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  1. Question Am I in the right?

    Right, let me break it down for you. So me and the gf are going out on saturday. This has been planned for about a week. The idea is to leave mine at about 12:30pm. This is important as leaving any later will cut into valuable drinking time. So she phones me tonight and says she's just booked...
  2. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  3. pickledseal

    Parent Text App: How to text your children...

    I'm intrigued by this for a variety of reasons... I don't have children, but spend all day every day communicating with young people. Texting is a powerful force and so often communication takes place between parents and their children in this way. Indeed, even at 27 often I will text my own...
  4. Pak Power

    Convert a mate to SUFC

    I am really quite pleased with myself that I have converted a mate from a 'Gooner' to a Southend fan. Now this has taken a lot of patience and guile, but it can be done. Firstly, I invited him to a game, then a drink after with the lads. Much subtle criticism of armchair premiership Sky (other...
  5. MrB

    OD - Week 2

    Imagine this will be a pretty quiet thread today! Kev, BB and I will no doubt be refreshing our phones frequently at the Spread! Anyway, we're playing the sold up team. Annoyingly their one remaining good player is still there so I can't totally rest however we are resting HHH, Mario, BFG and...
  6. The Zone and Blackberry phones

    I was shown a BB phone tonight that had accessed the Zone and the script seemed to be overlaid ( The words seemed on top of each other ) Anyone else suffer from this and is there any way of rectifying it ?
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Does Cyberbullying exist on SZ?

    Cyberbullying has been defined as- "the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone." The question is does it exist on SZ and if so what can be done about it? IMO it certainly...
  8. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Progress on Buyout of Parade of Shops

    from Standard TALKS over a parade of shops holding up plans for a new Blues stadium are making good progress, a trader said. The future of the parade of eight shops, with seven flats above, on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Drive, Southend, has been the sticking point for plans to...
  9. Smiffy

    Breaking News Camo Day v Torquay

    At-ten-tion! Southend United supporters are being asked to fall into line next month in support of the Armed Forces. The Blues’ match against Torquay United on Saturday, 4th September (3pm) has been designated as Camouflage Day. General Sturrock is ordering the Blue Army to come to the game...
  10. Jack The Flag

    Iphone or blackberry

    Simple to start it off IPHONE OR BLACKBERRY?
  11. chadded

    The 'Stan

    First of all, I'm writing this from my perspective of the last six months, I'm no hero, but plenty of my collegues are. Hopefully no one will think I'm writing this is order to show off, or to earn rep. Indeed, please don't rep me for this at all. I realise I'm probably not the only serviceman...
  12. Winkle

    Piri,Piri and sardines!

    Me and the Mrs had a week away ( without the sprogs) in sunny "Portugal which as anyone who has pubesant children time on your own is as rare as hens teeth. Anyway we was enjoying out time together, barbecues, alfresco dining and in the words of Austin powers " I found my mojo". I decided to...
  13. ldnfatso

    5 Things for Room 101

    1. People with Blackberry Phones. Is it essential that they have to check emails every 30 seconds on the train? 2. Real Ale. Drunk by people with crusty beards who compile lists of which ales they have drunk in their lifetime and which the haven't. Get a f***ing life! 3. Banks. £35 for going...
  14. ldnfatso

    The Danger of Mobile Phones!

    Now what are these things doing to our heads? http://sorisomail.com/email/1963/como-fazer-pipocas-com-telemoveis.html
  15. Sean 2

    Coverage on 3 mobile phones...

    How good/bad is it? Anyone have any info on this as i'm thinking of a switch but as it's a contract phone deal i don't wan't to booger about later on having to switch supplier again. So,who's got one then kiddywinks?......
  16. Ticket Office

    Its last day for season tickets holders to get there tickets for friday, i am trying to get through on the phone but in a queue of 40+. Anybody been down there today? is it packed with people or should i stick to the phones not sure whether to go in lunch break!!
  17. You're Hired, You're Fired

    Quite apart from the fact that my credit rating is lower than Montserrat's position in the FIFA rankings, I wouldn't want a mastercard due to my utter contempt for their current advertising campaign. Kids want PS3s, Prada phones, £300 plimsolls, so parents work their arses off and take on a...
  18. Ticket Office Phones Down

    Southend United's Ticket Office is currently experiencing problems with their telephone system. The issue is only affecting the Box Office (08444 77 00 77) and not the Main Club numbers. Fans phoning the Box Office will not be able to get through and are advised to visit the Ticket Office in...
  19. Born in the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's???

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's ! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon and...
  20. Things you would never hear...

    A rugby commentator say: "...and its a scrum, a chance for the players to exchange kisses and phone numbers." "...England VS Samoa, a team of rank amateurs... against Samoa" "...now watch this ball very carefully because the ball is SUCH AN UNUSUAL SHAPE IT COULD GO ANYWHERE" -Courtesy...