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  1. What a difference a day makes...

    24 Hours ago Hooper had departed, the Eastwood rumour was quashed and it appeared that we were in meltdown. No striking options bar a new boy with no clear sign on the horizon. At this moment, we've seen what Barnard is capable of, have beaten arguably the 2nd best side in this league (Behind...
  2. Mad Cyril

    iTunes on windows - is it pony?

    I purchased an iPod classic for xMas and have been ripping Mrs. MC CD collection so she can listen to her music around the house. iTunes seems to get confused with compilation albums and these often corrupt the track listings for previously ripped albums. Also, some tracks which are by...
  3. Smiffy

    PC Monitor - Help!

    Ok, i've assembled my own computer, everything works great except for the monitor. It's a Hanns-G HW173 17' monitor. It works ok, but the associated driver disk I need to install is only compatible with Vista apparantly, I of course have XP. So my question is how do I get this driver...
  4. Oldham Refused

    Oldham They have been refused by their council permission to redelvop Boundray Park. Makes you reliase how lucky we are to have the council on our side
  5. Bielzibubz

    Another one to start some controversy......maybe.

    Has just been reported on BBC South East that a Muslim woman/young lady is suing a hairdressing salon she had a job interview with because she was denied that job because she would refuse to take off her head scarf if she was to be successful in gaining that job. She states that she is perfectly...
  6. NZamba Legend

    Tilson Canaries Poser

    When Norwich inevitably sack Peter Grant in the next month or so it will be interesting to see whether Tilson is shortlisted for the post again, and whether or not RM will again refuse the approach. Tilson was unhappy last season about not being allowed to speak to them, could a similar scenario...
  7. wiggy

    Oh dear, Tilson has learnt nothing.....!

    Anyone here agree with the starting 11 today? Still as stubborn, i will play the useless Matt Harrold and i refuse to make a substitution before 8 mins from time. At least in the Championship you can admire the decent football played by the opposition, today they were both garbage. Orient were...
  8. callan

    Do my dogs need washing?

    Please settle a debate between myself and the wife. We are off early thursday morning to a wedding in Barcelona, meaning our Dogs are in Kennels as from tomorrow. According to the Mrs, the Dogs will need washing prior to their going into the Kennels, whilst I am of the opinion they will need one...
  9. DTS

    Sponsorship for crappy events.

    Right, I am going to sounds like a right killjoy here but its a risk I am going to have to take. I am getting really sick of people doing really basic sporting events and then asking for sponsorship to do so. These last few weeks I have had the following: 1) Woman I worked with 10 years ago...
  10. fbm

    Is a clearout the answer?

    I guess we can all come up with some justification as to why we should retain player A or get rid of player B. But is an end of season cull the right thing to do here? All professional players have something to offer. We have a decent young squad that should be easily able to hold it's own in...
  11. fbm

    What on earth do we want?

    It's a tall order now. We MUST win both games and hope Leeds and Hull both collect no more than 1 point each from their last 2 matches. Possible, but unlikely. But apart from a probable relegation, I fear that as fans we are going to make ourselves a laughing stock of the entire football...
  12. Napster

    Loan player refused

    Sun reports we failed in a loan bid for Histon's centre half Matt Mitchell-King
  13. Just Unlucky

    At the end of the Day ,it was a travesty of justice that we didn't get all three points against Palace .The stats on the official site say that we had 19 Shots ,thats the sort of Shots you have when you win a game 5-0 .It was just one of those nights ,at least we created the chances in the...
  14. Xàbia Shrimper

    Rochford: Be aware; it's not over yet.

    DEVELOPMENT CONTROL COMMITTEE 25 January 2007 Creation of three training pitches, one all-weather floodlit training pitch, a flood attenuation pond and surface car-park of 454 spaces. Land north of Smithers Chase Sutton Road Rochford Applicant: Southend United Football Club Zoning: Green Belt...
  15. How vital is Rochford's nod?

    Great news people...I'm as excited as the next man. However how vital are the decisions regarding the future of the Roots Hall site and Rochford's decision over the training pitches and car park? Personally I cant see there being many probs regarding the Roots Hall plot as its in a prime...
  16. sussex by the sea

    Stadium application - planners recommendation

    I know this has been briefly mentioned in other threads but I thought it should be subject of a seperate thread. The Southend Council planning officers report is now on the Council website (via the Council & Democracy section, agenda & minutes, development control commitee 24/1)...
  17. Signed Football memorabilia inc Collis gloves

    Hey guys and gals! I'm trying to raise money so that my aunt can get treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. The NHS refuse to give her any physio as she is not a priortiy as MS is incurable, so her friends and family are trying to raise money to get it privately but this costs £50 an hour! As a...
  18. J


    I had the upmost pleasure of being at St. John's church near the royals shopping centre car park, for what i will say, was one of the best things done.. since the government refuse to aknowledge VJ and VE day, there was a parade and service for the commemeration of it.. brought a tear to...
  19. Xàbia Shrimper

    Ticket Office

    I think it's GREAT that the ticket office has done so well in ensuring that existing season ticket holders lose their seats to new applicants, that others have money pulled out of their accounts twice for no reason at all, that the cards don't work and, best of all, that they refuse to...
  20. Richard_Cadette

    Where should the Focus Be?

    After enduring yet another attempt at us to give promotion a miss this season, I cant help wondering if all this talk of Tilly running the Marathon tomorrow is something both he and the club can do without. As we enter our most important end to a season for years, surely the only focus he...