether we should start one now - I know it's a bit late, but we are going to Wembley after all, and I am sure they would like to see our ongoing support and messages to them? Were previous...
  10. TrueBlue

    True Blue Travel - Best Price to SZ Users

    Now that I am an official zone advertiser/sponsor now I can do this legitimately (Thanks to Cricko for calling me and arranging) Special prices for Zone members looking after the SUFC community Something to think about: When you go on holiday it starts from the moment you leave your house so...
  11. superblue24


    My Dad once told me when I was very young "The main thing to remember when you're old enough to drive is to treat everyone on the road like they are an idiot". I've been driving now for 16 years and I would pass that same advice on to others in a minute. I wanted to vent my ongoing frustration...
  12. Rob Noxious

    The Original Rude Boy

    "It's a bit like what Charlie Watts said about the Stones ... five years playing, twenty years waiting around." Sir Buttz Yoddles spoke wearily as he was in discomfort from a horrific abscess for which he had just started taking analgesic medication. His weariness was not helped by the...
  13. Next Meeting with Ron & Trust

    The other thread seems to have become over long and seems to be drifting off topic. As far as I can see, the Trust website does not make any reference to those answers (or indeed to the meeting in the first place) so, as it was a joint meeting, I don't think you'd be betraying any confidences...
  14. Vodafone

    Found this on another forum, had me in stitches! Dear All I thought I would share my ongoing, and unresolved, problems with Vodafone in case anyone had never used their crummy tax-avoiding service before. In summary, I have spoken to a total of 14 (forteen) different customer services...
  15. Kevin Hogg

    We often look back on memorable games - so TONIGHT...

    will be the subject of posts (or the future equivalent) in years to come. Let's hope it is the subject of celebration and a key night in ongoing success. Whatever it is, chances are we will remember this evening for the rest of our lives!!! Remember May 16th 2012? When we...................??????
  16. Dick Bate's Protege

    Death of the Euro?

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/jeremy-warner/8913884/Death-of-a-currency-as-eurogeddon-approaches.html What do people make of the ongoing Euro crisis, could it really all come crashing down? I'm pretty ignorant to the cause and effect of financial crisis, but it appears to me...
  17. BrettieAngell


    Ok in an attempt to help my ongoing back problems which have plagued me for nearly 2 years on and off, I'm looking to join a yoga class. So I'm just wondering if any of you 'orrible lot currently or have attended one in the Southend/Westcliff/Leigh area? Any reccomendations?
  18. Cricko

    We'll make it to Fossetts

    *Typed up for the Exiles* As expected RM makes a statement to the Echo a week before the AGM, he is becoming more predictable by the day. Southend United chairman Ron Martin expects the football club to be playing at the new FF stadium next year. He spoke out as Blues' latest accounts were...
  19. A Plea

    Regardless of the ongoing threads about Tilly wages etc on the forum, can we make sure tomorrow is ONLY about Southend vs Lincoln and not about Tilly vs Ron ! We are there to show our appreciation to Tilly for his time at Roots Hall, this can be done before the game. As soon as that whistles...
  20. Cricko

    Administration essential and Sainsbury's

    Administration essential even if Blues find money. Southend United should be placed into administration, even if they clear their current tax debt of 238k, the taxman has said. Catherine Addy, representing HM Revenue and Customs, described the club as "demonstrably insolvent", a persistent...