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  1. Southend United - EFL Trophy

    Rather than continuing all the future opinions on the Col Ewe post match thread, I thought it's about right that I start a thread about the Paint Pot Tophy, or the Chekatrade Trophy or the EFL Trophy. (pick your own guys). So the draw starts tomorrow night (around 6:30pm) before the England V...
  2. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Who has the best ever voice?

    Was thinking earlier when a Karen Carpenter song came on the radio. That was one lady who I think had a truly wonderful and unique voice. Yes, in many ways when you hear her sing it can make you feel sad even if she is singing a happy song given what happened to her at such a tragically young...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    England vs Lithuania

    First half was about as much fun as watching paint dry.Apart from Defoe's goal and Hart's comical mistake.
  4. Premier League trying it on, again.

    Having managed to head off the Premier League's attempt to get their U21 teams inserted into the football pyramid with the League 3 proposal it now appears we have another fight on our hands as, having failed on one score, they're now trying to get in on another. The Prem has come up with a nice...
  5. Blacks

    Can some one help me out here please as im dimmer then a dimmer switch thats been turned off. You have black hair or black cars or black paint so called because well its black but why do we call black people black when they are brown,all answers gratefully taken on board.
  6. SUFC_Ross

    Rent deposit

    Received a letter from my old landlord saying I wouldn't be receiving any of my previous deposit back, I'm not a bad tenant at all however I knew I would be charged for some minor repairs and redecorating as quite frankly I was too lazy to paint a flat I was leaving, however on this letter, it...
  7. The Eternal Optimist

    Question Would Southend have made it to Wembley in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy

    I was gutted to get knocked out at the area semi-final stage. But to lose in the Area final to a lower league side must be gutting. I wish I could've been a fly on the wall with all those smug Millwall fans who were singing "We're going to Wembley!!" during the semi-final at Roots Hall in...
  8. DoDTS

    No. 12 HALF-TIME Points and Tables - MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Is the magic of the cup dead? well waiting for the goals to go in this afternoon was like watching paint dry. However GBJ certainly took advantage with 9 points out of a possible...
  9. Ref Watch .... Coventry A

    We haven't lost at Coventry in the League for 55 years. Okay, we've only played them there four times in that period but those four matches include two draws and two impressive and high scoring wins - 5-2 and 4-3. Anyway man in charge of our delayed fixture at the Ricoh is second year League...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Advice needed on repairs to porch

    In light of Pubey's latest request for advice, I am posting in the hope of someone being able to help us with the little problem we have with our porch. Basically, the old wooden side panels, doors and columns are all being replaced on 23rd with uPVC. The top part of our porch is still the...
  11. Pubey's DIY thread #23151

    So I'm planning to take a week off work in August to paint our house. Picked out a nice colour (Dulux Weathershield Sandstone) which is a standard waterbased masonry paint. At the back we've got a mixture of cast-iron downpipes, a PVC soil pipe and some other guttering down pipes. The previous...
  12. Good Luck

    Good Luck this Saturday Shrimpers, losing a few years ago to us in the semi's and then the Paint Pot Final must of hurt but your fans at Wembley that day were a credit to the club, the respect the majority showed towards Adam Dugdale is something I will remember. It will be good to have you...
  13. chris wood

    Wembley Athmosphere Lets get it right

    Super support at the hall last night now we need to recreate it at Wembley. My aim by posting this is lets don't just make it a day out lets make loads of noise. When we were at Wembley for the Paint Trophy the thing that grated with me the most more so than the result was how quiet we were with...
  14. Its Only A Game

    Vanishing Spray and other ways to fix football

    Despite its obvious benefits in the world cup, the football league aren't sure about it and will only use it in the JPT this year. "The spray will not be used yet by the Football League, which intends to hold trials of its effectiveness in next season's Johnstone's Paint Trophy. Football...
  15. Damp issue

    In the top room of our victorian terrace, we have a mouldy-damp patch at the top of the chimney stack in the room. There's a photo link below here: http://i43.tinypic.com/2h822jn.jpg When we moved into the house over 2 years ago we thought it was a historic issue and had the room re...
  16. Question Stadium news / Paint news

    Stadium news / Paint news Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on a day of joy but; If we are getting a new stadium with the sale and demolition of Prospects being part of it, why when I passed Prospects this morning were the decorators painting the building? Surly no one would spend money doing...
  17. Kent Shrimper

    Carpet Fitter / Painter Decorator - Commercial Premises

    Evening SZ We are moving office at the end of the month and I need some dilapidations done to our current place. We are based near London bridge and need to replace the carpet to a specific spec and paint walls / ceiling. It will need to take place between 27th - 30th as we need to hand the...
  18. Razam

    New Badge Concept....

    After the Everton crest debacle & rumours of a new SUFC badge, I thought I'd see what kind of new design I could come up with. Unfortunately, the idea I had in my mind didn't quite match the final result :blush: due to only having access to MS Paint at work lol. I'd be able to create a...
  19. Mad Cyril

    DIY tips

    I am redecorating the house at the moment so thought I would start a thread to share collective knowledge..... Cover your roller tray with a plastic bag before filling with paint. That way you don't have to wash it up when you are done....
  20. Pak Power

    Johnstone's paint highlights (from a Crewe viewpoint)

    with a few photo's included of our fans (at least one of whom post's on here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H69rvvkdJ24