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  1. Cricko

    Zone Update The Zone Features-Did you know this exists?

    Having a chat with Ken today, one of things that stood out to us was the hundreds of things some members do not realise exist within the forums. It would be great if people added to this thread about features they are aware of so others can have a better experience on here. Ok I will start...
  2. Lester Bangs

    FA cup TV scheduling

    So I looked to see what game the BBC will be showing today and was surprised to see no live games on terrestrial television. I then went to the FA site and it was confirmed that the live games this weekend are: First Round Proper - live ties Friday 7 November – 7.55pm Warrington Town v...
  3. Real Results League - Fixtures, Results & Tables

    This thread will consist of the weekly fixtures, results (concerning our teams) and the weekly table. So after the games have been played, check this thread! Week 1 - 30/08/14 Premier League: Everton v Chelsea - wally4pm Aston Villa v Hull City - OBL - SUNDAY Swansea v West Brom - manor15...
  4. Today's Games

    Done my Accumulator: Leeds v Brighton - LEEDS Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall - DRAW Reading v Huddersfield - READING Doncaster v Preston - PRESTON Cheltenham v Carlisle - CHELTENHAM Morecambe v Oxford - MORECAMBE (This did say Oxford before - Not a clue how i got them mixed up) Wycombe v...
  5. DoDTS

    PL Fixtures No. 2 Play-Offs second legs

    SCORES TO STAND AT THE END OF PLAYING TIME (NORMAL OR EXTRA TIME) PENALTIES ARE NOT ACCOUNTED FOR Sunday 11th May 17.15......Derby v Brighton ........................4-1 Monday 12th May 19.45......QPR v Wigan...............................2-1 after extra time Tuesday 13th May 19.45....Leyton...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Fixtures Play-offs No.1 a NEW Competition

    THIS IS A NEW COMPETITION ALL START ON LEVEL PEGGING Usual rules 3 points for correct score, 1 point for correct result Double points for the fixture you use as your wildcard 2 points for predicting the correct Southend first scorer 5 extra points if you predict 5 out of 6 correct results 6...
  7. FA Cup 5th Round Draw - Would have got Brighton AWAY

    Yes, we're out. We don't deserve to be, but we are, so here is the 5th round draw: Man City V Chelsea Sheffield United/Fulham V Forest/Preston Arsenal V Liverpool Brighton V Hull (Would have been us) Cardiff V Wigan Sheffield Wednesday V Charlton Sunderland V Southampton Everton V...
  8. Worrying Times

    Phil has been in charge for 17 games and his only victories have been against relegated Aldershot,Northampton 23rd,Hartlepool 20th and Plymouth 17th,His team have kept 5 clean sheets 4 of which were against the sides mentioned. His other 13 games reads 4 draws with 9 losses scoring 10 whilst...
  9. Would you want an American owner.

    Following the news that Preston Haskell IV an American businessman, has tabled a bid for Coventry City. Just say that Southend's finances were stable, and we were not going under. How would you feel about an American owner taking over the club. Now i am indifferent about this, but would like...
  10. Latest Rumours Crawley versus Preston.

    Who was Tango Brown watching at the Crawley v Preston game on Tuesday ? I would presume one of his ex Preston players.
  11. Ref Watch ........ Crewe at Wembley

    This match is usually given to a long-serving Football League official approaching retirement. This year is no exception with the honour going to experienced official, Nigel Miller from Durham. This is his tenth season as a League referee and this will be his eighth Southend match and his...
  12. CC51DAS

    Breaking News Ronnie Martini wins prestigous Football League Chairman of the Month award for March

    Well this is a turn-up ! Ron must have has beaten some tough competition. He seems pleased - apparently award to be presented at Wembley. Chairman Ronnie has issued a Statement and as I can't get the link to work I have posted it on here: "Club Statement" Some decisions in Life are...
  13. OldBlueLady

    Hot Cross Buns...

    As it's Easter weekend, I'm sure plenty of us have been tucking into these bakery delights. On our last day at work this week, the Headteacher brought in buns for us all, with two pots of jam - strawberry and apricot. Now, this got me thinking, I'd never had apricot jam on a hot cross bun...
  14. Napster

    Phil Brown- Gets about.

    Applied for Partick Thistle last month http://www.theglaswegian.co.uk/football/2013/02/06/ex-hull-and-preston-manager-phil-brown-puts-name-forward-for-partick-thistle-job-102692-23957383/ Lincoln in Feb...
  15. fbm


    A very interesting post on another thread by southchurch gave the results of a survey in 2012 which listed who fans consider their main rivals to be. Here is the list. Lots of quite interesting bits in there actually. Crewe fans for instance can't think of a 3rd rival (I wonder if that will...
  16. Cricko

    Zone Update Outstanding Branding Sponsorship

    We are pleased to announce that Andy (Kent Shrimper) has agreed to continue to advertise and sponsor the Zone for another 12 months and we thank him very much for his support. His company recently won a highly prestigious award and was named Distributor of the year in his category. His...
  17. Ref Watch ........ Fleetwood away

    In charge of tomorrow's first ever match with Fleetwood we have the dead hand of dead-eyed Darren Deadman, from Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. He is a civil servant, specifically a public transport officer for Peterborough City Council. In his eigth season as a League referee he has notched up...
  18. steveo

    Todays Treble

    CL: Dortmund, PSG, Milan, 10 quid pays 37 FL: Preston, Tranmere, Aldershot. 10 pays 48
  19. Just a thought

    Richard wright has walked out on Preston .Because his wife cant settle uo north and they want to be close to there East anglian home .Former england keeper may be worth a punt . :winking:
  20. fredheim_holm

    Bosman List & Others Available

    Thought it would be good to have one place that lists all of the players we've noticed are either released or otherwise available (transfer listed or been told they can find another club). I won't have time to constantly update this so it would be great if when the mods are on, if you see this...