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  1. Evening Echo

    Southend United manager Phil Brown: We could not be better prepared for the play-offs

    SOUTHEND United manager Phil Brown believes his side could not be better prepared for the League Two play-offs. More...
  2. RobM

    Housing "crisis" idea

    Apparently some 25% of adults live alone. I imagine a significant proportion live in a house (as opposed to a flat). So how about this... a grant from central funds to convert your house into two flats (e.g. a downstairs shower room/toilet/basin. an upstairs kitchen/ette) and planning permission...
  3. Newquay

    I'm off on my little bro in laws stag do next weekend. Doing Newquay for a weekend of surfing. Is it going to be completely dead? Anyone been out of season? They're talking about fancy dress and stuff, but worried we're going to look like the only dicks in the village - will there be other hens...
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Indian Catholics?

    Julian Sherman Why, I asked myself, were half of the passengers on my Ryanair flight from Stansted to Lourdes/Pyrénées today, of Indian appearance???? This is not the first time I've noticed it..... a mass Indian conversion to Catholicism?..........apparently not, I think I've found the...
  5. As a manager I would change..........

    Di Canio has banned mobile phones, ketchup and mayonnaise from the training ground at Black Cats. He explains why clearly and it makes sense, mainly. If you were manager in the current game what would you change now so much more is organised and specified, measured and prepared for.......what's...
  6. yogi bear up the cagire

    MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!.........but at what price?

    An interesting polemic. In the first instance you have the impression that religious dogma is clouding a players professional duties..........then, when you read further, it's not quite as clear as that. As an ex-pat 'Wonga' doesn't mean that much to me but when you read about the company...
  7. IloveShrimp

    Type of pitch

    So if Phil Brown has a style of play in mind, and an influence over of what type of pitch to be prepared during the summer, how do you think it would be? Personally I think he would want it as flat and fast as possible.
  8. OldBlueLady

    Engaging with the club's supporters

    Interesting article here from Supporters Direct on fan engagement, we've brought in the idea of "buying" the opportunity to lead the teams out this season, but what other ideas could we suggest for Roots Hall? You’ll have heard a lot this season on the disconnect between supporters and clubs...
  9. Hampshire Shrimp

    Another Game With Snow Being Cleared Off The Pitch?

    Rochdale ground staff are prepared for the forecast snow with covers being put on the pitch. They have asked for help with clearing the pitch on the morning of the game. Yes, we have a good away record, but, the last two times snow has been cleared we have lost. Let`s hope that we shake that...
  10. terry

    Harry's Eulogy

    In answer to those of you that wanted a copy of the eulogy that I gave for Harry at his funeral, here it is. Harry's Eulogy For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Terry and Malcolm had worked for me for the past seven years. During that time, I grew to know him very well both as a...
  11. Shrimperstrust

    Trust & ShrimperZone Meeting with Ron Martin

    Ken Jarvis representing ShrimperZone and I (Paul FitzGerald) met with Ron Martin on Tuesday night to try to clarify the state of the clubs finances and the status of the FF development. Not hugely surprising but our meeting with Ron turned into a double act. Steve Kavanagh came across well...
  12. Question Season Ticket For Sale

    Hi Guys and Girls, Anyone interested in buying an Adult Season ticket in the West Stand????? Due to work and also trying to save for a new baby due around Christmas I will end up missing a fair few games. If anyone is interested in buying a season ticket I am obviously prepared to take a bit...
  13. Kevin Hogg

    Me thinks..PS was not confident.

    Reading Luggy's pre-match interview prepared me for an opening day defeat. When the manager mentions previous losing starts (he openly referred to losing four on the trot with Plymouth Argyle) it suggests he has not got a great deal of confidence ahead of the game. It would seem that PS has...
  14. Is anyone else worried or is it just me ?????

    Saturday and still no news ..... but then would i expect anything else it's only 3 days until our first match of the season Don't worry luggy has it all under control , Really ?????? ......... Am i panicking for no reason am i being a dick and i don't realise that there is no panic and that it...
  15. southchurch

    Has the Wee Birdie been watching and listening.

    Has he noticed that the two teams that pass the ball the best are in the final of the Euro's. Did he see that the most competent passing teams and those that held possession for the longest in league 2 last season were the 3 promoted. Did he listen when loyal supporters told him to change the...
  16. callan

    Question New watch

    After years of buying cheap watches have decided to push the boat out and go for a more expensive one (3 k is max I am prepared to spend) , so with that budget in mind what watch would you go for and why?
  17. Vodafone

    Found this on another forum, had me in stitches! Dear All I thought I would share my ongoing, and unresolved, problems with Vodafone in case anyone had never used their crummy tax-avoiding service before. In summary, I have spoken to a total of 14 (forteen) different customer services...
  18. So RM goes, what then?

    Just say hypothetically, Sainsburys had RM by the short and curlies , and ousted him to suit their own agenda. Would you really be happy? Would a huge business like Sainsburys that has no interest in football be our salvation or the ultimate steamroller that flattens our existence? Can any of...
  19. fbm

    So what exactly DO we want then?

    This board is about opinions and this is mine. It is clear to me that there is an enormous amount of people on here that have not got a clue what it is they actually want. Well, let me rephrase that; they do, but can't see they what they actually want is impossible. They are all like one of...
  20. Thank You Paul Sturrock.

    Was able to watch both games live here. Obviously gutted like all Blues Fans. However, am not prepared to pull the trigger on the Gaffer just yet. Brought us back from the brink, moved us forward, built on it this year. Frustrating that we've thrown it away. However, I'm convinced you are the...