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  1. RM's Blog Part II

    Since you or your Moderators have closed the 1st thread and not given the right of reply to your abuse, I reprint it below:- 1) Exactly what is says on the tin. 2) No will not "shut up" - yet another demeaning & attempt to bully comment. Have not asked any further questions on...
  2. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Tilly on BBC Essex this morning

    Surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet, but Tilly on BBC Essex this morning saying that the loan market hasn't been ideal this year, and that the top 6 is possibly too far to reach this season. A season of consolidation in league one. Reading between the lines this was Tilly saying that...
  3. Chelsea ticket paranoia

    I booked my ticket on tuesday, but nothing has come up yet on my credit card online banking. should i be worried? is it worth getting on the phone and in the queue to speak to someone. i appreciate that stuff doesn't always come up online straightaway, but i would have thought that two working...
  4. Firestorm

    Ron released again !!!

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/3985863.Blues____boss_released_without_charge/ Interesting last para though A full file of evidence will be submitted to the CPS Fraud Prosecution Service, for review and, owing to the nature of the allegations, onward submission for the authority of the...
  5. NZamba Legend

    Blues world

    Anyone else noticed how there has been nothing but highlights packages on Bluesworld of late? When they are after your bunce at the start of the season there are interviews galore, indepth tactics tete-a-tete's with Brushy, reserve highlights etc etc. but once you've signed up, all the good...
  6. chadded

    The 'Stan

    First of all, I'm writing this from my perspective of the last six months, I'm no hero, but plenty of my collegues are. Hopefully no one will think I'm writing this is order to show off, or to earn rep. Indeed, please don't rep me for this at all. I realise I'm probably not the only serviceman...
  7. Ron Manager

    Feed The Animals - Girl Talk

    If you like 2ManyDJs then you'll love this mash-up album. Here is the Rolling Stone review (they gave it 4 stars) "Big ups to the fair-use principle of United States copyright law: Pittsburgh DJ Gregg Gillis says that's what allows him to use hundreds of unlicensed samples in his music. On...
  8. The Clubs Future?

    After some unexpected news this week from the club, I've started to wonder what will happen with the club within the next few seasons. Will we challenge for promotion with yet another small squad? What type of players will we sign within the next few months young/experienced? Fortunately for...
  9. A worried mum

    Hi guys and gals, my first post and you will probably all laugh and say silly woman but here goes anyway. My son is off to his first away match tomorrow night and I am a worry guts.....from worry over violence to him missing the coach home and being stranded miles away from home. I have...
  10. Films you've watched recently.

    Simple... state a film you've recently watch and give it a rating out of 10. maybe a little line or two. it might be a good way of recommending some films! The Lives of others - 9/10. really good film, worth all the hype and an excellent insight into post-war paranoid Germany. a stunning...
  11. Einstein

    This Weeks Burning Question - What's hot & what's not at Weddings?

    Well, as you will have seen, MrB got married yesterday and we wish him all the best for the future. A great day was had by all, and in true spirit there were plenty of drinks flowing. Many of us met at Southend Vic where MrB had kindly laid on a coach to travel to the outback where the...
  12. Xàbia Shrimper

    ¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

    ¡Feliz Navidad a todos! ¡Podemos esperar que el Papá Noel nos traiga algo para sonreír sobre durante los siete días siguientes! ¡Nueve puntos serían un objetivo imposible pero un solo triunfo sería muy bienvenido! ¡Feliz Navidad!
  13. Matt the Shrimp

    Slipperduke's Slippery Column

    It pretty much wrote itself this week..... Slipperduke's Slippery Column #12 I've got a massive problem today. It's not just the fact that I've spent five hours in the freezing cold queuing for non-existent tickets to Southend's League Cup clash with Manchester United. Well, actually, it is...
  14. Napster

    Top 50 film endings

    Thoughts? 50. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The movie isn't particularly scary... at least until the last two minutes, which take the tension level from 10 to 100 at an exponential pace. The final seconds -- wherein a member of the cast is spotted, back turned and facing a corner, as an...
  15. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    Just heard about this book that was published late last year - some strange choices and (IMHO) some glaring ommisions. That said, I own 293 of these and have heard a further 108 giving me a respectable total of 401. To be honest, dying would be a favourable option to hearing most of the others...
  16. The Turpinator

    How different opinions can be!

    Take a look at the official Yeovil Town website and their match report. Reading it you'd think Yeovil dominated the whole match, especially the 2nd half! Yes, we could've done better but I certainly didn't see a match that was that one-sided towards Yeovil & my opinion is we...