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  1. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No. 9 TABLE NOW UP for 26th November 2013

    WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb result at Portsmouth, and another enthralling night in the Prediction League. After last Saturdays 6 home wins, tonight five draws. Congratulations to top of the pile Kitch in gaininh 11 points and to WickfordShrimper, davewebbsbrain and Dick Bates...
  2. DoDTS

    PL Table Southend PL Points TABLE NOW UP

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW It could have been a poor week for scoring until that last minute winner and the table would have looked considerably different. As it is congratulations to the Big...
  3. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 8 TABLE NOW UP for Saturday 23rd November 2013

    SIX HOME WINS MEANS POINTS........ POINTS....... POINTS What a day in the Prediction league with six very predictable homes wins Ldnfatso, DTS, D.O.L.L. and the Eternal Optimist managed to get all six correct and gains six extra points while a dozen others gained five extra points for five...
  4. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No. 7 points for16th November 2013

    A difficult week to predict the first three fixtures were reasonably straight forward with a total of 121 points gained but the last three stumped most of us only 8 points between 43 predictors. Congratulations to WickfordShrimper and enfieldblue for nine point hauls, these two along with...
  5. DoDTS

    PL Table Southend PL for No. 6 fixtures 9th November 2013

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW Points today: 6 fatgrandad................... 3 sufc_dave..................... 2 Kitch............................. 2 Roxy............................ 2...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Table No.6 TABLES NOW UP for Saturday 9th November 2013

    Four outstanding Predictors today, points above the rest of the field, both South247 and fatgrandad scoring 13 points each while escudo and teenage shrimper both predicting 5 of the 6 results correctly and thus gaining 5 extra points to bring them onto 13 points also. Points below, TABLE TO...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Table No.5 Points TABLE NOW UP

    Ricey stole the show today with five correct results earning himself five extra points making a total of 11. KingShrimper and Roxy having done all the hard work last night are not far behind, while South247 scored a creditable 8 points POINTS BELOW TABLES TO FOLLOW 11...
  8. DoDTS

    PL Table No.5 Scores and Table Southend PL Friday 1st November 2013

    What a night on the field and in the southend PL, congratulations to Drastic, Wickfordshrimper, KingSHRIMPER and Roxy who all correctly predicted the 3-0 win and used their wildcards, while South247, Lucky Luca, and Gt Yarmouth Shrimper also got the score right but without using their wildcard...
  9. DoDTS

    PL Table No 4 26th October TABLES NOW UP

    Let's be honest we're not very good at predicting are we, or put it another way League Two in unpredictable!! Another week when most struggled for points top marks goes to Dannypav with two correct scores a correct result and clever use of his wildcard as did MK Shrimper for scooping that we...
  10. DoDTS

    PL Table No.3 TABLES NOW UP 22nd October 2013

    Low scoring fixtures, but again the Second Division was more successful than the First division (56 points for the second, while 38 to the first) It looks like some of the second division will be "capped" in the Roots Hall Home Competition. Division One Mini Shrimp romps into a commanding lead...
  11. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No.3 Points NOW CONFIRMED 22nd October

    DoDtS is very tired, depressed, despondent and generally pi**ed off. So I'm afraid the tables won't be up till tomorrow. The way I work is a copy all the predictions to a spreadsheet, and calculate the scoring from that, I then double check them as I mark the individual scores on SZ (which...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No. 2 TABLE NOW UP 18/19th October

    It was a difficult week to predict no one gained three points for their wildcard, and points were few. Congrats to Prawn Top scorer with 7 and to Ricey, Luckyluca and fatgrandad for bring close behind with 6 points. POINTS gained below TABLE TO FOLLOW 7 Prawn...
  13. DoDTS


    The First Round of the Prediction Cup has just been drawn by Mrs DoDtS, with 47 entries 15 ties to be played and 17 byes to Round 2. The draw is: h turner........................ v Ricey............................ Beefy............................ v Tinks...
  14. DoDTS

    PL Table No.1 12th October TABLE NOW UP

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Welcome to ozzy_shrimper, Beefy, Blue_Wes and billy.allison all newcomers to the Prediction League. Ozzy on his debut scores a massive ten points only matched by Its Only A Game, while...
  15. DoDTS

    Prediction league Previous Winners

    Here's the PREDICTION LEAGUE Roll-of- Honour - Past winners: MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE PAST WINNERS Season 1 (2006-07 ) Winner Scrouger 700 2nd David Essex 3rd Cricko 4th Spiff Season 2 (2007-08) Winner Blueblood 2nd Mr Benedict 3rd= Ramblers Shrimp 3rd= Flinty...
  16. DoDTS

    Predicition League News RH "HOME" Championship who has been selected?

    Next TUESDAY sees the final round of matches in the Roots Hall HOME Championship. The ties are East Stand v West Stand and North Bank v South Stands The teams selected (highest scores after todays match) are: East Stand: the Eternal Optimist, Dannypav and Escudo, substitute: The Big Shrimp...
  17. DoDTS

    Roots Hall Home Comp. SECOND MATCHES

    The East Stand need just a draw from their final match against the West (three weeks Tuesday), but with the form that Dick Bates Protégé was in yesterday nothing is by any means settled. EAST STAND 18 v 10 SOUTH STANDS East: Escudo 2, The Eterak Optimist 9 and dannypav 7 South...
  18. DoDTS

    PL Table No.9 13/14th Sept TABLE and Scores

    THIS IS FOR THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO SEPERATE THREAD FOR THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) A storming week for Dick Bates Protege five current results gains an extra 5 points making a total of 19 pointss, and chapperzuk also five correct results gains...
  19. DoDTS

    PL Table No.1 canveyshrimpers Prediction League Table

    Well done to all that took part, 40 in all a good turn out as we expect from Shrimpers. Lots of new blood who frankly did better than the old blood. Congratulations to Bad Beat who with an inspired use of the wildcard is the early leader and the one to beat, full scores below. PS Don't forget...
  20. DTS

    Round 2 - For those of you still standing....

    What a poor start for so many of us. A few of the more obvious results didnt come in. Only seven people make it through to round two as follows THOUGH TO ROUND 2: madetotry - (Southampton) WightShrimper - (Reading) Clinton Baptiste - (Sunderland) Dick Bate's Protege - (Southampton) Tinks -...