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  1. Rootshallbloke

    Olly Croker - A tragic Accident

    This story is so tragic and the Roots Family's deepest sympathy is with the young man's family and friends. The part that lifts the spirits a bit is that through organ donations five other people have received help from Olly. Rest in peace young man...
  2. steveo

    Organ donors 'should be offered funeral expenses'

    Would this encourage you to donate or would you donate anyway?
  3. Coping with death

    Last October I lost my nan to parkinsons and alzhmiers. Today I found out that my uncle as only matter of days to live with multiple organ failure :'( Can anyone point me in the right direction of someone I can speak to about it. All this happening in past 6 months as hit me hard
  4. chadded

    Memory Lane When our ship shall leave the river bank

    Its timbers brave the main, Our port shall gleam through mists of time, And beckon back again, Then each adventurer shall feel, As onward strains the eager keel, From the School beside the church and sea The speeding wind of memory. And some shall picture pounding ball On turf of sodden field...
  5. pickledseal

    Science: Squid with a giant... (We didn't learn about this when I was at school!)

    <Link> It's a problem I can relate to... ;)
  6. Fight In Tottenham

    Anyone see crimewatch last night? Absolutely shocking. In Tottenham High Road, a few guys are hanging about after a night out, some are sitting down, looks like they are waiting for a taxi. One is staggering about and clearly drunk, he steps back without looking and knocks into a coloured...
  7. Terry Alderton tonite

    Morning ladies and gents check this out tonite............... The Joker Comedy Club and CKP present TERRY ALDERTON FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY AT THE PALACE THEATRE SOUTHEND – 14TH NOVEMBER Local boy Terry Alderton performs his one hour show (plus support) at The Palace Theatre Southend on 14th...
  8. Organ donation

    Bit quiet on here today so I thought I'd start a thread that hopefully will get the board animated. Quite simply, I believe in the "opt out" system of organ donation. I believe it's obscene that healthy organs are left to rot in the ground or burnt to dust when they can be used to save the life...
  9. biffo

    Biffo's take on things

    At least we can all get on with our lives now. The brutal statistics show beyond doubt that we were not good enough throughout the whole set-up. It's easy to knock the players (and i will a bit further on). However, in my opinion, the overiding factor in our demise from the championship is down...
  10. I&#39;m very affraid

    I&#39;ve been worried recently re the lack of signings, but that could be nothing if the team fly over the Bermuda Triangle. I&#39;m suggesting each player go in a different plane to cut down the risk. If it does all go wrong I will put a big pile of poop in my front room, drive off to one...