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  1. AndyT

    Memory Lane Those Oldham Trips

    I searched through and couldn't find if we did this last season, so here's my one and only visit :- Saturday 25th November 1995 - Oldham Athletic 0-1 Southend United We went up for the weekend and stayed overnight in Blackpool. The only goal of the game came from a Phil Gridelet hooked ball...
  2. Podcasts

    So what are you listening to? Any recommendations? Provide a summary if possible. This American Life My 'go to' podcast with almost 600 episodes (I've listened to 100 now, thanks to my commute!). Consistently high quality and interesting, but there are some exceptional pieces of investigative...
  3. The General

    Bathroom help / connections required!

    After some suggestions for some work to be done! Looking to put in a downstairs shower room but plumbing issues have arisen! Need some kango'ing work to be done as need to dig down to the pipe work. Any recommended contacts which could do this work would be lovely! Based in WOS. PM or post...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Recommended alcohol limit cut to 14 units per week for men

    What do you think about that?
  5. shrimperjon

    Parking/driving to wembley

    Having been to Wembley many times I have always used the train. This time, with two young children and an uncle with bad arthritis I have decided to drive. Someone recommended a site called Justpark and I have found a residential address with very positive reviews approx 1/2 mile from the ground...
  6. helloooo

    Hey all, newbie here (obviously) Who am I? A bit about myself, I live in Australia, unfortunately quite a fair distance from Roots Hall. Or any League two ground for that matter so I cant claim to have actually seen a Southend match live. I have a shockingly poor knowledge of football in...
  7. Recommended book: The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin

    If anyone else was lucky enough to receive this book as a Christmas present then they will probably be enthusing about it too. Written by sportswriter Michael Calvin it is about football scouts and player recruitment. An engrossing read, it compares how scouting has progressed in some clubs so...
  8. Razam


    Yes I know podcasts are old school, but I've just started listening to this one (recommended to be by a work colleague) and am hooked :stunned: I'm umming & erring each episode as to whether he's guilty or not. In brief; based in the US, a guy has been locked up for the last 15 years for the...
  9. Memory Lane Old Photos of Southend United.

    As I can only relive my time following Southend in my head, thank God this internet thingy came along and I can look up old videos and Photo's. I have found some great stuff and thought it would be nice to put some on here. I bought the DVD ''The Team We Call United'' two weeks ago and really...
  10. Napster

    Bobby Moore autobiog

    New Bobby Moore biography is out. There's about 10 pages on Southend - he interviewed Alan Rogers, Pennyfather, Lampard Snr, and Brian Dear. Some points of interest: Bobby Moore was recommended to Anton Johnson by Harry Redknapp, who was friends with Anton Johnson (!) BM liked a drink (the...
  11. Pale Blue Dot

    Frame Adjustment Southend

    Afternoon, Just bought some glasses online but I need the frames adjusted. Can anyone recommended a good optician ideally near Southend High Street? Thanks in advance,
  12. Supa Shrimpa

    Blues Matchday programme

    I haven't bought a programme for a few seasons, but my son twisted my arm today. I must say, after browsing through it when I got home, that I was pleasantly surprised with the standard and content. One of my tweets was also in there, which was nice to see. Not just the fact it was mine, but...
  13. * ORM *

    Long Weekend Away - YAY

    Off to Thailand for the first time tonight. Koh Samui and Phuket were booked. You can keep your Bangkok and Pattaya. Quite frankly if I wanted that I have it on my doorstep in spades. Public Holiday here on Monday and taking Tuesday as a day in lieu though the company probably owes me a month...
  14. Smiffy

    Breaking News 11 registered players

    Following on from Brown's appearance on Talk Sport this morn. He said "We ARE under Embargo, but as we only have 11 registered players I can still sign another 9. I have recently signed up 4 or 5 young lads to bolster the squad and recommended Dan Bentley to Peter Taylor for the England under...
  15. Ricey


    I've got my best mates stag do in Bournemouth next month and as best man have been sorting all the final bits out. Now I need to sort out somewhere to eat on the Saturday before we go out, so lining of the stomach is required. We are eating in a highly recommended Indian called The Eye Of The...
  16. Jam_Man

    International Driving Permit - Florida

    Off to Florida soon and had an email from the villa owner saying I had to get an International Driving Permit as its a new law introduced on the 1st Jan 2013 but hardly publicised. Never heard of it and checked RAC and Post Office but both say recommended only. However the AA site shows : R –...
  17. southend4ever

    Her Birthday - The Bloke Dilemma

    It's Saturday and all I have got her is a bracelet. I'd like to spend 100-250 to finish the gift off. The problem is I have no chance to get anywhere other than Canary Wharf Shopping Centre as we are away first thing after work tomorrow. My only options are I go and find bits and bobs after...
  18. yogi bear up the cagire

    Streaming for tonight?

    For us ex-pats and others who can't get to the match.......or a pub, anyone suggestions for safe streaming sites (Do they exist???) Went back to the Gills game and saw that there were two recommended. The first, coolsport, didn't seem too cool as when I entered the site, I got a security warning...
  19. Travel to D'Nam

    Just wanted to say that I travelled with SZ travel to D'nam on Saturday, for the first time. I couldn't be asked to drive as the rest of the guys I travel with were unable to get tickets or were working. Well... What a great bunch, I was made to feel very welcome, including signing a Birthday...
  20. Moody Blues

    Bars/Restaurants Sheffield

    Can anyone recommended any decent Bars or Restaurants in Sheffield