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  1. Firestorm

    Memory Lane Today I will mostly be remembering....

    Tommy Simpson. Died on Mont Ventoux 13.7.67 Ok he was full of stuff to help him go better , but to a 9 year old from a cycling family the first brit to wear the Yellow jersey was always going to be a hero...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Remembering and paying respects - The Battle of the Somme Centenary

    Never forgotten.
  3. DoDTS

    The format of the play-offs

    I've got to say that the format of the play-offs seems excellent, two legged semi-final and the final at Wembley, and I personally wouldn't change anything however it is different elsewhere. As I understand it in Scotland the Play-off for promotion to the Premiership this year was between...
  4. Best comment you've heard at the Hall ;

    Randomly my eldest asked me this question the other night. I have heard plenty in my time but after a bit of thought I selected a quip from the mid 90's. I was in the West Stand that day, and please forgive me for not remembering the opposition, all the dialogue or even the 'target', but...
  5. ColinMorrisWalksOnWater

    Whilst Prince Charles is remembering thre events of 36 years ago......

    ....on the 28th August 1979, it always reminds me of something else that happened on that fateful day. Away from that sad event in Northern Ireland, that claimed his Great Uncle's life, Louis Mountbatten.........I was on an SUFC coach travelling North to Bolton for the 1st leg league cup tie...
  6. In remembrance of supporters

    For those who may not be aware and want to be present, at the match tomorrow (our first home game of the year) SUFC will be remembering all their supporters who have sadly passed away last year. I have been informed that this will take place about 5 minutes before kick-off. Names will be...
  7. twobob

    FourFourTwo magazine

    I'm after some help. I've been contributing the occasional comments to FourFourTwo magazine and I've been asked for the best 3 players in League 2.As I'm pretty poor at remembering who I think has played well for the opposition I'd be grateful if I could have some suggestions, name & club and...
  8. Kevin Hogg

    And now for some well deserved fun!!

    OK ..hopefully the usual Southend United sitcom has played-out and we can again start looking forward to a fantastic day out. So, what is the best day out you have ever had watching Southend United? Lets start remembering the fun stuff and looking forward to more!
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Wednesday night football at the Hall over the years

    4-1 Huddersfield - they had two sent off and Alan McCormack(!) got a double 1-4 Chelsea - Barrett. Bloody Revell missed a sitter at 1-0 1-0 Grimsby 1996 - Tilson (not the famous Tilly goal v Grimsby, that was on a Friday night IIRC) 2-1 Port Vale 1995 - week before Xmas. Mike Marsh got a pen but...
  10. Nominations Thread and Draws

    Was searching through SZ ex battles and saw this one was never completed. Thanks to John for the prefix. Normal format, and there will be 8 groups to prevent spamming the forum. Two every few days. For me to keep track with this list. 1) davewebbsbrain - Ian Benjamin goal that put Southend...
  11. Blue_Wes

    Timlin Back - Part 2

    Wanted to give some credit to Timlin following a run of decent performances from him. Remembering back to when we signed him, there was some opposition to bringing him on board and opinion was pretty much divided on whether we needed him. But he seems to have brought some balance to the team...
  12. Would A 'Bracket' Style Tournament Work?

    Inspired by March Madness and the almost traditional mundane nature of the Carling Cup, Do you think that a bracket tournament would work in English football? Simply draw up the bracket, similar to this one: Have an initial draw for the 64 teams (44 from the top two tiers, 20 qualifiers from...
  13. SUFC Forever

    Remembering a Fallen Hero of WW2

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1248605/Reggie-Earnshaw-The-Second-World-War-cabin-boy-youngest-hero-killed--aged-just-14.html Watched this earlier on the news and it brought tears to my eyes. RIP Reggie.
  14. DoDTS

    A Stirring Match - A Warcry for Tomorrow.

    Col Ewe tomorrow and I'm sure we don't need a WarCry but sometimes it's worth remembering who and what we are. We are Southenders, Southend United supporters with a proud history and love for our town and our club, not dependent on success (unlike our deluded premiership counterparts) but we...
  15. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Question Best Live Festival Performance??

    For me...... Coldplay at Glastonbury 2000 when they trialled "yellow" to a sceptical crowd, I still get shivers remembering that day. The only other one that comes close was moshing in the pit at the front to Faithless at T in The park about 4 years ago. Myself and my then to be wife were held...
  16. Slipperduke

    Leaving It Late

    Newcastle 3-1 Middlesbrough Taylor, 9 Beye (og), 3 Martins 71 Lovenkrands, 86 They don't make it easy on themselves up on Tyneside. Watching this spirited and determined victory over Middlesbrough, the objective observer could be forgiven for wondering why they hadn't tried such an approach...
  17. On this day...

    May 1st 1981 we drew 1-1 at home to Rochdale in front of crowd of 10,668 to clinch the 4th division championship to crown a fantastic season. The club's first piece of silverware (obviously many more have followed since) but a great achievement and an anniversary worth remembering IMO.
  18. manor15

    Chelsea ****s

    Have just been told and checked myself that in the second half of the Chelsea v Liverpool game last night that all Chelsea players had removed their black armbands remembering the 96 that died at Hilsborough. If that is not disgraceful enough it was because Guus Hiddink believed that they were a...
  19. Slipperduke

    SZ Novella - Chapter Six

    Chapter Six - South Of The ShrimperZone? At This Time Of Night? Ricey edged away from Stokes, carefully keeping his eyes shielded from the Red Tube. As tempting as it was to allow himself to wallow in the intense glow of some very, very naughty thoughts, he knew from...well...erm, first hand...
  20. CC51DAS

    Peter Clarke - has he ever had a better game for us ?

    I confess to not always having been a PC fan, but I have to say that I am having trouble remembering a better all round performance from a Blues player than the one he produced today. Tilly described it as immense and he certainly was.