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  1. Rootshallbloke

    Renewing Anti Virus Software

    I use Webroot Secure Anywhere as my anti virus software. It covers the family PCs and my smart phone. It's due up for renewal soon so just out of interest I clicked the renew subscription button to see what it would cost, and whoosh, £64.99 is the answer. So off to Webroot's main US site to see...
  2. enfieldblue

    sick shrimper

    To anyone over in the East Blacks who knows Keith Lockwood. Just to let you know he's been a sick bunny with chest infection type stuff. He's on the mend, getting better and stronger but won't be there Sunday. He will be renewing his season ticket, so you should see him next Season. Just...
  3. Season Tickets

    Please note if you intend to renew your Season Ticket it will cost you an extra £5 if you do it at the ticket office.Some of you may already know this but I didn't read the small print saying renewing online saves you that admin fee.
  4. Richard_Cadette

    Question 2015/16 Season Tickets

    Afternoon all, Just rang the ticket office to enquire about renewing my season ticket for next year, and was informed that they are not currently on salke at the moment, which even allowing for the fact that this is Southend United, I find a little odd. However, notwithstanding the above, the...
  5. GregStarz

    Now a shrimper

    After the discussion the other day where someone posted that they've had enough and will get a season ticket at West Ham next season, I thought I'd tell you about my friend and his family who've done exactly the opposite! He started coming to Roots Hall late this season with his family (mostly...
  6. New Sponsors

    I work for Insure&Go and overheard a conversation regarding our sponsorship ending with Southend and they will not be renewing the deal! So looks as though we getting a new sponsor. Any heads of who it will be? Im sure we will get the usual Sainsbury remarks and spin on Ron.
  7. Renewing my season ticket

    Still haven't done it yet. I'm feeling very little motivation to do so at the moment. I've been a season ticket holder for 10 years. Can anyone inspire me with some Churchillesque words?
  8. yogi bear up the cagire

    Will there be eastwood effect?

    Barring miracles will be lining up in League Two next season and apart from the obvious interest about who we will sign in the summer, there is an intruiging situation, regarding Freddy Eastwood. Whether it was a RM signing, in order to get bums on seats and whether PS really wanted him is an...
  9. Dan the Eel

    Season Tickets 13/14

    Just wondering whether you are able to buy a Junior season ticket without buying an adult one? Also, are you going to be buying/renewing your season ticket for next season?
  10. Question Who is going to renew their season ticket?

    Last nights performance, (sorry I should say lack of performance), has made my mind up, not to renew my season tickets, (yes tickets - I pay for two!). Yet another inept, gutless display by a team, (and that team includes PS), that a win away one week, followed by the inevitable home drab...
  11. Alvin Martins Barmy Army

    Our home performances this season are on par with Alvin Martins. What i saw tonight was a disgusting embarrassment to SUFC. Makes me feel like not renewing my season ticket. Fed up with Sturrocks consistent crap football and results this season. Please do the decent thing and resign.
  12. DTS

    How much is a matchday ticket at Roots Hall

    Hello All, Just working out if its worth my time renewing my seaosn ticket and forking out the lump sum now or I might consider paying on a game by game basis. The deadline does not really suit me at the moment but then I have done all but one fo the homes this season. Anyone know what the on...
  13. Question Season Cards

    Has anyone got any idea of the take up so far on season cards? I will be renewing mine tomorrow ready for League One football next season!!
  14. yogi bear up the cagire

    Renewing blues player subscription

    Can anyone give me advice on a problem with renewing BP subscription? I have tried to pay a couple of times from France with a Visa card. On both occasions the transaction has frozen on a blank screen from netbanx stating that they were "Proceeding to authorise your...
  15. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Zone Update Reward for renewing season card

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2337646,00.html ''Southend United are set to reward the loyalty of Season Card Holders who renew for next season. Following feedback regarding the announced prices earlier this month we are keen to reward fans that continue to support...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Breaking News Season card prices for next season announced!!!

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2325750,00.html Not sure people are going to be rushing out for these. With what we have seen this season i would have a further reduction would have been needed. The bottom line for most is an increase of £50 to £350. They must be the...
  17. wiggy

    Club is an absolute joke with Ron Martin in charge!

    ...and will be for the next few years. On the verge of the play offs in a really crap league with a decent bloke in charge and what happens as always? Ron gives us absolutely no chance of going any further. Season ticket in shreads, won't be renewing and can't wait till his little dream is in...
  18. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Question Will you be renewing your season tickets for next season

    Simple question I will start it off. For me it depends on the 2nd half of the season, but its unlikely, even if we finish top 10.
  19. IloveShrimp


    After Southend get relegated next year, will you be renewing your season card?
  20. wiggy

    Sinking ship, thanks Ron....

    Bottom 6 if we are lucky under this regime,, won't be renewing the season ticket until ******** Ron gets his act together. Don't think it will happen to be honest and will end up relagated under his mis management. How to destroy a club in a few years!