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  1. Vacancy - All At Sea fanzine co-editor / scissors and pritt stick man

    Hoping the mods will allow this. Our co-editor Neddy Beavan has had enough of Ron Martin and has opted to take a well-deserved break from co-editing Southend United's longest-serving fanzine of all time. As a result, All At Sea requires a loyal and enthusiastic individual to help the running...
  2. Slipperduke

    Don't Make A Whipping Boy Of Green

    Even as I type these words, I can hear the scraping of a thousand knives being hastily sharpened in the offices of England’s national newspapers. By the time I’ve hit ‘send’ on my email, be assured that this country’s sports editors will have plunged them all into Rob Green’s back. Football can...
  3. Interpol Shrimper

    Emmanuelle Chriqui v Lanny Barby

    Final day of the 1st round. Tie 1 sees 2 of SZ's more learned and respected posters battle it out. Canvey's Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui v Rusty's "Specialist" actress Lanny Barby. For those who don't know, be warned, Rusty's choice is the only nominee of the whole contest that I wasn't...
  4. southend4ever

    Man walks into my office

    Manager of Asian descent walks into our office and asks for a Pritt Stick. Aussie girl says "what stick" Manager says Pritt stick, you know some glue. Aussie girl says oh you want glue yeah there should be some. Manager sees some on girls desk who is away at lunch. Don't worry I have found some...
  5. * ORM *

    Rambling musings when you wake up slightly hungover with not enough sleep.

    Damn, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed (2.30am) and how much I've had to drink the night before (plenty). I still wake up at 6.30 even on a Sunday and well before the alarm clock which is set for 8.30 to wake up a girl I was out with last night as she is going sailing all day today and...
  6. Slipperduke

    Who Should Replace Rafa?

    It's 6pm on Sunday evening in Merseyside. The last supporter trudges out of the Anfield turnstiles, his head hung low. Red scarves are left strewn amongst the litter in the aisles of the Kop. Somewhere outside you can hear the gleeful chorus of 'Glory, Glory Man United'. Liverpool have been...
  7. Slipperduke

    White Hart Lane

    I always enjoy a trip to White Hart Lane. Sure, it's in the middle of the north-east London badlands, a destination made even more remote by London Transport's fascination with shutting down the tube on match day, but there are consolations. For starters, there's the stadium itself, a hulking...
  8. Slipperduke

    Goodbye Bobby Millions

    Several years ago, upon the release of his autobiography, Sir Bobby Robson held a signing session in his home town of Newcastle. Thousands of Geordies turned up, all clutching their books and waiting patiently for an audience with the great man. One of them, so the possibly apocryphal story...
  9. Slipperduke

    Who Would You Be? Bill or Roman?

    Who would you rather be this summer? Multi-billionaire owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich or reasonably wealthy owner of Everton, Bill Kenwright. Think carefully before you choose, there's more to this than meets the eye. Kenwright may have left Wembley empty-handed on Saturday night, but at...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Enquiry announced into Southend Utd Big Brother 2009

    News reaches us this evening of an attempt to vote twice in one day in this competition on not one, but two occasions by a well respected and apparently highly regarded member of this board. The evidence mounting up is as follows: The member stands accused of voting single mindedly to oust...
  11. Slipperduke

    Return Of The Old Guard

    How very retro. There was a time when any game between Arsenal and Manchester United was epoch-shaking. They were the two giants of the domestic game, battling out their own private war while the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and, this'll make you laugh, Newcastle could only look on from the...
  12. TrueBlue

    Rons Blogg

    Chairman's Blog Firstly before I deal with Q&A there are one or two things to clear up. The first relates to Peter Clarke and an article in today’s Echo. In last week’s blog I set out the position, once again, surrounding Peter but for the record there have been no discussions with Peter...
  13. Slipperduke

    Listen To The Lessons Of Clough

    On the weekend that saw the UK release of the Brian Clough movie 'The Damned United', it was alarming to see Manchester United's discipline crumbling in a way that 'Old Big 'Ed' would never have tolerated. The legendary Nottingham Forest and Derby manager was rarely short of a quote and I can...
  14. sufc_tom

    Rons Blog 12/3/09

    No-one seems to have put it up! So here it is... Last week I touched on the backroom staff at the Club. That is not of course the backroom staff that support the football management but what I would describe as the “engine room” of the Club. I say that because I know whilst all fans will...
  15. Ron's Blog 10-3-09

    Chairman's Blog Last week I touched on the backroom staff at the Club. That is not of course the backroom staff that support the football management but what I would describe as the “engine room” of the Club. I say that because I know whilst all fans will understand there has...
  16. Pale Blue Dot

    laptop advice

    right, need a laptop. i have been asked to search for to be used for work store music etc will be used a lot. i know you lot know your stuff so anyone got any decent sites to look at above and beyond pcworld/ebuyer or know of the deals. thanks in advance. bobby ps i would prefer it if those...
  17. Breaking News Ron's blog 03/03/09

    I feel there are more issues I would like to share with supporters in relation to football matters, which includes acknowledging the very capable backroom staff who get little credit for maintaining a well oiled operation. That topic will be on another agenda as many fans’ only point of contact...
  18. Slipperduke

    The Fall of Roman's Empire?

    The rumours that Roman Abramovich is attempting to sell Chelsea may have been quickly denied by the club, but when you stack up the numbers, it's all too plausible. Stamford Bridge has been a black hole for the Russian oligarch's cash and, in a year when he's lost so much money elsewhere, it...
  19. fbm

    Tilly and Brush - going nowhere

    Oh my God - yes it's (yet) another Steve Tilson thread... and I would like to say that in making this I am only too well aware that this is a public forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But Christ there is a lot of tripe spouted on here. OK, lets start just by recapping on two...
  20. Slipperduke

    Scolari Knows The Price Of Failure

    Luiz Felipe Scolari is all too aware of the ramifications of failure at Chelsea. High expectations and high expenditure means a low tolerance for poor results. "Now we need to beat Cluj," he said after drawing with Bordeaux on Wednesday night. "But if I thought my players did not have the...