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  1. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Pre-Match Thread On the way down York v on the way up Southend: Sat 20th April 2013

    Right, an early plug for this one as: - I'm going (weekend annual reunion trip with Plymouth uni mates from '83, my choice of venue this time), B&B booked for Sat night, early trip up on the day so in York for noon - Last away game of the season - York is a great place for a weekend getaway...
  2. Rob Noxious

    The Original Rude Boy

    "It's a bit like what Charlie Watts said about the Stones ... five years playing, twenty years waiting around." Sir Buttz Yoddles spoke wearily as he was in discomfort from a horrific abscess for which he had just started taking analgesic medication. His weariness was not helped by the...
  3. Cricko

    The TOTS Reunion

    Now I know this is probably before most of you were born but your parents may remember those days... I have organised this night with a few close friends of mine and it would be great if you could all post this picture about your Facebook/Twitter profiles and give the night some promotion...
  4. Clinton Baptiste

    Stone Roses to reform?

    So its heavily rumoured that the Stone Roses will announce a reunion tomorrow? What do people think? Anyone see them first time round? Obviously money talks but I dont see it as a bad thing. The only worry is Ian Browns voice which has never been the greatest. Their debut is a classic and I...
  5. Ref Watch ....... Tilly and Brush reunion

    The man in charge of Saturday's match at Lincoln is Peter Quinn from Cleveland. He is a second year referee and, based on appointments, not one of the better second year officials. He was recently given his first Championship appointment and I think it's fair to say it didn't go well. He will...
  6. Davros

    One to Start the weekend - Reunion

    After a year or so of not getting round to doing one, following recent comments from kent Shrimper, 12STW is attempting to make a comeback! This weeks tune comes from around the end of 99, beginning of 2000, and is the best track on one of my favourite films, Kevin and Perry Go Large. Lange -...

    How to start a fight

    My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming...
  8. Specials Reunion

    Should I? No Jerry Dammers.... Hmmmm....
  9. Southend_Lady

    2wentys Reuinion - Butlins, Skegness

    2wentys do it every year. They hire out Butlins and fill it with everyone that went away with them in the summer (although anyone can actually book up to go). Personally I am glad that this year was my last ever 2wentys holiday because at nearly 24 I felt old and was on one occasion the oldest...
  10. Irish_Shrimper

    Orient thrashing, the 'Taking' of the Spread, and Wiggy's Identity Finally Revealed

    I had every intention of defying my usual trend of taking only 4 photos every trip to see Southend play, but the above is all I got this time around :D Friday morning started bright and early at 7am, where Billy no mates here made his way to Shannon Airport. Got a sneaky, and rather greasy...
  11. Benfleet A1

    The Jam

    Sky News are reporting that The Jam have reformed and are going on tour. But there is just one small problem, Paul Weller is not part of the reformed group. How the hell can this be a Jam reunion without the lead singer and songwriter?
  12. Flinty

    Favourite Spice Girl

    Right to "celebrate" the reunion, who is the shrimpezone ultimate spicey. Rules as per the favourite southend player thread Sporty 10 Posh 10 Baby 10 Ginger 10 Scary 10
  13. Uncle Leo

    If this story were the answer...

    ...the question would have to be "what is the most pointless reunion tour ever organised?" http://www.nme.com/news/the-jam/26537 Next week - Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce announce "The Smiths Reunion Tour" :rolleyes:
  14. help needed

    I am trying to track down fellow fans of the shrimpers, who started going to see southend towards the end of the 60s and early 70s, to try and get up a reunion of those of us that were there in the early days, before any bandwagon came along(was that a gypsy bandwagon??) I know there is myself...
  15. Punk Reunion------

    Went to Bar Lambs tonight for a punk reunion night and had the privilege of getting on stage and singing with Retrospex , a Southend Punk band. Headlining were the Doomed , with ex-Damned guitarist Roman Jugg. A really good loud night out.

    now we have a curious situation I make assumptions which are 100 percent wrong?? now then my fat friend, or am I wrong again,read collymores article in last weeks echo this man lives and breathes southend, and I stick by my original post, if you object to him knocking this 2bit ex weather...
  17. Bart a bit of an Embo??

    I have a horrible feeling Bart may be a bit of an Embo >> Apparently one mistake and he cracks up. He seems to have let in an aweful lot of goals over the years.!! A few things that a Yahoo search threw up on Bart >>> "For the first time since the departure of Steve...