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  1. The law is an ***.

    Ok, I suppose I best start saying that if you know who the slebs are who've taken out the injunction it's best (at the moment) not to reveal any names. So, I'm talking about "PJS" and "YMA" who have taken out an injunction to stop the press revealing their shenanigans - I couldn't care less...
  2. RHB

    A pub and restaurant at Garon Park?

    The Echo is carrying an article today revealing that a brewery chain is in Advanced talks with Southend Council to build a new pub and restaurant on the site which is currently used for overflow parking for Kids Kingdom. The location is a bit intriguing, especially as the old Rusty Bucket gave...
  3. Razam


    Yes I know podcasts are old school, but I've just started listening to this one (recommended to be by a work colleague) and am hooked :stunned: I'm umming & erring each episode as to whether he's guilty or not. In brief; based in the US, a guy has been locked up for the last 15 years for the...
  4. callan

    Interview with a zoner Wembley special

    After an absence of sometime….I have decided to resurrect ‘’interview with a zoner’’, for a one off Wembley special. Previously I have delved deep into the psyche of other zoners and have interviewed people from diverse cultural backgrounds (London fatso)...
  5. Shrimperstrust

    Paul & Rob's Big Day Out - High Court Blog

    With Ron Martin revealing to the media that the outstanding tax debt of £378,000 has been transferred to HMRC, now seems the perfect time to reflect on last week’s events in the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand in London. To read the blog click here.
  6. CC51DAS

    Question What are 'the consortium' waiting for ?

    Twenty something days left to save the club yet we still await full details of the so called consortium's identity and proposals. What is stopping them from revealing these to the fans ?
  7. Why have the consortium not phoned Ron Martin?

    According to TrueBlue, after his summons today: "One thing to add he said if the consortium are serious why have they not phoned him". Strictly speaking this is true by those exact words, but this is more spin. I know quite a lot about what's been going on at our club. And it's not great...
  8. Slipperduke

    Southend on SSN

    I'm always excited to see our name on The Yellow Ticker of Doom, but does it have to always be for the bad things in life? And these 'Sky Sources' that keep revealing how our players haven't been paid...is that not just some bloke reading The Echo?
  9. Ron Manager

    Lily Allen gig last night

    Saw Calvin Harris, Dizzee Rascal and Lily Allen at The Riverstage in Brisbane last night. Three really good sets. Oh, and Cricko - Ms Allen was looking mighty fine in a series of quite revealing outfits :slurp:
  10. Meet the blues update

    Pretty poor really, meet tilly at 10 and meet players from 12 noon, whilst you are waiting bounce on a bouncy castle and have your face painted. None of the usual stuff then watching players training session then watch a charity game etc. Not sure the youth tournament is that exicting to...
  11. Irish_Shrimper

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Anyone have any interest in seeing this? I played a print of it through last night at work before the public shows out this Friday (Dunno if it is the same date in England or not), and it was a huge disappointment. I loved the first one, but this was long, drawn out, poor enough storyline, the...
  12. number11

    Zone Update Sunrise to Sunset Charity Match - We did it!

    All, Just to confirm that SZFC succesfully completed their continuous match from sunrise yesterday to sunset last night. It was truly surreal to have kicked off with the sun about to rise above the goal we were attacking, and when the final whistle went almost 15 and a half hours later it was...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Paul Clark

    The Viking That alone might be enough words for many on here to vote yes to Paul Clark, but if you weren't fortunate enough to have witnessed his crunching tackles and never say die attitude, I suppose I should give a lengthier bio. The first local player up for election, Clark was born in...

    How to start a fight

    My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming...
  15. Smiffy

    Breaking News TBV Meeting with Geoff King and Others

    Just to keep you all up to date. Myself, Cricko and McNasty had a meet with Geoff King, Garry Adamson and Dave Jobson this evening. Main points of discussion were 1. How the club can help TBV move forward 2. The Colchester game 3. The future of TBV Firstly all three of the SUFC rep's...
  16. Slipperduke

    West Sham

    Sometimes in life, when faced with inexplicable stupidity, there is a temptation to assume that perhaps it is you who is being stupid. When Steve McClaren decided to play long-ball to Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney in Russia last year, I briefly toyed with the theory that maybe, with his years of...
  17. mosquito ultrasonic noise device

    Below is an article on the new "mosquito ultrasonic noise device" that is apparently only audible to 25 years and under (approx), It omits a high pitch noise that is painful to the ears but supposed to be harmless. It has be designed to disperse young people that are hanging around areas were...
  18. a bit of Walsall press -

    pre TRANMERE but sort of interetsing Walsall defender Rhys Weston today revealed how the fear factor created by the club’s young stars has helped the senior players raise their game. The Saddlers head to League One leaders Tranmere tonight with five of the likely starting line-up aged 21 or...
  19. a bit of Walsall press -

    pre TRANMERE but sort of interetsing Walsall defender Rhys Weston today revealed how the fear factor created by the club’s young stars has helped the senior players raise their game. The Saddlers head to League One leaders Tranmere tonight with five of the likely starting line-up aged 21 or...
  20. southend_shrimp

    Alonso Sells McLaren Down The River

    Is this his way of trying to hit back at his team over the Hamilton row