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  1. Southend United Supporter's Group

    As some of you may know ****le43 and myself have been representing the Zone at the meetings of the supporter's group which are held every couple of months. I have now moved to Yorkshire to retire and, although it won't affect my owning and running the Zone, it will mean I am not able to return...
  2. Question Target 8000

    The Supporter's Group have a meeting Tuesday evening with the Police Liaison Officer , Dave Jobson and Danny Macklin from the club ****le43 and I will be representing the Zone. The club want to increase attendances to 8000+ for home games and I would like suggestions from our members to take...
  3. International eligbility

    This is for all sports. Should all sports gov bodies allow individuals to chose what country they represent or should it only be the country of their birth.
  4. The final push !

    Football never ceases to amaze,7 games ago we were play off contenders yet the men representing Southend and surrounding areas can be forever in folklore for .Seven wins and zero conceded had pushed us to the point of dreamland,one last good result is all we need. I hope every single Southend...
  5. OldBlueLady

    Southend supporter groups uniting

    A criticism that has long been laid at the Trust's door is their inability to listen to criticism and to embrace the different factions of supporters. For that reason, on behalf of the Trust I am posting this with a view to gaining representation of the Zone at the forthcoming planned...
  6. We need a striker, would you accept Ched Evans?

    Evans was released from clink this morning, so I feel it relevant and An interesting topic to discuss. If the club looked to sign him, or even gave him a trial, would you welcome it or be disgusted? Few points to consider... - Would you be happy/angry/indifferent to him representing & being...
  7. DoDTS

    Southend 5-0 Burton

    Ok it's not the same Burton and it was a long time ago, but if we're all playing mind games who cares: Sat. 14th December 1935 F.A. Cup Round 2 Southend United 5-0 Burton Town Oswald who was on the top of his form and had a big hand in all five goals and then the Blues defence didn’t allow the...
  8. March for Mitch

    Hi all, My name is Simon, and along with 10 other Stevenage FC fans, we are going to partake in a trek from Oxford to Stevenage raising money for The Cardiomyopathy Association (CMA) in memory of Mitchell Cole “March for Mitch”. The idea is to have 11 participants each representing one of the 11...
  9. Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson

    Seevic’s Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson selected for England Seniors World Cup squad 24 April 2013Two members of Seevic College’s Faculty of Sport are dusting off their boots after being selected to represent England at the Seniors World Cup in Thailand. Steve Tilson, Seevic SCORE Academy...
  10. Evening Echo

    Anthony Straker out to secure Southend United recall following Grenada international

    Anthony Straker out to secure Southend United recall following Grenada international ANTHONY Straker wants to use the experience he gained while representing Grenada to work his way back in to contention at Southend United. More...
  11. Next Meeting with the Club

    I will be meeting Steve Kavanagh from the club on Monday night. Paul Fitz will be representing the Trust and we will be obtaining answers to questions that have been forwarded for Ron Martin to read and answer. I will be posting the answers as soon as it is possible.
  12. Shrimperstrust

    Trust & ShrimperZone Meeting with Ron Martin

    Ken Jarvis representing ShrimperZone and I (Paul FitzGerald) met with Ron Martin on Tuesday night to try to clarify the state of the clubs finances and the status of the FF development. Not hugely surprising but our meeting with Ron turned into a double act. Steve Kavanagh came across well...
  13. Andy_S

    Barry Fry

    Seems like we could be up against him in Pre Season, as its rumoured he's interested in the available job at The Daggers! I haven't heard anything about it myself, but their board is full of posts about him and it's supposed to have been mentioned on Sky Sports News.
  14. Jam_Man

    The Shrimpers Trust and its role with the current financial issues

    Ive posted this in general to get some attention, we will move it to the Trust forum shortly... Following a comment I made and a subsequent reply from OBL thought Id start a specific discussion, especially after a great game on Saturday will hopefully mean this is in a slightly more positive...
  15. Napster

    Stupidity of football and agents

    Just had an email from Barnet FC informing me about a young winger currently available. Firstly: the agent just emailed info@barnetfc and emailed it for the Attention of Giuliano Grazioli, so I assume there has been no contact beforehand? Second: AFC Wimbledon for a trial? He's just emailed...
  16. Tangled up in Blue

    French footy-Allez Montpellier

    http://gu.com/p/36za2 Whisper it but there's going to be a new kid on the block representing France in the Champions League next season.Montpellier are well on target to win the French league ahead of PSG and Lille for the first time in their history.I've seen them twice this season,including...
  17. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  18. Cricko

    Any budding journalists out there?

    Hi John, Appreciate your help on this, Southend fans are proving one of the hardest to find so far. Cheers, Aidan I am looking for a Southend supporter who would be interested in representing the Shrimpers on an established football site by writing unique content on a regularly basis...
  19. Blue_Wes

    Aldershot Town & Ron Martin's act of generosity

    So this morning I receive a letter from Ron Martin, which reads as follows; Dear Mr Fitzgerald, As many of you will know the income received from the sale of tickets relating to League games is always retained in full, by the Home Club. Whilst it is certainly not for me to judge the policy of...
  20. Cricko

    Breaking News Tonights Fans' Forum

    I was told this late last night and I have just had a chat with the club so apologies for this late message. The Meeting tonight will be held in The Blues Lounge and not The Shrimpers Bar....It still starts at 7pm and for those that do not know the location of The Lounge in the ground, go to...