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  1. The General

    Are we punching well above our weight!?

    Not very often I do a sensible post but from time to time I can string a sentence or two together. Now it's been a pretty disappointing start to 2016, after an incredible 2015 whereby we only lost 10 league games in a calendar year! Whatever level you are playing at, that's good going! The...
  2. Austin the Shrimper

    Sky Sports Ultimate League table

    so looks like we are sitting just about where we always have. The top club in England is...Last Updated: 16:09 23/04/15 Liverpool are English football’s top side, according to the Ultimate League table compiled by Sky Sports. Positions have been calculated from teams’ average season-ending...
  3. manor15

    Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon

    Group A, the group of the host nation, and possibly even the favourites. It seems that the draw has been kind to Brazil, and they will be expected to qualify from the group easily. The battle for second place and qualification to the next round will be close, with all three of the other teams...
  4. South Bank Hank

    This year's Premier League

    I know it's fashionable to bitch and moan about the Premier League and everything it stands (or doesn't) for but, despite it's money-centric nature, it's always been about the talent for me. As someone who just loves Sport at the highest level, it's got the drama, characters, skills, high stakes...
  5. C C Csiders


    Not too interested in the story in the link - more the photograph of Jay-Z. Has there ever been a more obvious case of someone punching well above their weight? http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jun/21/jay-z-samsung-charts-magna-carta
  6. Banksy

    1960/61 Season - Where are We, Where Are They ?

    Division Season 2012/2013 Division Season 1960/1961 Southend 4 3 Southampton 1 3 Swansea 1...
  7. Mansfield

    Well done to Mansfield for their promotion. Looking forward to a short trip down the road. Also well done to the Mansfield Chairman, who is punching well above his weight!
  8. Question Who are they to say we cannot DREAM the DREAM!

    I was incensed to read that a certain Roy Donaughie and Ipshite say we are punching above our weight.What right have they except freedom of speech, wasnt it just a few short years ago Swansea were gighting relegation from the 2nd division into the conference.I bet their supporters then were...
  9. spoons

    Fighting idiots

    Went to the game at Burton yesterday looking forward to keeping the unbeaten run going. The worst part of the day though was having to watch 2 apparently drunken idiots punching each other and scuffling in the Southend supporters end. Claims were made by one offender that he had been upset...
  10. MrB

    OD - Week 10

    My timing is awful. I played Aquantra in the week just before they sold up. Now I play Akichita the week after they go out of the cup and I get the full force of their £950k wage bill having only fielded it once in OD this season. My team seem to be punching above their weight at the moment...
  11. MrB

    OD - Week 5

    ShrimperZone CC v BGS XI 3rd v 5th. We have the skills advantage but they have the fitness. They're also adept at punching above their weight having beaten Brianstoke last season and surviving in a very tough division. With our bowling line up at lively/invigorated and a tough cup game on...
  12. Dear Cluniemore

    My dear chap, if indeed you are PS or one of his stalwarts, I do hope you get a chance to read this. Of course your true identity may come in an anagram of your name ( one clue I RM ). If this is true I still hope you get to read this! I have heard so much about 'confidence players' blaah blaah...
  13. Big headed Premiershite fans

    Just thought I'd mention something I noticed walking back to the car after the game on Saturday. I was in a great mood after seeing the best Southend performance I've seen in quite a while and in front of me was a little boy who'd obviously been to the game with his mum. His Dad came and met...
  14. Sandbach Shrimper

    New Season Predictions

    With the new Premier League season starting tomorrow, what are everyone's predictions for the top 4, bottom 3 and top scorer (along with any other predictions you'd like to offer)? Here's mine: Top 4 - Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool Bottom 3 - Wigan, Swansea, QPR Top scorer - Javier...
  15. Benfleet A1

    Bullies and Bullying

    Now bare with me good readers, this is going somewhere but I want to give it some background first. When I was a kid I was bullied, bad. My first taste of it was at the grand old age of 4 years old at nursery school where a phycotic 5 year old used to attack the entire fraturnity. He would rip...
  16. Slipperduke

    Fourth? Pah!

    Has there ever been a tag-line as profoundly underwhelming as the ‘Battle For Fourth’? Even for the English, who celebrate mediocrity with such enthusiasm that Tim Lovejoy has been encouraged to forge a career in broadcasting, this is a new low. Fourth? It’s not even a place on the podium. It’s...
  17. Eggheads

    Right, first of all no spoilers. We all agreed (and we're actually legally bound!) not to reveal the result of how we did but safe to say nobody let themselves down. We were the second show of the day (they film 5!) and we had the pleasure of wishing Daphne a very happy birthday - I will reveal...
  18. What Becomes of the Broke and Shafted

    Someone great once said that Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more than that. Which would explain the pain felt by those when their football club is ripped away from them. As a Southend United supporter, I've had the good grace of never witnessing non-league football and...
  19. Slipperduke

    Crazy Rooney Needed Telling

    Thank goodness that someone has finally said it. Fabio Capello's denunciation of Wayne Rooney as, "a crazy man," might be the best thing that has ever happened to him. A humiliating public dressing down for the lack of discipline that still prevents him from being a truly 'world class' player...
  20. Gutted beyond words

    I had to have a job finished by end of the day in Bracknell yesterday and as a result couldn't get to the game. On top of that there was an accident on the M25 and at one point it looked like I wouldn't even get back to see it on TV. A mate accepted my ticket with absolute shock and disbelief...