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  1. CC51DAS

    Breaking News BBC Essex to reduce coverage of Colchester matches - Southend 'unaffected'

    Just saw this on the BBC Essex Website - hopefully it means we'll have to endure a bit less of the drivel Neil Kelly talks. Apparently this has come about following an audience survey which suggested the Col Ewe matches attracted less than 100 listeners "Until the end of the 2016/7 season...
  2. Top Five Regrets of the Dying

    As below.... What might your biggest regret be? NB superblue24 - Regret #2..........
  3. Mad Cyril

    Anglo Italian cup stories.

    I never made it to an away Anglo Italian Cup match which to this day remains one of my biggest regrets. Has anyone got any good stories?
  4. Damian Scannell

    Has apparently rejoined Eastleigh-:stunned: http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/news/index.php?newsmode=FULL&nid=80700
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Israel regrets...

    http://gu.com/p/2m9x3 Her's something Rusty(and others) might care to comment on.Personally I think it's a scandal.
  6. Napster

    Mike Lapper interview

    Legend Mike Lapper, current assistant coach for the Columbus Crew, former defender for the U.S. National Team and various clubs, most notably the Crew, was kind enough to give me an exclusive interview for Pro Soccer Weekly. Mike is a really nice guy and gives some very frank answers to the...
  7. Dear Mr. Tilson

    Dear Mr. Tilson and the 09/10 crew, As a supporter of an entirely tribal activity, I am like many, sad to see the demise of the clan. I am always one for nostalgia and do not embrace change readily. This time though I am actually glad of the change...
  8. Shrimperstrust

    Club Loan - Trust Statement - 1st July 2010

    The Shrimpers Trust regrets to inform both its members and supporters of Southend United Football Club that the Trust's £60,000 loan to the Club, originally agreed in December, has not been repaid, despite an extension to the end of June 2010. The Statement in full can be found by clicking here.
  9. DTS

    Nation you could nuke without any regrets.

    If you had an atomic weapon and could take our one country without any regrets at all where would you aim. I personally would go for Australia. Never been and I think if I went the place itself I would like. However Australians bar none are the biggest ***** I have ever know. I cant think of...
  10. Rons Blog 07.04.09

    Firstly let me apologise for last week’s “void”. It was my intention to answer the questions raised over a period of two to three weeks and at the end of that period to review whether supporters generally thought it was a good idea to continue with a blog – be it weekly, fortnightly or not at...
  11. Napster


    I used to think I have no regrets - but I have a few. I used to be very shy, and never really took advantage of the myriad opportunities open to me at university, until a lot later. However, my biggest regret, is saying no to a PhD position, on graduation day. It was offered to me by one of the...
  12. Hooper and Kightley

    Didn't manage to get to the game yesterday so did the old trick of watching the scores on Soccer Saturday. First scorer of the day none other than Gary Hooper against promotion favorites Leeds. Bit later on and Kightley gets the equaliser for Wolves with the commentator saying that Kightley is...
  13. Why didn't we turn up?

    The fans certainly did their bit last night. The support was out of this world, especially from 4-0 down. The 2000+ who made the trip all did Southend United proud...unfortunately the players didn't. I know Doncaster are a very good side, but so are we. So what happened to us last night? I...
  14. sufcintheprem

    Semi-match report

    I thought I may as well put my thoughts on the game up as I've barely been on since the game. As I mentioned before this match, the form of the home team compared with that of the away team and the relative league standings pointed only one way: Away win. Sure enough, the form book wasn't...
  15. Tin Bath

    Genuine honest message to the players

    Ok guys you have 360 minutes of football ahead of you this season or in old money thats 6 hours and then you have a long holiday. For us mere mortals who arent as lucky as you thats less than a normal days work and our annual holiday isnt a patch on your break so plenty of time to recharge those...
  16. David Lee

    Right I know David Lee as he is from my way, nice fella anyway I always wind him up about leaving southend.. than on myspace I saw a chance 2 ask him the question I always wanted 2.... the message starts from the bottom! how did i know that was coming when i see it was from...
  17. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke meets...

    When I caught up with Adrian Clarke in London's trendy Camden, it was raining. "It's raining," he said with a wry smile, as the water pounded against the windows. He glanced outside at the widening pools of water on the pavement, the reflected lights of the traffic turning them into...
  18. Nick Nicolau

    Scored today for Hereford. Do you think he regrets his ambitious move from The Hall?
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    Karren Brady

    So who now regrets abusing her back in the 90s? Brain Op Or is that what's called karma?
  20. Southend 2 Oldham 1

    League One - The Times Online September 05, 2005 Lawson header puts Oldham into decline By Bill Edgar Southend United 2 Oldham Athletic 1 THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HEADED straight past Roots Hall en route to Southend seafront yesterday and Ronnie Moore could have done with a sea breeze...