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  1. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Pre Gig Thread - Moyet at The Cliffs Today

    OK, in the absence of a match due to the multi-talented superstars of Oldham going off globe-trotting there is one event for Shrimpers today in Southend - Moyet at The Cliffs. Hopefully a rendition of 'Blue' will make it to the set list. Any other Shrimpers going? Pre-match pub is The Cliffs...
  2. Amwell Blue

    Phil Brown CD

    Hi my first post...and I have a question..I am sure we all remember Phil Brown's rendition of "my way". What song would you want him to put on his next CD and who would you dedicate it to??? My choice would be a special version of a Dr Feelgood classic "He's a windup" dedicated to Moshni...
  3. Rendition

    Im sure that certain posters are busy standing up for the rights of the great and wonderful irish non movers but how can anyone that loves sticking up links left right and sometimes even center not pass comment on the fact that thier much loved labour gov used to send people back to L;ibya to be...
  4. Ron Manager

    Question Football related injuries?

    On Boxing Day over here I went to see Brisbane away at Gold Coast. In line with many away days watching Southend it was a cracking day out (however I've never drunk beer overlooking a beach like Surfers Paradise whilst watching the Mighty Shrimpers) spoiled only by the football (we got beat...
  5. Rob Noxious

    'Karaoke Capers'

    I was a bit of a late convert to 'Karaoke Capers.' In the early nineties, I could be seen grimacing and tutting in the corners of various hostelries, muttering about the murdering of The Clash's 'Should I Stay...' by misbegotten meatheads and generally being a bit of a misery when the wannabee...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Revelling in it 27/8/09

    Got this this morning, surprised not to see anyone else posted it while I've been at work today. Nice to see some recognition for the fans at Hull :clap: Revelling In It This week starring: Simon ‘Swampy’ Francis Lee ‘ASBO’ Sawyer Alan ‘Play it cool’ McCormack Lee ‘Porcelain’ Barnard...
  7. Slipperduke

    White Hart Lane

    I always enjoy a trip to White Hart Lane. Sure, it's in the middle of the north-east London badlands, a destination made even more remote by London Transport's fascination with shutting down the tube on match day, but there are consolations. For starters, there's the stadium itself, a hulking...
  8. Ron Manager

    Fight, fight, fight

    Dear All I do hope you consider this on Saturday. How about a rendition of the Itchy and Scratchy Show theme from The Simpsons, adapted for Roots Hall? 'We fight, we fight, We fight, we fight, we fight, Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight, The Southend United Fans' All done in good...
  9. ablegrandson

    best chant of the day

    Being held at the entrance to Fulham Broadway station, a police woman on horse back with loud hailer was trying to explain why we were being held there, but was totally incoherent. A quick rendition of uwot uwot uwot uwot I found quite amusing:goodun:
  10. Diane Vickers

    You may hate X Factor but this girl is a star..I only wish I had bet on her from day one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olIOyGK1UKo Tonight her rendition of "Smile" would of challenged Stevie Nicks.
  11. OldBlueLady

    Apprentice week 9

    Don't know how many were watching what with some football match going on in Russia, thought this was going to be a pretty naff task this week, but what a shock at the end. Teams were shaken up again, pitching Alex as SAS's choice of PM with Lee and Lucinda in Alpha against PM Raef (again...
  12. Forever A Shrimper

    New Adam Barrett Song...?

    Chelsea fans ue to have there rendition of it with Arjen Robben, but adapted for Adam Barrett. Barretts good, Barretts good, Running down the pitch, Barretts good, Barretts good, Here the Southend sing, He ain't got no hair, We don't f*cking care, To be honest, I'm a little concerned about the...
  13. Wakering Away Trip

    The Evening was a total success. We managed to lose Scott within minutes of entering the Stadium (always a plus point) and were welcomed by the home crowds rendition of "Green Army" by the packed East stand. ( I have no idea what that was about). It was nice for the Trialist from Charlton to...
  14. shrimp and two veg

    How to break the Spurs

    Took my old dad up to WHL couple of years back as a birthday treat as he was an avid Spurs boy in the Greavsie era. Whilst there i noticed all the singing started from the Park Lane end and the rest of the ground followed suit. Well,seeing as we've all got their seats i'm kinda...
  15. Uncle Leo

    The Go! Team

    Seeing as the Pub is looking musical at the moment.... Went to xfm's Winter Wonderland at the Brixton Academy last night. Of all the bands scheduled to play, I have to say The Go! Team were the ones I was least bothered about seeing. However, they were absolutely fantastic. That band have more...
  16. Xàbia Shrimper

    Amusing Stewarding at MK Dons

    I must make some comment on the hysterically stewarding experienced at Roots Hall last Saturday during the Spanish Shrimpers annual visit to the UK. The main view is from our position in the East Stand (first half East Greens [before some old fart made a comment about day-tripping, I kid ye not]...
  17. League One Awaits The Blues

    To the tune of Amarillo - Tony Christie (no surprise!!!) League One is dawning Three points off Port Vale by morning Then its Bradford, Walsall In the New Year its upto the Blackpool Bournemouth, Tranmere Rovers, they'll be no test Even Nottingham Forest, at their very best...
  18. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset


    Last banged on about this idea pre Yeovil game....apparently parties were enthusiastic but she had a prior engagement. Well, what about trying to sort something out now? Maybe need to wait for the fixtures to come out, then give her the list & ask her to take her pick. As a True Blue...
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    I blame...

    As soon as I saw them displaying the brand spanking new League 2 trophy this morning, I knew that was about as close as any Southend fans would get to it this season (well done boys for showing us up with the naff rendition of "Is This The Way to League Promotion?" too). The fact that...