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  1. Jacob Rees-Mogg

    The pantomime toff has just made himself unelectable as leader, as he has said he's against gay marriage and abortion in any circumstances. ****.
  2. * ORM *

    Its autumn so there are brown leaves !

    Well it is Autumn and that's what happens to many trees.
  3. OldBlueLady

    What traditions do you keep at Christmas?

    As it's Christmas Eve, I thought it would be interesting to read about Zoners' family traditions at Christmas time, maybe some from when you were a child, maybe some if you have children now. As the eldest grandchild, I got to "enjoy" the strictest of my grandad's rules - no presents until...
  4. Concord friendly

    http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/concordrangersfootballclub/s/match-selection-67445.html?fixture_id=1798561&official=0 This was on the concord website, i presume its a chance for someone like Josh Rees to have another go (assuming milwall dont want him) and a chance for more fitness.
  5. new centre backs and centre mids

    so we've been given 150-180k for Ryan Cresswell, while im sad to see him go and thank him for his efforts, we have to look to the future without him, and who should replace him, i think bennett isnt who we want, to injury prone for me, who do people think we should sign?? also i think we...
  6. bigSouthendFanDan

    Josh Rees for Millwall

    Josh Rees is playing for Millwall tonight against BSS side Bromley
  7. Evening Echo

    Joshua Rees in limbo land but would still love to join Southend United

    JOSHUA Rees is still not sure where he will be playing next season, but has reiterated his interest in joining Southend United. More...
  8. Evening Echo

    Southend United manager Phil Brown keen to see Joshua Rees again

    BLUES boss Phil Brown has not ruled out taking another look at Joshua Rees, despite deciding not to take the Hadleigh based midfielder to Madrid. More...
  9. southend_aussies

    Southend United 3 - Leyton Orient 3

    Southend United just held a closed trial match against Leyton Orient. The score ended in a 3-3 draw. From what I've heard it contained a fair few trialists. Chris Phillips just tweeted that Mark Carrington, Dan Fitchett and Joshua Rees were the three goalscorers. More info when it becomes...
  10. TrueBlue

    G8 Protests

    Get jobs you ****ing dirty anti capitalist scum breeding scum ***** dirty soap dodging can't be arsed to get a job bearded wannabe tramps thinking your all it because you ride a bike and think its cool to rebel against democracy just goes to show you was all bullied in school nobody liked you so...
  11. Ref Watch ....... Exeter away

    Tomorrow's referee is, in theory, the best referee outside the SG. It is 6th year referee, Roger East from Salisbury. He has been given 4 Premiership matches this season. He is a familiar and distinctive figure to most of us as he did both the televised game at Gillingham (2 yellows and three...
  12. Describe your journey to work.

    Reading the saddlers thread got me thinking about my bad old days of being stuck in traffic and stuff and made me realise just how damn lucky i really am so i thought how do most zoners travel to work and is the trip as nice as mine. Yesterday i was working half a hour away from home and there...
  13. Fail and which players will leave?

    Premature I know but should we fail to get up which senior players can you see leaving. Would Bilel, Clohessy and Hall etc atttract takers in at least the division above? I do believe contract talks started with a number of players just after Christmas but lets face it the better ones were...
  14. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!

    The Sack Race

    20 managers have been appointed since the season kicked off back in August, of the 72 in situ then only half were in the position in August 2010 but is simply changing the boss whenever things go awry the answer ?? In the most case no, Plymouth are just as much in the doo now as when Carl...
  16. From the training ground.

    From the Training Ground. Lots of crossing and shooting practice today. Dickinson looked very sharp. He has one of the hardest shots I've seen in practice, just needs to keep them down tho, as too many went flying into the trees. I'm all for the power thing tho as it gives the goalie less time...
  17. wiggy

    Why does Sturrock hate Sawyer....?

    Wasn't pulling up trees in the first half, no better and no worse than anyone else. And then off comes Sawyer for the very ineffective Hall. Everyones MOM Saturday yet again he can't wait to whip him off and hang on for a desperate win. Wish he'd put us out of our misery and declare why he...
  18. Thorpe Groyney

    Southchurch Independent Puts The Boot Into Council Road Projects

    A bit closer to home, in the council elections, amongst the usual guff in the letterbox from all candidates, was an outright allegation of one councillor deciding on a road project scheme to help herself. Southchurch Independent candidate Mike Wilson stated "At Cuckoo Corner a survey showed...
  19. Man City Ask To Break Simple Rules

    Just what is it with Premier League clubs having a very limited understanding of just how transfer windows work? If it isn't Portsmouth asking for permission to sell players just because they're skint, it's Man City begging to sign a 'keeper. Due to some remarkable oversight, when Shay Given...
  20. Slipperduke

    FM2010 (iPhone) Review

    When I was young I used to dream, not of a career in professional football, or of great riches or even of a date with Kim Wilde. Nay, those were the dreams of weaker folk. I dreamed of a portable 'Tracksuit Manager', that mid 1980s Spectrum classic. I dreamed of whiling away long car journeys to...