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  1. DoDTS

    No. 5 World Cup POINTS and TABLE after Match 30 England v Panama

    POINTS from Match 25 Nigeria v Iceland 3 ……… points ……… dansmiffey93............... 3 ……… points ……… half1234…………………….. 1 ……… points ……… essexps......................... 1 ……… points ……… fbm………………………………. 1 ……… points ……… The Big Dady................. The rest of us? Not a lot.....:nope:
  2. Shrimperstrust

    Shrimpers Trust News World Cup Prediction Competition

    The Shrimpers Trust is once again running a World Cup Prediction competition. The format is the same as in previous years with score predictions required for each of the group matches and then predicting the teams to reach each of the following rounds. The competition is open to everyone and...
  3. RobM

    HMRC Expert needed - fuel duty query

    Someone has told me it's legal to use 2,500 litres of vegetable oil in a Diesel vehicle, thus evading tax! Surely this can't be right. Any experts on this?
  4. Shrimpergarry

    Preferred back 4 now Coker and Turner are out for the season

    Given the news that Coker and Turner are out for the rest of the season, what is your preferred back 4 for the final 4 games?
  5. Adam Barrett

    Just seen this: CRYSTAL Palace boss George Burley is set to wrap up his second transfer of the summer tomorrow - with the capture of former Southend United defender Adam Barrett. The South London Press understands that the 30-year-old centre-back has agreed terms on a move to Selhurst Park and a...
  6. what we need to do?

    what we need to do for the rest of this season, 1) ibelieve first the supporters must now rally around the team and support them 2) The club must at all cost avoid relegation, if RM needs to offer the players an incentive to do this so be it 3) We need an very quickly to sign whether they be...
  7. Bielzibubz

    PJA Digital Design & Photographic Restoration Services

    Afternoon good people of 'The Zone' After designing and producing the new Shrimperzone web banner I thought I'd tell you about another service we off at PJA Digital Design. A full photographic repair and restoration service. I dare say we've all got one of those old and cherished family photos...
  8. Does Jon Venables deserve execution?

    Following on from a very brief discussion in a seperate thread a few months ago, it's been confirmed today that Jon Venables is to once again stand trial for possessing indecent images of children. I'd like to gauge people's thoughts on whether Corporal Punishment would be justified here...
  9. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    **** it, we need some cheering up, try this

    Nine years ago today, I, and most of you ,went absolutely mental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQKor0opb28 Brown, Woody, and others, hang your heads in shame and do the decent thing. Bring back Barrett & Clark (Paul) (ok, maybe even Peter too) to the Roots Hall management team, lets...
  10. Shrimper

    Effectiveness of Substitutes

    Something I noticed was that this season in the league we have just 1 goal according to the programme from our substitutes in the league, that being McGlashan in the 4-2 win against Fleetwood. Obviously, you wouldn't expect a defender to contribute offensively so you could look at those...
  11. Sackable offence surely...1 up front....

    .....when you badly need the points to give hope for the rest of the season, and to keep you in a job. Oh no....not our Phil.....lets not test there keeper when we are playing at home. Ron you ain't got the balls to sack the idiot in charge after last week so this week Phil confirms it for...
  12. AndyT

    Question Penalty Takers

    Been giving this a bit of thought. Whilst most games are penalty free, there are matches where it could be crucial to slot one home. So, who should take them? I did a bit of delving on Josh Wright and he actually only scored 4 penalties last season. Obviously the famous three, plus the other...
  13. RHB

    Anton Ferdinand

    Hardly a game passes without Anton looking off the pace, out of position, caught for speed, you name it, he's been accused of it this season. On his day (which was most of last season) he was a 'class above' defender who used his experience and AdamThompson to counter his lack of pace. This...
  14. Westcliff Shrimper

    Westcliff On Sea

    Fellow Shrimpers, After my sojourn to Brentwood, Mrs SBS and I are moving to Westcliff next month (just off Hamlet Court Road, near the station) and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for pubs/bars/restaurants? Both coupley and family ones please. Ta all.
  15. RHB

    10th annual Dave's Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe competition

    The full list of shortlisted jokes: I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change. Ken Cheng (Winner) Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book. Frankie Boyle I’ve given up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the...
  16. whats happened to ba

    The French lad was ment to sign a contract but its all gone quite .Does anyone know if he has signed or not .Also was he at meet the blues day with the rest of the squad . I noticed he was not included in todays under 21 game .
  17. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Need an Essex Play-Off Fix?

    OK, so we didn't quite get there. But it seems too soon for the season to end. So, what to do? There is an antidote to anyone still with live footie needs in an Essex play-off situation (and I certainly don't mean Cole Ewe if they somehow manage it) Your medicine can be taken at Chelmsford...
  18. Rattus Norvegicus

    Favourite Home and Away Games of the Season

    So with 1 home and 1 away game still to go, it might be worth considering what we think has been the best performance of the season at home and the best performance away from home .......... and why. And I'm sure Gillingham isn't going to feature ............. or Port Vale. I'll nominate...
  19. shrimperjon

    Smith, Inniss, Oxley out for the season, Coker out for 2 weeks

    Just seen tweet from CP saying that Coker and Smith likely to miss rest of the season. Smith - shame as he was doing ok, but this new lad looks the real deal, so are we able to extend his emergency loan to the end of the season? Coker - massive miss, thought Timlin played very well Tuesday...
  20. Tommy2holes

    Bury at home

    Bury at home could potentially be the biggest game of the season. I think the club should set their stall out early. Bury will not bring many so let's allocate them 600 and fill the rest of the ground out Do a promotion and let's get 10,000 home fans in for this one.