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  1. Tommy2holes

    The cost of living in the south east

    Is it me or does anyone else struggle with the cost of living in the south east. I work for the NHS and so does the wife. We effectively haven't had a pay rise for 7 years. We earn the same in our roles as someone in say Carlisle. The main difference being that you can buy a house there for...
  2. Napster

    Dave Penney

    Sporting Director of York City http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/headlines/incoming-york-sporting-director-penney-explains-club-roles.html
  3. Ricey

    Striking Coaches

    This seems to pop up from time to time about our strikers not having an actual striking coach. Graham Coughlan taking striking drills and having PB as our manager who is allegedly a defensive expert, who should take our strikers for the drills? Have we ever actually had a coach who would work...
  4. RHB

    Dave has the hump with his local council!

    This made me smile on the BBC news this morning. PM leaning on local Tories?, naughty boy! David Cameron is involved in a row with the Conservative leader of his local county council over cuts to services. The PM has written to Oxfordshire council leader Ian Hudspeth saying he is "disappointed"...
  5. Napster

    Top ten Wes Craven

    That I've seen at least 1 ) The Last House on the Left - a great remake of a Strindberg film, this is two halves: the first half, gruesome at it seems, is only a set-up for the revenge in the finale. 2) A Nightmare on Elm Street - a perfect 80s slasher but it was much deeper symbolically and...
  6. Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson

    Seevic’s Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson selected for England Seniors World Cup squad 24 April 2013Two members of Seevic College’s Faculty of Sport are dusting off their boots after being selected to represent England at the Seniors World Cup in Thailand. Steve Tilson, Seevic SCORE Academy...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Question Are the players training in this weather?

    If Roots Hall is unplayable does the bad weather just mean they are confined to the gym or will we be able to do take our new signing through his role and his colleagues' roles on the training field?
  8. OldBlueLady

    RIP Geoffrey Hughes

    RIP to Geoffrey Hughes, the actor who played three great character roles on tv - Stan and Hilda's long suffering lodger Eddie Yeats in Corry, Onslow in Keeping up Appearances and Twiggy in the Royle Family...
  9. SupaBlues

    Employment Law After Private Company Takes Over Civil Service Role

    I wonder if the good people of SZ could give my partner and I some advice. At the moment she is employed by the MOD in an armed forces careers office. However this is one of the roles that has been tendered out to a private sector company and they will soon be taking over. The problem my other...
  10. Players roles

    I wonder what part, if any, Woodyard, Stevens, Smith and Nesbitt will play within the first team this season. Good young players but may find first team action tough to come by this year. Seen alot of photos of Stevens though in the pre season
  11. Player: Sturrock after Bradford

    * Bonding is very important for the players, wins bond players * Players had a traumatic month, with the whole pre-contract thing and all the off field stuff, then a tough start. * Near a settled team now, everyone getting to grips with their roles and subs working well * Doesnt know why Grant...
  12. The Flying Scotsman

    SZFC - Managers required for 1s and Ladies

    ShrimperZone FC, which was established in 2003, is about to enter the 2010/11 season with three mens teams and one ladies team. We are looking for new managers for both our first team and our ladies team. Our first team are about to embark on Sceptre League Division 2, having achieved three...
  13. seany t

    Generation Kill

    Well, a bit late to the party but just finished watching all 7 hours and must say I thought that was a colossal piece of work. Brilliantly acted, stunningly filmed, really funny / sad / gripping / interesting. It probably won't get raved about as much as The Wire or various other HBO shows but...
  14. England's Second String Made to Swelter.

    A second string England team fell to a single moment of brilliance in Doha, in an otherwise completely forgettable international friendly. As has become a familiar case for the meaningless friendlies outside of qualification matters, the England side consisted of Wayne Rooney, Gareth Barry...
  15. Who would you get rid of completely

    Purely Hypothetical, If you had the opportunity to bomb a player(s) out on loan or permenatly, who would it be and why? I'll start with Freedman and JFC. We've got players who can play their roles and be more effective than they can. Oh yeah, let's try and keep this thread peaceful shall...
  16. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 22/7/09

    Revelling In It This week starring: Adam ‘John Rambo’ Barrett Steve ‘living the dream’ Parmenter Dougie ‘YTS’ Freedman Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down (unless you’re Adam Barrett and can’t!) and the last few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to do two things which have certainly bonded...
  17. steveo

    Time to Boycott Lloyds

    They are keeping open their overseas operations. So Southend shuts, India stays open. Vote with your feet people, Natwest closed their overseas call centres a while ago and now have people in the UK answering their phones. I just cancelled my house insurance with the Lloyds group. That'll get...
  18. actors Born to play THAT role

    Been discussed between me and my pals quite a lot, what actors have played their roles so well that it makes you believe they were born to play that character. i.e. Arnie was born to play The Terminator. I can't think of anyone who could/would have played it better than him Same goes for...
  19. The Watermill Wino

    The Robin Duncan SoL Draw results.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all that helped us raise money in Robin Duncan's memory and for his chosen charity for Crohns Disease. Also thanks to Mark from the Club Shop and Beaver, Clare Brooks and Trevor Bashers for their great efforts as well as those who bought a ticket or 5. Results from the draw...
  20. seany t

    The Damned United - Trailer online

    Looks pretty good. Michael Sheen is playing Clough after starring as Blair in 'The Queen' and Frost in 'Frost / Nixon'. Likes his character roles eh? http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=24072 Just have to get reading the book now! Its next on my list, so I should get round to it...