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  1. WightShrimper

    Question ifollow data usage

    I just use the app (on my android phone) to listen to the live match as I cannot get Essex Radio. However, I seem to be getting through my data allowance much quicker than when I was using the old Blues Player app. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I mistaken.
  2. Ideas/suggestions to make this week go quicker

    I'm a bag of nerves and this week is dragging. Saturday can't come quick enough for me! Let's help each other get through it. Anyone up for a quick 'Battle of', or something?
  3. wally4pm

    Pre-Match Thread Fly Bury airways

    I see that Bury players are paying their own air fares to fly to and from Pompey this Saturday so that they can return home quicker and fresher for their 'cup final' against the mighty Southend on Tuesday, which lets face it will be a real six pointer. As we have two long away vital trips...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Multimedia websites

    Am I just being curmudgeonly in disliking the new look cricinfo web-site with its "multimedia" focus? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against highlight reels showing actual sporting action appearing on web-sites, or illustrating written articles with photographs, diagrams and the like. It's...
  5. We Are Top Of The League........At Being Caught Offside

    According to Opta Stats, before yesterday's match. Sadly there were several offside decisions against us yesterday with Barry and Kevan the main culprits. On many other occasions, our players in forward positions knowing that were offside, had to let the play go by them and couldn't challenge...
  6. Football transfer to change?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25418135 Legal challenge has been made to end transfer fees. This means that contracts will literally be worthless and in theory and player can say "I'm off now", pay up his contract (or have his future club do that) and leave. I'm failing to see the point...
  7. amsemp

    Michael Spillane

    Seems people on here are quite split about Spillane, but I would love to see him stay to be completely honest. Don't really think he's had a fair crack of the whip since he joined and he's still relatively young. Some players settle quicker than others when they join a new club and he may need a...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Good news!

    1. Phil Brown doesn't appear to have been appointed - at least yet. 2. We have a train named after us. C2C are great. I've never missed the only goal of a game against the reigning League Cup holders and soon to be League Champions because of train delays when traveling C2C and their trains are...
  9. Cricko

    The Nakid Truth

    Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523 How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government. I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But...
  10. terry

    Harry's Eulogy

    In answer to those of you that wanted a copy of the eulogy that I gave for Harry at his funeral, here it is. Harry's Eulogy For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Terry and Malcolm had worked for me for the past seven years. During that time, I grew to know him very well both as a...
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    Gills-going places?

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/football-league-blog/2012/sep/16/martin-allen-gillingham Not tomorrow hopefully. "We've got to play better, do more, pass quicker against Southend on Tuesday." "Gillingham's central defenders, Adam Barrett and Callum Davies, attacking the ball early, have...
  12. Roll Call For Saturday!!!!

    So come on who's going to be at the rubber stadium on Saturday and how many Shrimpers do you think will be there? I'm coming on my own (sad little larry) Remember for those who are going I think there are still average speed cameras for a section on the M25 and a large section of the M1 (M11...
  13. Pre-Match Thread Morecambe v Southend United

    After the defeat at Aldershot P.S. has STATED he is making changes ! This is how I see it. Goal: Bentley: Instruction. Mix kicking with quick thro. Looking for your right back and central midfielder that will be looking for the ball from you. while being aware of our 2 wingers who will...
  14. londonblue

    So What Will The Response Be?

    I'm just waiting for the Israeli response to be denounced in the press: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/10-rockets-strike-israel-day-after-coordinated-terror-attacks-kill-8-1.379518 I also notice that no-one on here has made mention of the fact that 8 Israelis were killed...
  15. Cricko

    We'll make it to Fossetts

    *Typed up for the Exiles* As expected RM makes a statement to the Echo a week before the AGM, he is becoming more predictable by the day. Southend United chairman Ron Martin expects the football club to be playing at the new FF stadium next year. He spoke out as Blues' latest accounts were...
  16. Gary Neville

    Couldn't put it better myself Oliver Kay On Thursday 3rd February 2011, @OliverKayTimes said: A 1,000-word tweet dedicated to Gary Neville, the great overachiever ... There was, it is fair to say, a lively response last night when, in tribute to Gary Neville, I called him "one of world...
  17. Benfleet A1

    The mongol rally 2012

    Well I had intended on leaving this until nearer the time but things have moved on a little quicker than expected so here goes. Several years ago I was being all funky and surfing the net when I happened across an web site called TheAdventurists. Through my drunken haze I read about a totally...
  18. Hotman


    Now live :clap: I fear that my already ridiculous post count will now grow even quicker.
  19. Sturrock Update on Blues player

    Thoughts from PS: Francis: Highest earner, wanted him to stay, would like to thank him for services. Budget was vital to enable PS to bring in quantity of players. Still training with us for fitness until he gets a move. Not got bitter about the situation, everyone admires his attitude...
  20. Do we just have to accept we're stuck with Ron Martin now?

    I've posted something about this on another thread, but I fear it may get lost so think it needs a thread of its own. I'm concerned that suddenly yet another PR masterstroke - the likes of which we've seen many times before - has occurred and some people think again that everything's rosy and...