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  1. steveo

    Break the silence 3: Bill Gates is named world's richest person

    Good luck to hoim. The bloke who bought desktop computing to millions is again the worlds richest man. Has donated a reported £30 Billion, yes billion dollars to charity via the Bill Gates foundation. Don't see so many of those Micro$oft posts anymore. Top bloke, good luck to him.
  2. Social Care Proposals

    I'm really hoping someone can explain this to me because I don't understand it. Social care (excluding accommodation costs) will be capped at £75k per person and additional help will be provided for those with assets worth less than £123k. Any additional cost will be picked up by the taxpayer...
  3. shrimpereeee

    A quick review of Wraggs to Riches (Macclesfied's Message Board)

    Looks like the locals were impressed! http://fansonline.net/macclesfieldtown/mb/view.php?id=71991 http://fansonline.net/macclesfieldtown/mb/view.php?id=72019 Today we were - apart from a spell in the second half after Simmo changed things around a bit - second best against an excellent...
  4. canveyshrimper

    Comic Relief

    This has almost certainly been covered before, what's the SZ view on Comic Relief in particular as it's almost upon us, and charities in general? From a personal stand point I've never given a penny to Band Aid, Children in Need or Comic Relief. My personal belief is that charity should begin...
  5. Napster

    4-4-2 top richest 100

    Frankie's back!! 59. Frank van Wezel £72m Southend Age 69 (Re-entry) The Shrimpers have plans to leave Roots Hall and move into a proposed 22,000-seater at Fossetts Farm. This would please Frank van Wezel, a long-time Southend director. He comes from the Netherlands, but he has made his...
  6. maninasuitcase

    The poor subsidise the rich

    According to the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies, a organisation lauded by the tories when in opposition, the poorest members of society will lose 5p in the pound more than the richest under the Condems emergency budget. It was interesting that the chap wheeled out on Newsnight last...
  7. Who's Going Home In An FA Sponsored Aston?

    With just 90 minutes of football seperating the thirty prospective England internationals from South Africa, which seven unfortunate players will find themselves on stand-by? Michael Carrick: Unfortunately for the Manchester United midfielder, England have a relative embarrassment of riches in...
  8. Slipperduke

    FM2010 (iPhone) Review

    When I was young I used to dream, not of a career in professional football, or of great riches or even of a date with Kim Wilde. Nay, those were the dreams of weaker folk. I dreamed of a portable 'Tracksuit Manager', that mid 1980s Spectrum classic. I dreamed of whiling away long car journeys to...
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    Swallowed up-The Observer

    Previous Blog home Debt mountains tower over clubs but football's rulers turn a blind eyeThe Game That Ate Itself. That was the title of Observer Sport's 2004 campaign about English football. So where are we now? Debt is football's issue of the moment, propelled into prominence by the...
  10. Premier League Finances and UEFA

    Inside the Observer this morning is a great article by David Conn on the financial problems that many of the EPL clubs are facing now and how the worlds richest league is effectively rotting from the inside. Brings up a lot of important points, including one that UEFA have seemingly snuck...
  11. STFC_Gazza

    Good Luck From Swindon Town Fan!

    AS MOST people know Swindon Town have lurched from crisis to crisis over the 1990's 2000's. We basically paid stupid wages to players when we were in the Premier League during the 1993-94 season (yes if you blinked you missed it, check the record books we have the record for most goals conceeded...
  12. United Cleared, Can Continue European Pillage

    Well, anybody could have seen that one coming. No sooner than Le Havre made idol threats to sue Manchester United for all they're worth, A Fifa judge has cleared them of any wrongdoing and allowed them to sign French starlet Paul Pogba immediately. United are usually as immaculate off the pitch...
  13. Slipperduke

    Alonso Attracts Attention

    Spain 5-0 New Zealand Torres 6, 14, 16 Fabregas 24 Villa 48 Rafa Benitez must be getting nervous. Real Madrid's moneybags President Florentino Perez has reportedly set his sights on Xabi Alonso and, after his performance in this dominant victory over New Zealand, you can hardly blame him. The...
  14. Breaking news:Mega rich Tony Bloom takes control

    Mega rich poker player Tony Bloom takes over as chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion fc,with Dick Knight stepping aside.Bloom has pumped millions into the club interest free to fund Falmer and clear existing debts. Money is to be given to Slade to get us back into the championship within two years...
  15. Ayrshire Blue

    My end of season review.

    I was asked to write a review for college about a subject that inspired me, I didn't necessarily have to talk about how it inspired me but I just had to compile a 2000 word essay. So I chose to do a season review. Well here we are at the end of another season, although in the end we can feel...
  16. All the Chelsea Positives

    OK, a bit disappointing we lost after such a brave couple of performances, but what do we expect playing one of the richest clubs in the world? Let's list all of the positives on this thread, because I think there are so many. To start us off: 1 Tilly & Brush have proved that they can play...
  17. South Bank Hank

    Supporting a club like Southend United

    As I sat high up in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge enjoying our moment in the sun on the greyest of winter days, soaking up the Blue Voice inspired atmosphere, taking in the flag-waving travelling Shrimper army bedecked in yellow and coping with the perforation of my ear-drums from an incessant...
  18. Ricey

    Mark Hughes to Spurs

    SSN are reporting that Tottenham have denied reports claiming the club have approached Mark Hughes to take over as manager! Why on gods earth would Mark Hughes want to leave the richest club in the world who can buy ANYONE! to go to the spurs?
  19. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Richest Club in the world getting beat By The nancy boys

    Can not believe that Man City are currently being beaten 2-1 by Brighton. Ow the joy of the cup
  20. TrueBlue

    TBTV Gamblers Exclusive

    TBTV are on hand at Newport Pagnel services to show us all how to gamble. if your a fan of 'Rainbow Riches' you will like this. http://www.truebluetv.co.uk/latest_videos.php