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  1. Westcliff Shrimper

    Question End of Season Q&A

    Morning peoples. Will the Trust be organising an end of season Q&A with SCP and RM? Think it would be a great idea but appreciate these things can be tricky with holidays etc. Keep up the great work. Life Member No.408
  2. Blueronron

    Aaron Lennon

    My sincere best wishes to Aaron Lennon, who last night was taken into hospital, re Mental Health issues. Many people will think or comment, why ? He has money, cars, a wonderful life style many of us would want, but just because he has these finer things of life, does not mean he is happy...
  3. * ORM *

    Happy Birthday to ........

    Bob Cratchitt if still lurking. Oh and me :smile: The BIG 50 today. Honoured my last day in the forties by playing football, our season has started. I don't celebrate birthdays. Not miserable but I think it is second only in being overrated as an event to New Year's Eve. I do celebrate other...
  4. Tommy2holes

    John white and the captaincy

    I do fear for JW this season. He is a good steady pro who always gives 100%, but the fact of the matter is that Demetriou is a better player than JW has ever been. JW is now second choice right back. He is not great at centre back and is definitely no left back on yesterdays massacring. With...
  5. Bobby Moore

    interviewed on BBC World Cup doc - Alfies Boys - at Roots Hall ........a different quality of Englishman .. I wonder what peoples memories of him in Shrimperland are http://www.malextra.com/sport/football/why-england-will-win-the-euros-in-2016-946643.html
  6. Question next season

    I realise its pretty early to speculate as we are still an outside chance of featuring in the playoffs, but i for one dont believe we will dropping 5 points out of 6 at home to two lower teams ,says to me that the squad have been over performing,anyway my question is what do you people believe...
  7. Rusty Lee

    Best pub atmosphere pre/post Southend

    With the impending visit of the farm handlers on Saturday, I'm curious to peoples thoughts on the best atmosphere you have experienced in a pub either pre or post a Southend game. Personally for me walking into the Railway 2013 pre Orient in the JPT. One Step beyond came on and the whole place...
  8. CyrilSneer

    Play off Final Signatures gone

    Apologies if already mentioned and covered, but why have mine, and by the looks of it, other peoples GIFS used in the signatures disappeared.
  9. Ricky Otto

    Southend legends 5 a side

    On the BBC website at the moment they are getting people to tweet their all-time legends 5 a side teams. I have noticed a few people are doing the legends of their clubs and thought it would be fun to see peoples best Southend United 5 a side teams made up of legends they saw play. 5 a side...
  10. davewebbsbrain

    Players best bits

    So now the season is over and we have been promoted, let's have peoples views on what sticks out for them for different players throughout the season. I'll start with with Prosser's last ditch tackle against Luton at home. He had come on as a sub when Coker got sent off and he was thrown in at...
  11. shrimperjon

    Potential Pitch Invasion

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on the potential for a pitch invasion on Saturday IF WE GET PROMOTED. As a dad with young children i am not a huge fan, not because im a kill joy, but just that at the end of the game i would rather be able to celebrate with the players and for my kids...
  12. Best performance in blues shirt

    Appreciate that this is probably the wrong time to do this, what with a number of new signings arriving at the club, but wondered on peoples thoughts of our current squads best individual games for the club. I've obviously left out the new arrivals and a few others who have barely featured...
  13. Some of these threads !

    I know this site is nicknamed SHRIMPERMOAN ! but seriously some of these threads are down right depressing. Some on here can do nothing BUT criticise,whether it be the players or the manager, or other peoples threads. How about we all try to post some threads without moaning( us aussies call it...
  14. Woodrow red card

    Just watched the highlights and i cannot believe the ref gave a straight red for that!?!? its a booking at most, terrible decision. other peoples thoughts?
  15. Jam_Man

    Secondary schools in Southend

    My daughter is at that age we are looking at her next school and have been going to a few open evenings. To be honest Im horrified at the schools in the area and would appreciate other peoples views. She is a bright girl and is going for her 11+ and I think its 50/50 whether she passes it, if...
  16. Blueronron

    Last seasons crowd average

    You worry as a fan if we donot start well,how things crowdwise will pan out Figures out to day show average crowd last season 5,034 compared to previous season average 5,969. With peoples purse strings being tightened and not many"Top" teams coming to the Hall,this could be one of the most...
  17. Ayrshire Blue

    Half full or half empty?

    Before I start, I want it noted that this is not a thread bashing Brown. I'm just interested to get peoples views after PB's 2 games in charge, how do you look at it, 2 games without defeat or 2 games without a win? Is your glass half full or half empty?
  18. SS3

    Question Mohsni Bilel

    Just a quick one really. Now I remember, in the not to distant past that there was a discussion regarding the famous Bilel. This discussion surrounded around his involvement in the team after his well documented leave of absence from the team, and then his subsequent sending off against...
  19. Star of the season,suprise of the season,disapointment of the season? - so far!

    Hello ladies and gents would love to know peoples opinions on who they think has been a star? a suprise? a disapointment? so far-
  20. ryansm05

    Recent Signings

    Unfortunately I don't get to many home games being up North, but after going to Accrington the other week... I was maybe expecting a little more! Just wondering what peoples opinions are on our latest recruits, albeit some having only played a game or two. Spillane - Reeves - Lavery -...