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  1. Tarquin Fauntleroy

    Guilty Pleasures

    Hey Chaps! What are your guilty pleasures? Any TV programmes, music, films, games, hobbies, food etc that may be considered 'uncool' or 'naff' that you actually like. It doesn't have to be sexual and preferably nothing weird or offensive. I'll start the ball rolling: - The Carpenters...
  2. RHB

    FarSide - Gary Larson

    One of the few pleasures of working was that each year some kind soul would buy me the Far Side desk calendar for Xmas. Sadly Larson ran out of steam and decided enough was enough and the desk calendar was no more. For those of you that haven't a clue who I'm on about I've added a couple of my...
  3. C C Csiders

    Musical Guilty Pleasures

    Cleanse your souls by owning up to the songs/music you secretly love, but would not dare tell anyone about: Mine are: Leave Right Now by Will Young Grandad by Clive Dunn Amsterdam by Jacques Brel Plus a lot of Coldplay songs!
  4. Benfleet A1

    Bullies and Bullying

    Now bare with me good readers, this is going somewhere but I want to give it some background first. When I was a kid I was bullied, bad. My first taste of it was at the grand old age of 4 years old at nursery school where a phycotic 5 year old used to attack the entire fraturnity. He would rip...
  5. Slipperduke

    Toon Need Three Years

    Here on Tyneside, the hangovers are just beginning to clear. Sunday night may have been spent at the bar, defiantly pledging allegiance to the cause, but Monday morning saw the fuzzy-headed realisation that there will be no more trips to Liverpool or Arsenal for a while. Instead of Premier...
  6. Uncle Leo

    Battle of the Beers - Curry Cup

    A good curry and good pint is one of life's great pleasures. But what would be your beer of choice? If your choice isn't there, post and I will add it to the poll.
  7. Bentley's Absurd Greats Weekly Choons

    Following the format of Metal Monday, Tunes from Left Field etc, I present Bentley's Absurd Greats - dedicated to tunes that are, as Ron Manager once said, uncategoriseable. Many of these great songs are being thrown together on compilation albums marked as 'Guilty Pleasures', but I loathe this...
  8. Come on then...

    Hidden pleasures, what have you discovered that you really enjoyed.. Mine is Buxton and Blue John caverns.. lovely part of the world, and a nice real Bakewell tart from Bakewell.. which is more like a flan to tell the truth.. these are things that are relatively undiscoverd, yet beautiful..
  9. Winkle

    Dog rape and the after effects!

    Many of you have in the last few months red posts on here about my 3 year labrador called Monty and his amazing ability to eat anything, even cow patts. I have managed however, to turn a blind eye to this (as gut wrenching as it is) but unfortunatly we have know entered a new realm of...
  10. MrB

    Fastest Conquest

    Thought about this the other day, what's the quickest you've managed to administer a snaking to someone after first meeting them? Obviously anything involving a monetary exchange is excluded..... For me it was coincidentally my very first time. Western France, 1991 on holiday with my Dad, his...