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  1. Slipperduke

    Manchester City

    The legendary British football commentator Stuart Hall once earned himself a telling-off from then-Manchester City manager Kevin Keegan for continually referring to Maine Road as, “The Theatre of Comedy.” Keegan implored Hall to show the club some respect, but as Hall later pointed out...
  2. Slipperduke

    Middlesbrough - Sheffield United

    Right, leaving aside that this is a really, really bad game, who on earth is screaming every time the ball goes in United's box? It's really starting to hack me off. Calm down, love. It's only Middlesbrough. I've got to get 750 words out of this pile of ****.
  3. Irish_Shrimper

    French Totty - Audrey Tautou or Virginie Ledoyen

    Mrs I_S, being the darling cheese and baguette loving French lass that she is, threw on some pile of foreign tripe into the dvd player last night that i couldn't understand (as usual...simple mind me :) ). But there was a trailer for a new film called Hors de Prix (Priceless i think in english)...
  4. League or Cup glory?

    It's been pointed out on another thread that if we beat Dagenham we could have to re-schedule hartlepool (a), brighton (h) & leeds (h). This sort of potential fixture pile-up raises the old chestnut about which is more important - league or cup? It's worth noting that 4 of the other top 6 in...
  5. Slipperduke

    Vote Mourinho!

    In the wake of the inevitable sacking of Steve McClaren, the English Football Association has promised an urgent review of the national game. They might want to start by looking at the cack-handed, bungling manner in which they last tried to hire a manager and promising to avoid a repeat...
  6. leeblue

    The chill out and dont go nuts thread

    Yes the fist half was a massive pile of poo but the 2nd half was bloody exciting we should have won it tbh, we are still sitting in a play off spot and no one has died nor has the world come to an end we can still have a very good season, bring on luton, it was if nothing else a display that the...
  7. Wembley

    Do the boozers in the ground sell beer after the match? Or is it all shut and pile onto the tubes?
  8. C C Csiders

    Worst TV channel

    Out of the entire portfolio of channels available through Sky which one, in your opinion, is the worst? With the obvious exception of ITV1, which is the worst TV station in the history of the universe, my vote goes for Fame TV (Sky channel 178 or 187?). I was flicking through the channels last...
  9. House Clearance. "Freebies" or a Donation.

    I have just purchased a house in Braintree and I am in the middle of clearing it out to redo up and sell....I have alot of fittings which I am willing to give away or maybe you can add a few quid to the Zone Paypal button... The only thing is you would have to collect them. The house is only ten...
  10. C C Csiders

    The Queen

    Saw this on ITV last night, and I have to say it was the biggest pile of bilge I think I've ever seen. Appallingly acted, including the Oscar winning Helen Mirren. Featuring rubbish caricatures of the likes of Blair, Princes Charles and Philip. However, the biscuit is well and truly one by the...
  11. Is promotion still possible ...

    just wondering - as however inept our performances are I must say the League one teams I have seen are absolute ****e and we do seem to possibley have the quality to do ok amongst this pile of hoofers .....BUT have we dropped too many points and started the season in too much dissarray...
  12. Desert Shrimper

    Music you hate and why.....

    Recently I've come to the conclusion that the current batch of music we get fed day to day (i.e. stuff that makes the charts/Radio 1's playlist) is total and utter sh**e - as bad as I can ever remember it being. Not wishing to sound like a "things ain't what they used to be" merchant and suggest...
  13. DTS

    Is breakfast in bed really a treat?

    Ben from work is tonight off to his birds works summer ball at some poncey hotel somewhere. He today claimed that as its all free he is going to make the most of it by having "Breakfast in bed" off the back of her company. Now I personally think a cooked breakfast in bed is pretty rough for...
  14. Xàbia Shrimper

    Global Peace Index

    "The Global Peace Index is a ground-breaking milestone in the study of peace. It is the first time that an Index has been created that ranks the nations of the world by their peacefulness and identified some of the drivers of that peace. 121 countries have been ranked by their ‘absence of...
  15. Eurovision

    Before its said, yes I know its always a pile of rubbish but ive had a subtle change of heart. The Russian entry was, how can I put this, very easy on the eyes. As for Wogans commentry, quote of the night was just after the french song, "what a load of rubbish". Cant wait for our...
  16. Interpol Shrimper

    DtS knocked off his perch

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** Just checked the rep tables and long-time leader Dave the Shrimper has been knocked off the top of the pile by none other than MrB. Is there a SZ voting clique or has Dave just taken some bad rep over the past couple of days? Watch this space reputation addicts!
  17. Battrick - Match 13

    I will clinch my division with a win today. I've got a full-strength side out, and am looking to bat first and pile on some runs. I see YB can clinch his division today, anyone else got anything to play for?
  18. A Round up.

    Today is one of the lowest points in my southend supporting days. Yes we have come a ****ing long way in 3 years, but when i go and watch 11 overated and over arrogant pricks pull on a shirt and perform like a sunday team with a hangover, then i get ****ed off. What's worse is, fans chanting...
  19. BEAVER or BASHFORD up front ???

    Either one would be a better option to that pile of crap we have up front ! ps :BASHFORD apparently made an appearance on sky....what a LEG-END !!! Your choice ???
  20. Napster

    India v Bermuda

    WICKET! Uthappa 3 c Leverock b Jones 2nd over: India 7-1 (Ganguly 0 Sehwag 4) The big man! What a catch! Dwayne 'the rock' Leverock has clung on to an amazing catch at slip, falling away to his left like a huge jelly sliding off a plate he stretched out a hand and plucked the ball from the air...