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  1. Greebosan


    Afternoon chaps and chappesses, Looking to clear my flat in Leigh in the next week or so, and move the entire contents to storage in Chelmsford. Any Shrimpers in the game, or any good recommendations for a removal company? It's the entire contents of a flat, so will need a proper big van. As...
  2. Blue_Wes

    Joe Yoffe set to challenge FIFA's transfer window.

    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Seems ex-Southend trialist Joe Yoffe is set to take FIFA to court and challenge the transfer window. He currently ply's his trade in Iceland, where due to the adverse weather they endure, the season (and subsequently many player contracts) ends outside...
  3. Boxes or Packing Cases

    Moving house at the end of the month and wondered if anyone has any removal boxes I can borrow for a while. Cheers.
  4. DoDTS

    Removals - who can you recommend?

    We hope to be moving in the near future (Hullbridge to Hullbridge) and need to find a removal company. I think last time we used Hockley Removals and they were very good but can't find them on line or in yellow pages. Can anybody recommend any removal companies or know anything about Hockley...
  5. Crawliano

    Heat 8 "Money for Nothing" - Dire Staits v "Just" by Radiohead

    6 - marvel315 - 'Money for nothing' - Dire Straitsv 12 MK - "Just" by Radiohead Computerised removal men v a guy lying on the floor for 5 minutes.
  6. davewebbsbrain

    Have you warmed to the team

    After reading something kentblues posted earlier, it reminded me of a lot of peoples opinions last season saying it didn't feel like their team any more. I have always supported and loved the Blues no matter what, but after the removal of Tilly etc, many didn't feel any affinity with the team...
  7. Southend_Lady

    Every fan is important

    Anyone saving or hitting financial difficulties or redundancy in these hard times will understand just how hard it is to balance your social, work and financial lives. 6 or 7 years ago my disposable income was pretty high and I had no real responsibilities money wise. I used to be a STH and...
  8. Custard Splat

    Virus/Trojan Removal

    Help needed from the more technically minded of zone folk. I appear to have a problem with my laptop, with my works remote access scanner picking up some random trojan?? Anyone any ideas how I get rid?? It's slowed my laptop down a lot! I have McAfee installed but it seems to be stalling when I...
  9. Bob Cratchitt

    Question Time to ask the all knowing Zone!

    I am about to move house and need to organise a few things, so i would like to ask fellow Zoners for recommendations. 1. Need a skip to clear out the garage and shed, anyone care to suggest a Skip hire company and what would the be price I would expect to pay for a weeks hire? 2. Which removal...
  10. Breaking News Read Reid Readying Removal of Barker

    http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/sport/Reid-happy-Barker-remain-Southend/article-2571081-detail/article.html I like this a lot.
  11. Benfleet A1

    Bullies and Bullying

    Now bare with me good readers, this is going somewhere but I want to give it some background first. When I was a kid I was bullied, bad. My first taste of it was at the grand old age of 4 years old at nursery school where a phycotic 5 year old used to attack the entire fraturnity. He would rip...
  12. Westcliff Shrimper

    Removal Company

    All, Am moving house soon - could anyone recommend a removal company in the Benfleet/Canvey area? Ta... ;)
  13. Moving House

    Looks like our chain is finally complete, plus we have a potential move date of 1st Sept. We plan on doing all the packing ourselves, but want to use a removal firm to do the rest. Still staying in Leigh, so I wondered if members of the Zone could offer any recommendations for removal companies...
  14. Newcastle Suffer the Greatest Loss

    Newcastle United have no manager, an owner that doesn't want them, a vastly inflated wage bill and a squad on the verge of mutiny, yet that was all put into perspective this morning with the news that Sir Bobby Robson passed away. He was 76. A true icon of the game, his playing success was...
  15. Interpol Shrimper

    Directory Enquiries for Mobile Phones

    Just been sent this, from next week all mobiles have the potential to be listed in a phone directory, unless you opt out as ex-directory.
  16. The Youth of Today, Part I.

    - .........
  17. Interpol Shrimper

    Windows Updates

    Is anybody else suffering from Windows Updates issues on XP? The past couple of weeks each time I've switched off the laptop it has defaulted to the Turn Off & Install Updates option but nothing ever seems to happen. I've had a check and it seems as if there are 3 updates that refuse to...
  18. OldBlueLady

    Message from Irate Ian

    Resignation/Suspension Under Protest, Irate Ian voluntarily suspends his public forum usage of Shrimpzone until the end of 08/09 season, following which a further decision on longer term removal will be made, dependent on the then situation on SZ, due to:- 1. Closure/deletion of Threads...
  19. Shrimperstrust

    BBC Essex Petition at Match v Peterborough

    After discussions at last night's Trust Committee Meeting it was decided that due to the current stance being held by BBC Essex and in particular Gerald Main regarding the removal of Full Away Match Commentary from their Saturday Afternoon programming that we will be starting a written petition...
  20. Slipperduke


    You would think that, as the single most important match of their history looms up on the horizon, Chelsea might try to put a lid on the gossip and focus on the football, but nothing is ever that simple at Stamford Bridge. Faced with a choice of either (a) clarifying Avram Grant’s future or (b)...